Getting Back to her

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nothing left

**warning 儭儭 miscarriage儭儭 **

I stood under the hot water hoping that it would make the pain go away. I have not said anything to Emily or Bryan. They have been too busy the past couple of days. I hope nothing is wrong with the baby. I know I am the only one that is happy about it. I have been thinking about finding a place of my own. I think it will be the best thing to do. I just need to do it before Jason gets out. After a while, the water starts getting cold so I get out. I just put a dress on and lay down. Maybe that will take the pain away. I let my thoughts lead me into a deep sleep.

I got the call about an hour ago that he was getting out. I went to her room and she is sleeping once again. All she does is sleep since he asked her whose baby it was. Emily has been trying to get her to eat she turns it away.

Emily and I go to pick Jason up. I know he is gonna be pissed about Bella not coming but he has to understand her hurt her so badly with just three words. We pull in and he is already standing outside. Emily gets out and climbed into the back seat. Jason just looks at her.
Where the fuck is Bella, He asked I could tell he is pissed
She was sleeping so I left her home, I tell him knowing what he was going to say
You should have woke her fucking ass up He didnt say anything else on the ride home.

We got home and he went up in the house yelling Bella get your fucking ass down here. A couple of the guys was at the house. They got him a drink and handed him a smoke. We all sat in the kitchen bull shitting for a while. I asked Emily to go wake Bella up. She kissed me and went upstairs.
So you two are back together huh? Jason asked I just nodded my head at him.
BRYAN PLEASE HELP ME Emily yelled standing at the top of the stairs with blood all over her. I took off running to her My Bella was laying in a puddle of blood. Emmy please baby call 911 Emily was so upset she kept saying the baby. I held Bella in my arms trying to wake her up.

I took her out of Bryans arm begging her to wake up. She opened her eyes for a second and whispered Daddy. I cant lose my girl and our baby. I know I fucked up by asking her whose baby it was. I know it is mine. I knew I fucked up when I watched her walk away from our visit. Her eyes closed and she started shaking. Her lips were turning blue. I looked up at Bryan with tears running down my face. I cant lose them Shaking my head.

The paramedics came in and took her out of my arms. They started asking questions about her I couldnt even answer them I was so upset. Bryan some how was calm enough even keeping Emily calm was able to answer them.
She is pregnant I yelled out
They have her hook to the heart rate machine already they said her heart rate is so low that the machine is not picking it up. As they take her out of the room I sat there looking at all the blood. I knew then we had lost the baby and we may lose her. For some weird reason I grabbed a bag and put her some clothes and myself clothes also. I heard Bryan ask someone to get our bed cleaned up for us as I walked out of the room. Bryan waited for me at the door, She is gonna be ok babe he tells me as I walk past him. Emily grabbed the bag and got in the back seat. I felt so empty like I was dying.

We sat in the waiting room waiting for some kind of news. They would only talk to Jason because Bryan told the nurse he was her husband. I know this is killing him also. Bella and him had gotten so close in the past four months. He was ready to raise the baby as his. I would have stood behind him 100%. I love Bella so much. I moved across the country for her.

A doctor came out after about 45 minutes. He told Jason that Bella lost the baby and she was still unconscious. I have never seen two grown men cry as much as Jason and Bryan. The nurse came and asked if she needed to get a doctor to help calm them down after hearing the news.

It was killing me I couldnt do anything to take the pain away.

About an hour later I heard Bella screaming I ran in her room. She looked at me My baby is dead I crawled in bed with her and held her. I guess the guys had to calm down more before they came in. She was crying so hard. I was crying with her. When Jason walked in she lost it even more. I got up out of the bed for him. I watched him hold her in his arms. He was not the same man that was in the hall with me. He was being strong for Bella. My baby is dead Jason she cried to him. He rocked her Our baby he said as he stared crying again.

They held each other for hours. Bryan and I watched our partners lose their baby. She may have only been 4 months but she loved that baby. We later found out it was a little girl.

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