Getting Back to her

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Jason got sentenced to 8 months. With good time he could be out in about 5 months. It has already been 3 months since he has been gone. Bella has something to tell him but she wants to wait a little longer.

Bella and I have gotten really close. Even though Emily is back. What Bella is going through I couldnt tell her no. Emily and I have nothing to do with each other. We talk when we have to. Emily has come to accept that I am with Bella. Tonight after Jason calls I am gonna take her out to dinner. I already told Jason and he is cool with it. He said he is happy I am taking care of things for him. Not only with the crew but with Bella. I could never take his place and honestly, I dont want to.

I was sitting in the office when I watched Bella walk by she is looking so sexy with her belly growing. She wears nothing but long dresses anymore. She complains that none of her clothes fit. Hey baby, she said coming and sitting on my lap. Hmm, My Bella she blushed as she leaned and kissed me. Can we go out tonight? She does not know I already had plans to take her out. Where you wanna go? I start rubbing her back knowing it is going to lead to her being bent over the desk. I dont know maybe dinner and a movie I grin at her oh you want me to take you on a date huh? She starts moving her hip grinding herself against my growing cock. Mmmm huh she turned herself around now straddling me. She reached between us and unbuttoned my pants. You are being a naughty little girl Bella. She looks at me with those fuck now eyes. I already started balling her dress in my hand waiting to raise it to her waist exposing her fine fat ass to me. She stood up from my lap and dropped to her knees in front of me. Daddy I am hungry, she tells me as she pulls my hard cock out of my pants. Licking the tip she moans Mmm you taste so yummy Her lips look so fucking hot around my cock. With a hand full of her long dark brown locks in my hand, I pull her head up to look at me. Only 2 more months and you get to wrap these lips around your Daddy Jason cock. I shove her head back down on my cock. I looked up realizing my office door was open and seen Emily standing there. I didnt say anything I just let her watch as Marbella sucked my cock. Bella noticed I was looking at the door she must have seen her tell her to come here I raised my hand and motioned Emily to come to us. She slowly walks to us. Bella pulled her down with her She removed me from her mouth and grabbed Emily and pressed her lips to hers. Watching them fight over who would be the dominant one was making my cock hurt. I grabbed both of them by their hair making them look at me both have the fuck me so hard look. I lean down kissing Bella really rough then pull away and stare Emily in her eyes I fucking miss you I tell her as I smash her face to mine. I make Bella join us as we kiss then I lean back to watch them once again. They stand up in front of me and strip completely naked. Bella stands with her sexy swollen stomach that has Jasons baby in it, I place one hand on it and my other on Emilys hip. Damn how did I get so fucking lucky right now? Emily crawls on the desk laying back spreading her legs wide open as Bella stands in front of her bending over for me inviting me to enter her fat juicy pussy. Bella kissed and licked Emily before sucking on her swollen clit making her scream. I slid my aching cock into Bellas tight pussy making her moan into Emilys pussy. I reached and shoved my finger in Emily as I rammed into Bella. Both started moaning loud Oh Daddy I am going to cumBella yelled out OH Baby girl me to I wasnt too far from it Wait for Daddy girls a couple more pumps Cum for me baby girls I said as I exploded in Jasons wifes pussy.

I looked at the time and noticed that Jason would be calling in 10 minutes. get dressed baby Daddy will be calling in 10 minutes. I watched her face ready smiling get even brighter. She brushed her hair really quick and straightened her dress. I sat in front of the computer waiting for the call to be set up. I want Bella to tell Jason today about the baby. My plan is to have her walk in front of the camera showing her baby bump. She hears the beeping of the call being connected. She is so excited.

Hey, Baby boy...
Hey babe hows it going?
I got some news for you and BellaHer eyes widen I smile looking at her get even happier
Really, What is it?
Where is my Bella She is right here
I have her walk around the desk and my plan is working, her belly is right in front of the camera as she goes to sit on my lap. I am still watching Jason on the screen. His facial expression changes.
Hey Daddy I love you, What is the news?
Bella is there something you need to tell me first?
She looks down at her stomach and then back at me
I wanted to wait but I guess I cant anymore
What is it, babyI am almost 4 months pregnant
He looked as if he was pissed. He shook his head. Her head dropped. I felt as she started breathing heavier. She was scared.
Whose baby is it Bella? It aint mineI looked at him in disbelief I could not believe he just said what he said to her. She has only been with two people me and him. I pulled her back to me as she started crying.
Thats fucked up Jason
We will talk about it when I come home
Yeah we will

She got up off of my lap and ran to Emily. I watched my girls hold each other. It broke my heart he is being this way towards her. She was so excited when we found out. Her words were He got what he wanted I could stay on the call after he said that to her, Did he not love her like we thought he did?
I will be home next week dont tell her BryanI looked at him and just said yeah ok, I needed to go hold my Bella. After I ended the call I went to them and wrapped my arms around both of them.
I cant believe him, Bryan why would he say that, Emily asked me I didnt really know why he is being like that. Its ok if he wants to be like that I will raise the baby as my own with Bella. Bellas face was killing me the sadness took her over, I didnt know what to do. I just held her as she cried.
If he doesnt want the baby Bryan I dont know what I will do. I kissed her forehead We will raise the baby together, I will raise it as my own I tell her holding her tighter as her cries turn into screams.

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