Getting Back to her

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gonna be ok

After most of the people went home I started cleaning up some of the trash and I was stopped by a very buzzed sexy ass boyfriend. My fucking Queen dont clean up after no one! there was no arguing with him. He grabbed my face and kissed me gently Have I told you tonight how beautiful you are? he sure knows how to make me smile. Hmm I think I have heard you say it a few times, but I will never get tired of hearing it from you He pushed me against the wall with one hand he held my hands above my head the look in his eyes changed. It was more of an angry look. I felt fear in my stomach my breathing became labored. His other hand grabbed my throat, he held it harder than he has before. I thought I said something wrong or did something I wasnt supposed to do. I knew not to try to move or say anything it would only be worse. He laid his head on my shoulder with his face on my neck. I felt my tears fall down my cheeks. I looked up and I saw Byran standing on the stairs watching us. Was this amusing to him was he getting his rock off seeing me be held against the wall by my throat.

I have waited 5 years for you I have dreamt of us every night. I always pictured you and me getting married and you carrying my child. he let my arms go and placed his hand on my stomach. I want my child in here He lifted his head and looked at me he saw the tears he let go of my throat. Damn you Bella you were just gonna stand there and let me hurt you, Fuck! he started walking away from me. Jason stop please I grabbed his arm and he turned around with tears in his eyes. You would never hurt me, I know you love me, and I love you. I pull him down to me kissing him and took his hand putting it on my stomach I want your, child here also. He picked me up and spun me around Will you marry me? he asked and then looked up to the stairs US? I saw he looked at Bryan Yes is all I could say. I wasnt sure how serious I should take him right now with him being drunk.

I wasnt sure if I should stop him from holding Bella by her throat or what. I just stood there watching. He was so serious talking to her. I could hear some of what he was telling her. He wants her to have his baby. I think it is a little too soon for that right now. he has only been out for a little while and she just turned 18.

It was killing me inside I am really hurt that Emily did what she did to me tonight. I was gonna make her mine but I guess she had other plans. I was willing to put my feelings aside for Bella for her. I know Bella will never be mine. Jason may let me play with her but that will be as far as me and her will ever go. Jason has already put his claim on her.

I heard Jason yell fuck and walk away from Bella, he looks pissed. Bella stops him, she loves him so much already how could I ever compete with that. She put his back on her stomach, it is killing me I want to know what they are talking about. He picked her up and spun her around then I heard Will you marry me? I can not believe he just asked her. He looked over at me and our eyes met. US my stomach dropped down to my feet. I watched as she shook her head and said Yes. They both walked towards me both of them has a smile on their face. Jason reaches me first She said yes and he kisses me he reached back for her pulling her to us. She looks up at me and touches my face lets go to bed.

I walked to go to my room and Jason stopped me, he looked at me then over to Bella. He gave her a look as if she was reading his mind. She walked past him straight to me. Do I call you Daddy also? She put her hand on my chest and her other hand reached back and pulled Jason to us. Yes, baby girl you can call him daddy also as he pressed his lips to mine Mmm... Daddy Bella cryed out as she touched our faces. Shes yours also baby boy, she has told me from day one hearing him say that was music to my heart.

I stepped back at watched them for a second. Lets got to our room, Bella said as she leads Bryan. I knew this day would come I thought it would have come sooner but I resect Bryan for being the way he is. As we stepped into the room I watched Bella stand in front of him waiting for him to make his move. He stared into her eyes amazed just as I was. He pulled her to him kissing her neck he turned her around her back to his chest. Grabbing her breast He was rougher with her than I have been. She enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching him. He ripped her clothes off of her with her still facing me. She kept her eyes on me the whole time. Then bending her over the bed he entered her making her moan loud. She called out to me. I walked to her lifting her face to look at me. You are taking care of him so good baby girl. she smiled it wasnt long after they both came and fell to the bed. It will be different next time baby He whispered into her ear before she fell asleep.

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