Getting Back to her

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She was standing on the porch when we pulled in. Her dress flowing in the wind. He beautiful hair on her face. She waited until I opened the car door to come running to me. She jumped into my arms holding on to my neck. I can say I am happy to see her. I look up at the front door open seeing Bella stand there for a moment allowing our eyes to meet. She turned disappearing into the house. Jason should be pulling in soon. I dont know if it was him she was wishing to see or what but watching her walk back in hurt. I think Em felt it too. She has been like this all-day she whispered into my ear before I put her down. I will go talk to her, I tell her leaving her in the kitchen. I could hear her cries more as I got closer to her room. I opened the door and seen the little box right away. I laid behind her When did she come Bella Her face was swollen and red. She had been doing so good the past 3 weeks. I went and got her today.

My two favorite people, He said from the doorway as he walked closer he saw the box in her hands. Is that her? He asked as he gently pulled her up to him. I went and picked her up this morning they stood there looking at each other I waited to open it up until your guys were here. Jason grabbed the box from her hand Lets go downstairs baby She crawled off of the bed and followed him.

He set the box on the table and poured Bella and him a drink. She went to grab the glass and he stopped her. I want my Bella my queen back. We have her home where she belongs. She wiped her tears away and cupped his face Yes Daddy He let go of her hand and they drank together. He slowly put the glass down staring at the box. He opened the top and she pulled out a beautiful little purple vase with a pink gem on top. Her name was engraved on the side. It was beautiful. Bella looked over to Em to thank you. Em handled everything for Bella.

Daddy, can we have a humm a party tonight? Bella asked Jason as she crawled on his lap. You sure She nodded her head Ok whatever the Queen wants guys He stood up and hugged her. Ill make some calls Bry will you get some food for her and the party Em babe help my queen get ready. We all went different ways, well at least I thought. I felt little arms wrap around me as I enter our office. At first, I thought it was Em I was so wrong. I turn around to face Bella and behind her was Jason. Daddy we need to talk, She said as she softly put her lips to mine. Ohh OK baby what about? looking back at Jason she looked back to me Our wedding It felt like someone knocked all of my air out of my lungs. You guys are getting married? hearing her giggle No silly we all are, well if you and Em will marry us?

We didnt have to worry about us all having the same last name because Jason and I already have the same last name, My father adopted him when we were 14 so he would be covered on the will and shit like that. We all know that I love Jason and well I hope you know that I love you, you were there for me when Jay couldnt be but I loved you before that, I always have. When it comes to Emily I will never be able to let her go and neither will you so why not have a double wedding What I just heard blew my mind. Bella does love me. I could only say ok She smiled and turned to Jason, So will you ask her tonight? huh he ask Em to marry him yes I will ask her tonight when she comes if she will set it up Whoo I about lost my mind. So daddy you gonna ask Emmy or are we all gonna ask her? Jay stood there so quiet I looked at him and he smiled I guess he knew I needed to hear him. Baby Boy, In my heart, we have been married for years, you are my only man. I want to have Bella join us if you dont want Em then so be it I walked to him You are my love and Bella is my life and Em is my world Bella jumped and clapped. I love that she is back I know she is still hurting but she is getting better every day.

Jays POV

I think maybe this is what my girl needs. A lot of people have come and all of them know this party is for our daughter we lost. I hate myself so much for what I said to her. She has forgiven me but I will never forgive myself.

Bella is a little buzzed right now, I wanna stop her but I will just have to watch her myself. She has not left my side at all though. I noticed she has been watching Bryan and Em. They have been all over each other since he asked her to marry him, well us.

Daddy I have been a bad little girl, she whispered in my ear-grabbing my thigh cupping her face looking her in the eyes, I placed my glass on the table got up taking her hand, and started walking upstairs. Opening our bedroom door she stood in the doorway staring at me. I crawled on the bed taking my shirt off leaning against the head broad. Biting her bottom lip was making me picture her lips around my hard cock. I motioned for her to come to me. Shutting the door she began undressing as she walked to me. I can not believe that I am marrying her I can not believe she really does love me. I am not an easy person to love at all, she makes it look like it is a walk in a rose garden. Her eyes are filled with love and lust for me. She straddled me never looking away from my eyes. Pulling her into a kiss I began rubbing my hands over her breast She threw her head back in pleasure moaning out my name. She leaned up and unbuttoned wanting me to raise my hips to remove them. We both sat naked enjoying just being with each other. I held her naked body against mine. She laid her head on my shoulder and soon she was asleep. I would trade a million nights of having sex for this right anytime. Just having her in my arms makes me happy.

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