Getting Back to her

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I was so nervous about today. Momma and I were going to the doctors. I have known for a couple of weeks now, but I have said nothing to Jason. I wanted to know how far along I was.

When we got done at the doctors, I took my mamma out for lunch. I could not believe that I was already 14 weeks. That meant that I got pregnant the first time we have sex after I lost Jasabell. My mother was so happy, but what was a bigger shock there wasnt just one baby, I was having twins. I guess twins run in my family. I couldnt wait to get home and tell Jason.

I walked into the house quietly, at first I heard nothing. Until I went upstairs and stood in front of our room. It wasnt that fact the were having sex, it was what was being said.
Oh Yeah Jason you like fucking my ass, Bet Miss Im so broken dont let you, does she? My own best friend, the man who said he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Bryan, I want both of you in me. Bet she wouldnt do this for you, would she?
Damn baby, you are so fucking amazing fuck. Jason yelled out

I couldnt hear anymore as I turned I ran in to Mike. you didnt see me I tell him as I ran down stairs. I grabbed Jasabell and left. I had what was important to me. My 3 babies, I didnt need anyone else. Miss Im so broken kept running through my head. Is that wat they really thought of me? Ever since I stepped in to that house my life has been nothing but a living hell. Maybe Emily is just right for them.


When I got up this morning something didnt feel right. Bella was gone already. Jason said she told him she had a check up this morning. Why in the hell didnt he go? Is he really that heartless, he only cares about her when she is on his dick, or he is showing her off like a fucking trophy.

Em was rubbing up on me and I just was not in the mood. I watched Jason come out of his room in just his boxers, I knew then that Em was gonna start on him. He cant just say no.

I walked in to the room, and they were already in full swing. She was on her hands and knees and he was slamming into her ass. I climbed on the bed in front of her. Hell cant beat the then I may as well join them.

Oh Yeah Jason, you like fucking my ass, Bet Miss Im so broken dont let you, does she? Emliy yelled out to Jason. I can not believe she just said that.
Bryan, I want both of you in me. Bet she wouldnt do this for you, would she? I looked up and I could have swore I watched someone walk away from the door. I just was not in to this not with her. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower.

When I got out they were still at it. I just went down stairs and walked to the fire place where our angel Jasabell is. She was gone. I turned around and there stood Mike. She took her when she left. he said I seen it in his face When Mike when did she leave? I yelled Man, she asked me not to say anything.... He looked down She left when she heard Emily call her Miss broken. my heart shattered into a million pieces. I ran up stairs to get dressed.

Why the fuck you yelling baby boy, Jason asked me..... She heard the slut call her Miss broken, She watched you fucking Em Jason....I hope the both of you are happy She left and took Jasabell.

ME: Bella baby, please come back and talk to me
I texted her after trying to call her many times. Jason took a shower and got dressed he left Emliy crying on the bed.

He was so mad at his self. I went to Ms Carlas hoping she was there. No baby she aint here, She went home after finding out... She looked down She didnt tell him did she? I feared what she found out oh god what if it is something bad what if she is dying Ms. Carla what did she find out? I begged her to tell me. Bryan I cant tell you it is not my place.... what happened what happened why would she leave?

This is the worst day I could ever imagine...... She left us again.........

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