Getting Back to her

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missing them

I have been here in Washington with my dad for about 6 months now. Things are not as good as my mother said. My dad is always drinking and his girlfriends son is an asshole. I hide in my room most of the time when I am not cleaning up after everyone. I have called my mom so many times begging her to come back home.

I have been talking to Jason and Bryan at least once a week. I miss them so much. They are truly my best friends. I havent made friends here I stay to myself. The only thing that keeps me going is that one day I will be back with them.

Bryan told me last week why Jason wasnt there to talk to me. He has been getting into fights at school. He broke some kids nose and got put in jail. I pray that he settled down. I will somehow get back to Florida.

I cant believe Jason is in jail this is the first time we have been separated in 5 years. Not only am I dealing with my very first girl crush being taken away from me now I have to be away from Jason. I dont even know how long he is going to be gone. Our parents wont tell me anything.

It really hurt me when I had to hear Bella cry over the phone because of Jason. She feels it is her fault that he is in jail. Its not her fault. Jason just doesnt know how to handle things.

2 years later

I have lost contact with Jason and Bryan. I knew it was going to happen after Jason went to jail Bryan started acting differently when we talked.

My birthday is coming up in will be 15 only 3 more years until I can go back. Well, Im not sure if I wanna go back now. I really have nothing there. I have nothing here either. My dad has stopped drinking for me though so I guess thats a good thing. He broke up with his girlfriend when he caught her son in my room watching me sleep. That was weird. He was afraid that it would turn into something worse.

In school, I am not popular I am a wallflower. I stay to myself still. I do have one friend Emily. I tell her everything. She says when we turn 18 we are out of here together.

Bryan pov...

Jason got out of jail last year for breaking that kids nose but ended up back in there. I dont even know him anymore. We have gone our own way now. I made captain of the JV football team. I still have not found a girlfriend I guess I am still hung up on Bella even though we dont talk anymore.

Jason pov....

I know I am hurting Bryan but he doesnt understand I have to stay away from him. All I will do is bring him down with me. He is doing so well in school. I did do one good thing I already have my GED I got it my last time in jail. I have joined a gang. I have become 2nd in charge. At least I know I am not gonna fuck this up.

2 years later

Bella pov....

Are you Marbella Jones? A man asked me as I opened my front door. He was dressed in a black suit. For an older man, he was kinda hot. Yeah, why? Emily came to the door and stood next to me. Is it ok if I came in I have something we need to talk about I got nervous about it I needed to call my Daddy? Yes, I and my dad have become really close. Umm Let me call me Daddy first I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and noticed I had 2 missed calls from numbers I didnt know. Maam It is about your father. I still dialed his number it hangs and hangs, he never answered. My heart sank into my stomach my eyes flooded with tears. Come in please I was able you get out. Emily grabbed me as I already knew something was wrong with my Daddy. I lead us to my living room The gentlemen sat in the chair, me and Emily sat on the couch. I just looked up at the guy with his gorgeous brownish eyes and he began saying that my Daddy was in a very bad accident at work. A car wrecked into his office building and the ceiling crushed my Daddy. I went numb. I couldnt breathe, I felt that I just got close to him. Emily held me tight. The guy told her that he had to call CPS because I needed a gradian. Emily was already 18 and I only had a few weeks till I was 18.

After we got home from my burring my Daddy. We decided that we were leaving town. We packed my SUV with what we needed and headed out on our road trip. My dad left me a lot of money and the insurance from his job settled out with me. I would never have to worry about anything for the rest of my life. I know it is weird that we just left everything and left so soon but I cant stay there anymore.

We are Florida bound..... we will be there in a couple of weeks we are gonna take our time and have some fun.

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