Getting Back to her

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I'll be here

When I woke up and laid in bed watching them sleep Bryan was on one side and Jason on the other side of me. It felt so perfect being between them. I dont know if this is meant to be. Jason rolls over and faces me. He has a huge smile on his face. Good morning baby girl I smiled back at him good morning Daddy he pulled me close to him and started kissing my neck. He climbed on top of me and rubbed his hard cock in between my legs. I moaned quietly I knew what was about to happen. I opened my legs wider for him. His hand came up to my throat I leaned my head back inviting his hand to wrap around it. He slowly entered me making me gasp for air. He started moving his hips faster and faster until he was ramming his huge hard cock in me. Soon I was begging him to allow me to cum. No, you will wait and cum with me you understand? I look him in the eyes yes Sir Daddy he was getting rougher and slamming into me harder oh you are such a good little slut for me I smiled at him I cant explain why but him talking to me like that drives me crazy. I fixing to fill you full he slammed his lips to mine cum for Daddy baby girl unexploded all over his cock as I felt him shooting his cum deep in my womb.

Now that is something to wake up to, Bryan said kissing me then Jason. He rolled out of bed Ill go make her some breakfast We got up to take a shower and get dressed. By the time we got downstairs, Bryan had breakfast done. I went to him and gave him a kiss telling him thank you. This was a huge house just for the three of I thought. I was looking around then I looked out the back door and thoughts of Emily came to my mind. Do you miss her? I asked Bryan he put his head down Yes and No he said I dont expect him to just be over her that fast. I dropped the subject. I gotta go pick out my new truck, I told Jason as I grabbed his hand pulling it up to my lips. and I wanna go shopping for some new clothes Daddy He went to pull his wallet out of his pocket I stopped him Baby my father made sure that I would never have to work another day in my life. He looked a little upset Ok but I will buy you stuff if I want to also I giggled Yes Daddy.

We finished eating and were playing around when someone knocked on the door. I ran to the door and there stood like six cops and a man in a suit. My heart stopped beating Hello maam is Jason here I felt someone walk up behind me I turned and seen it was Bryan Baby they are looking for Jason Bryan grabbed my waist May I ask why? he asked the man in the suit I felt the tears coming I knew they were fixing to take my Daddy away. We have a warrant for his arrest I turned and fell into Bryans chest. I saw that Jason had gone to put a tank top a t-shirt on and shoes on. He slowly walked to me Bryan let go of me and Jason grabbed me roughly Baby girl I dont know how long I will be gone I promise I will be back I cried out loud Daddy I will be here when you come home to us. He handed me his wallet phone and the keys to his car. I was hurting so bad. It felt as if they were stabbing me in my heart. He held my face and kissed me I love you, My Bella He looked at Bryan pulling him to us he kissed him Please take care of her baby boy He let us both go and they grabbed him putting him in handcuffs. I yelled out before they put him in the car I love you, Jason We stood on the porch and watched them drive away with my Jason.

Bryan got on the phone with jasons laywer. I was trying to listen but I could get my mind off of what just happened. I held his phone in my hands. I turned it on and his wallpaper was a picture of me sleeping in his arms. I unlocked it and went to his photos. There was so many pictures of me. There was a couple of pictures of us both. It looked like someone else took them. Oh course the tears came. I missed him so much already.

Bryan came and sat next to me and told me about Jasons charges and hopefully he will get a bond. He held me in his arms kissing my head. I had cried so much I was so worn out that I fell asleep on Bryan.

I was woke up by mens voices. Still laying on Bryan I just laid listening. They were talking about how to get Daddy home. I sat up and was greeted by the guys sitting across from me. Well hello Queen. I felt my eyes swollen and my face burned from the tears. Bryan pulled me to him as his phone rang. It was Jason. Bryan talked to him for a few minutes and then handed me the phone.
Hey Daddy I was trying not to cry.
My Bella baby Im sorry I thought I had taken care of this.
" Jason dont be sorry we will get through this together
Bella you can leave I will understand he pissed me off telling me I could leave.
" I am not fucking going no where Jason I told you I would marry you and thats what I plan on doing Bryan heard me yelling and came to me. He rubbed my back.
" Im sorry Bella I am just scared of loosing you again
Daddy Im not going no where, I love you
" Baby I love you and Bryan so much. The stupid you have 5 minutes left came on it made my heart hurt more dont fucking put a time on me talking to my Daddy
We love you. Bryan yelled so Jason could hear him
I am gonna take care of our Bella for you Daddy I got one more I love you out before the call got cut off.

We found out that Jason has no bond and wont be going to court for another five weeks. We set up video visitation here at the house so I could see and talk to him every day. We will get through this.

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