Getting Back to her

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her struggle

I have been trying to do any and everything for Bella. She just lays in the bed staring out the window. I know she is still hurting, we lost our baby girl. It had been 2 weeks now. I laid down with her this afternoon she rolled over Will you give me another baby? I pulled her to me I didnt know what to tell her. So I just told her yes. She started taking off her shirt and I stopped her. Right now is not the time for this. She sat there and stared at me than the words that hurt me came out It is ok, I know I am worthless, I killed your baby I grabbed her and shook her I didnt mean to yell BELLA YOU DIDNT KILL THE BABY she screamed at the top of her lungs standing up YES I DID she just started screaming and fell to the floor. I ran to her and picked her up, holding her. She began hitting me. I looked up and Bryan was standing holding Emily in his arms I stood and took every single hit she dished out. She continued for about five or ten minutes before stopping. She looked up at me Im sorry she whispered out and kissed me.

I went and started the shower I thought maybe a hot shower would help calm her down. I carried her and helped her get undressed. Daddy will you get in with me. I couldnt tell her no. She helped me take my shirt off. She rubbed her hands over my chest then down to my pants. Her eyes never left mine. She unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down. She took my hand and lead me into the shower with her. She stood under the water and pulled me to her Do you love me, Jason I put my hands on her hips Yes Marbella I love you with all my heart I grabbed her bath sponge and her body was and began to bathe her I turned her around to wash her back. She put her hands on the wall I need you, Daddy She looked back at me pressing her ass against me Are you sure baby? I asked her before I did anything else. Please Daddy I pulled her to my chest and she laid her head back on my shoulder. I caressed her breast with my hands as she rubbed her ass on my hard cock. She was proving that I needed her just as much she needed me. I kissed and sucked leaving my mark on her beautiful neck. She moaned out loud. I have been waiting for this moment since I got out of jail. She started breathing heavily as my hands explored her body. I wanna make love to you Bella She turned the water off took my hand opening the shower door and grabbed a towel. She started drying me off I took the towel from her and dried her. I picked her up she wrapped her legs around my waist We kissed the whole way to our bed. I laid her down gently Daddy, Please touch me How could I not touch her. She is my queen. I ran my hands up her legs her small moans drove me crazy more and more. I started to kiss her entire body from her toes to her forehead. I have never wanted to put my lips all over anyone in my life. She is my world, my wife. I went to kiss her pretty little pussy and she stopped me I want to feel you Jason I have waited so long for you I leaned on my arm and with the other, I placed my self in her. pushing into her slowly. Her eyes met mine She spoke to me through her eyes. She let me know I was the one who broke her and I am the only one who can fix her. She wrapped her legs around me I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer to me as I pushed into her more. It wasnt about getting off right now it was about feeling her.

He wrapped his arms around me holding me as he made love to me. I felt him I felt his love for me. In his way, he was making everything better. He wasnt trying to make me forget about our daughter he was just letting me know it is ok. I couldnt hold the tears back anymore. As the man, I love making love to me felt like the most beautiful thing in the world at the moment. Bella I love you I felt the pressure in my stomach Jason I love you My breathing became heavier Give it to me, My Queen I wanted to wait for him I wanna wait for you Daddy He ran his hand over my cheek and brushed my hair out of my face looking me in my eyes I am gonna cum baby Please cum with me He begged I felt him jump inside of me causing me to explode. Fuck Daddy: I whispered in his ear. We stayed in the same position for a while until I felt the bed sink on both sides of us. Bryan and Emily both came and sat with us. Our baby was their baby also. It wasnt just me that lost a child we all did. Jason laid back and I laid on him and held both Bryan and Emily to us.

I finally left the room I walked outside and stood in the sun. Jason stood behind me. He didnt say anything he just let me know he was there for me. I wanna name her He wrapped his arms around my waist Jasabell, he said that was a beautiful name Jasabell Rose Lee Walker he squeezed me tighter I love it baby Bryan and Emily came out I looked at Em Jasabell Rose Lee Walker She teared up because her middle name is Rose and Bryan hugged me his name is Lee. We will take it day by day. Our angel is what brought us all together again.

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