Getting Back to her

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to much fun

We were having another party at the house but this time I was not allowed to leave Jasons side. When he was sitting at the table I was to sit on his lap. If he was standing I either to stand next to him with his arm around me or in front of him. Bryan stayed by our side also. Emily seemed to be ok with it as long as Bryan was giving her the attention she wanted. I was listening to Jasons buddies and him talking about some bullshit over a chick that was running her mouth saying she was with Jason. I knew I was not allowed to say anything. It was pissing me off and Jason saw it. Calm the fuck down baby girl, He said pressing his lips to mine. Everyone knows who my Queen is. hearing that made me smile. I am his queen.

Jason asked Bryan to go get me a drink, something good he said. I looked at Bryan I wanted to feel his lips on mine. Jason was running his fingers through my hair. I didnt realize he was watching me watch Bryan walk away from us. He grabbed my hair pulling me back to his face making me whine. You like watching him, dont you? I nodded my head Bella I need to hear your words I kind of got scared to tell him the truth but I knew if I lied things would get worse for me. Yes, Daddy. He smiled Good girl, he is pretty fucking sexy He went back to running his fingers through my hair and talking to his buddies. I overheard Jason bragging about me, it made me feel good about myself. Bryan came back finally with my drink. He gave it to Jason instead of me. Jason tasted it Here you go my Queen, he said handing it to me.

Emily started getting bored and asked Bryan to dance with her, he told her no and went back to talking to the guys. I knew something bad was gonna happen so got off of Jasons lap and stood between his legs. He looked at me Why did you get up? I laid my head on his shoulder I just wanted to stand for a minute. He just nodded. He always lets me know that I come first. In a short time, we have been together I feel how important I am to him. He grabbed my face and kissed me. My FUCKING BELLA Jason yelled out with a huge smile on his face. He looked at his buddies She is the one who has me on lockdown. They all cheered and laughed what he said next took my breath away I am gonna marry this bitch I stood on my tippy toes facing him He had my hair wrapped around his hand Your fucking mine HE said before slamming his lips to mine. He was drinking and was already pretty buzzed.

I looked over to where Emily was sitting and she was gone. Bryan was standing beside me and Jason So she wasnt gone with him. I pulled Jasons ear to my mouth Daddy Em is gone He looked at me Tell Bry he smiled at me knowing I was going to turn something so little as telling him his girlfriend was gone into something sexual. I leaned over to Bryans ear and whispered Where is Emily? making sure I blew on his neck. He looked over and shrugged his shoulders. Jason took advantage of the moment. Bry take Bella with you to find her winking at him. Jason slowly let go of me, but before he let go fully he grabbed my pussy He cant touch it yet I was a little confused. I kissed him and went to Byrans arm.

Bryan held just as tight as Jason was holding me. Being in his arms felt different though. A good difference. He pulled me to him kissing the side of my head Now where oh where could our little Emily be, I laughed at his little saying. We walked towards the back patio and thats when I saw her. I tried to get Bryan to turn around and walk the other way but it was too late. He spotted her on the pool table. Chris go get Jason for me bud He calmly said to a guy that was standing by the counter. I saw the look in his eyes change. I could not believe she is doing this to him, to me. I felt Jason grab me and he let Bryan know he was here. You can go out there Baby girl, Jason told me.

They opened the door for me. She was so fucking out of it she didnt hear the door. I looked back at Jason You do what you need to. I know she is or was my best friend but she is hurting Bryan really fucking bad and you dont fucking cheat on my Kings right-hand man. I walked to her as she was getting the shit fucked out of her. The dude saw me Oh Hey Momma you coming to play too? I felt Jason coming I put my hand out behind me stopping him I wanted to handle this. Emily looked at me Oh shit Baby you scared the fuck out of ... SHe didnt get to finish because she saw Bryan standing behind me. She was telling the dude to get off of her Come bitch Im fixing to cum He yelled at her. I took a deep breath at punched the motherfucker in the mouth. He went to hit me back I wouldnt do that if I was you Thats when the porch light turned on. Fuck you are Jasons bitch He pulled his pants up and started to run until one of the guys grabbed him. Emily was trying to get dressed. I watched her very calmly. I waited until she put her shirt on. How fucking could you Em? She looked at me Because I never had a chance with him he is in love with you Bell. I didnt think twice I just punched her in her face. I think you need to leave, You dont do that kind of shit around here. I went to turn around And he wanted to make you his ole lady I watched her drop to her knees and cry. Im sorry, Bella Please dont do this to me I felt sick to my stomach Em you did this not me. I turned and grabbed Bryan and Jasons arms and we went back into the house.

We had a few more drinks and Bryan really didnt seem to be upset. I took his face in my hand and looked him in his drunken eyes Baby are you ok? He looked up at Jason who was standing behind me. He smiles a slight smile then grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to his lips stopping right before we touched As long as I have my Bella and Jason, I am good Smashing his lips to mine. Oh god, his kiss was so fucking wonderful I didnt want it to end. Then Jason popped in my head and I pulled away. I looked at Jason expecting him to be pissed off at me. We need to take care of Bryan tonight Baby girl. He said as he pulled me to him kissing me.

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