Getting Back to her

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chapter 12 Becoming His

As he gazed into Bellas eyes, mesmerized by the radiant beauty of her, he moved his finger lightly over her bottom lip, pressing his lips against hers. Bella gasped for air, ready to surrender herself to him.

As he laid Bella gently down on the bed, Jason told her, You make me feel like a better person and I love how it feels. I am falling in love with you all over again, he said while moving her hair out of her face.

As soon as I met you I had you in my dreams and I knew you were the one for me. She told him before she pulled him to her kissing him. The love she had for him she could never put into words. She knew right then she was going to give herself to him. He never asked for anything but love from her.

Baby girl I am gonna make love to you and you are never going to forget me, He told her as he pressed his lips into her cheek. I never wanna forget you, Jason I want to be by your side until I die. He knew she meant it. He ran his hand down her side, then sliding his hand up her shirt feeling her soft skin under his fingertips. He moved from her lips down to her neck kissing and sucking on her. Her quiet moans sent tingles through his body. This feeling was new to him. He has had his share of females but she was not just any female. She was his Bella, the woman that he wanted to spend the rest of his life by her side. The moonlight shined over her face so perfectly. Never leave me again He begged her kissing her collar bone down to her clothed chest. Never leave me. Bella raised his shirt over his head revealing his perfect chest. Her hands rested on his shoulders. Hold on to me Baby She held on to him, he pulled her up to remove her shirt that was blocking him from seeing her and feeling her bare skin on his. She went to hide from him and he lightly grabbed her chin Baby please never hide from me, You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen Those words made her feel amazing. He reached and unsnapped her bra watching her breast be revealed to him. He cupped them feeling how perfect they felt in his hands. He sat on his knees and pulled Bella up to staddle him. She wrapped her arms and legs around him. I love having your arms around me He smiled and kissed her neck. He enjoyed having her bare chest against him but he needed to feel her more. I needed to be inside of her. I need you, Bella I need you now She looked at him I am yours, I need you also Jason. He slid her off of his knees laying her down on her back slowly removing her shorts. Leaving her in just her panties. She watched him as he stood over her. He went to unbutton his own pants and she sat up stopping him. She moved his hands away from his pants. She slowly unbuttoned his pants, unzipping them, and slid them down with his boxers. His manhood popped out at her. It was not the first time she has seen it but she is now seeing it differently. She knew she was going to feel it in a way that would only please her. He looked down at her as she placed the head of his cock in her mouth. Oh fuck Bella Not now He grabbed her face as he leaned down to her. I wanna please you, my love, He told her as he fell to his knees in between her legs. Their hands met holding each other. He kissed her stomach down to her wet aching pussy. She moaned out loud Jason I wanna feel you inside of me now She tried pulling him up to her. Just one taste baby, please. He begged, licking her sending her into shock from pleasure. She arches her back pressing herself into his fingers and mouth more. Oh Daddy you are so wonderful, I am gonna... Oh fuck CUM She yelled out. He Humm out in pleasure from pleasing her. She begged for him to stop. She pulled him up to her kissing him passionately. Daddy I need you so bad please make love to me. staring into her eyes As you wish my Queen she placed her hand on his chest I love you Jason He kissed her one last time Are you sure this is what you want? her eyes filled with tears, I have always wanted this He lowered himself down to her resting his weight on one arm and with his other he guided himself to her entrance. Not once looking from her eyes he entered her with one swift motion. Tears came to his eye with her. He knew he was the only one who would ever hurt her in this way. She was no longer a virgin. She now belonged to him. You are mine forever Bella He moved in and out of her I have always belonged to you....and Bryan He smiled hear her include him. For what seemed like hours they made love to each other both reaching their point of pleasure many times. When they finally finished they laid in each others arms. You are so beautiful Bella, I cant believe I have you in my arms she snuggled into him more I am where I belong

They took a long shower together and got dressed and went downstairs where Bryan sat by himself with a beer staring out the window. Bella came up behind him wrapping her arms around him. What is wrong baby? He turned his head looking at her over his shoulder. Do you love me, Bella? He asked her. She looked up at Jason confused then swung herself around Bryans neck sitting in his lap, Yes Byran I love you so much. she kissed him really quick So I didnt mess things up with you over Emily? She shook her head no Bryan, I love you just as I love Jason. You didnt mess things up, you made it more fun for us all.

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