Getting Back to her

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chapter 11 breakfast

I stood in their doorway watching them sleep. The way he holds her and her body fits so perfectly. I have never been jealous of a female when it comes to Jason but I feel some jealously. Im jealous of both of them. I have a hot female laying in my bed right now but I would rather be laying in bed with them. Maybe soon.

I went and started breakfast for us when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned and it was Bella. She came and hugged me. It wasnt a normal hug it was like she craved my touch hug. She moaned not letting go. I could stay in your arms all day, she said squeezing me tighter. So could I but then nothing would get done I looked up and Jason was standing behind her smiling. He leaned over Bella and gave me a quick peck kiss. I guess he felt comfortable around her to do so. She moaned again and let go of me and turned to Jason. He grabbed her and picked her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist. Good morning sexy, I woke up and you were gone her head dropped Im sorry daddy I wanted to come to cook breakfast for you but I found Bryan instead God she is so fucking sexy. I want her so bad. I wanna be him right now. I didnt notice but she is only wearing Jasons shirt and panties. Jason noticed I was looking at her ass and he lifted her shirt teasing me. Damn him.

I started getting things together to make breakfast. When I heard Bella moaning. I looked back and Jason has her sitting on the counter and he is in between her legs. Really Jason what are you doing ... I knew what he was doing he giggled and said he was eating his breakfast. Bella was leaning back on her elbow and her other hand was wrapped in Jasons hair. I felt my cock getting hard. I tried not looking at Bellas face and seeing the pleasure on her face. She was staring at me. She was watching me as Jason licked and sucked her juicy pussy. Why is she doing this to me... Why is he doing this to me? Oh daddy Im gonna .....ohhhh daddy she moaned out thats a good girl cum all over daddys face.
Well looks like someone is having a good breakfast Emily walked to Bella and kissed her and then came to me Hmm baby you got to have a show huh? I smiled and turned around and started cooking the bacon.

When I saw Bryan was already in the kitchen I got excited. I walked to him and hugged him. I loved having my arms around him. I could stay all day in his arms. It is a different feeling being in Bryans arm than Jasons. In Jasons, I feel safe and content but in Bryans arms, I needed. I heard Jason come behind me, I didnt let go of Bryan because Jason knows how I feel about him. I heard him kiss Bryan and it sent tingles through my body. I dont want them to hide who they are from me. I want them to be happy. I turned to Jason and he picked me up. I love being in his arms. Good morning sexy, I woke up and you were gone the tone of his voice I knew he wasnt happy Im sorry daddy I wanted to come to cook breakfast for you but I found Bryan instead He pushed his head into my neck and whispered Now you are gonna be punished He sat me on the counter and removed my panties. I could not believe he was doing this to me right in front of Bryan. I knew not to fight him. I just leaned back on my elbow I watched Bryan as Jason sucked on my clit. Oh, it felt so good. Bryan turned and our eyes met. Maybe soon I will have him between my legs. I felt the pressure I was gonna cum. Oh daddy Im gonna .....ohhhh daddy I laid back to catch my breath when I saw Emily coming in. Well looks like someone is having a good breakfast, she said to Jason. She kissed me and then went to Bryan. She said something to him making him turn away from me. Jason grabbed me off the counter and told me to go get dressed because after breakfast we were going somewhere.

I wanted to take Bella to the beach today. Just me and her, I needed to spend some time getting to know her. We talked most of the way there. She told me about how Emily and she had met. She told me how she and her father became really close. There was so much to learn about her and there was so much for her to learn about me.

When we got to the beach her smile was so bright. The memories of her smile came back before life happened to us. The smile that made me fall in love.

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