Getting Back to her

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Starting over

When I walked out that door 3 years ago, I never thought things would be how they are now. I left with nothing but the clothes on my back, my Jasabell in my hand, and my twin girls growing in my stomach. I was beyond hurt not only by Emily but Jason as well. I know Bryan was there but from the look on his face, he was not happy with what was going on.

We are heading back to my mothers old house today. We finally sold it. I am nervous, but I am pretty sure we will be able to be in and out of there before anyone even wakes up in their house. Just like all of the time before. I just never had the girls with me.

We stopped as we got into town and got the girls lunch. We are running a little behind because of traffic. We only live an hour from here and as much as Jason loved going to the beach I am surprised in the 3 years I have never seen him. Which is good.
What are gonna do baby if they see us or better yet what if he sees them? My mommy asked
Momma stop, they are not Jasons, which only Jasmine was his, Brylynn was Bryans. I was blessed to have a rare pregnancy where I got pregnant the same night by two men.

As I pulled into the driveway, I watched Emily walk out with a baby car seat. It made me feel a little better about being here. They have moved on. Momma was not paying any mind and let Jasmine out of the truck. Look mamma baby She yelled taking off running to Emily.

Em stood there like she had seen a ghost.... Bella She said as I turned there stood her father. Jason had just walked out of the house. I watched as his eyes landed on Jasmine. I heard Brylynn yelling as she was running to me.
Brylynn Stop... Jasmine come on baby girl. I yelled at them, I couldnt get to Jasmine fast enough, he picked her up and was staring at her.

Jay baby Mike said he would take... Bella your back. oh god, my world is coming to an end the 3 people I didnt want to see. I was able to catch Brylynn as I walked to Jason to get Jasmine.

So who are these pretty little girls, Bella? Jason asked as he was playing with his daughter that he did not know was his. Bryan came from behind me to stand next to Jason.
This is ... Brylynn and this one is Jasmine, I said as I tried to take her from him. My biggest fear just came true I kept my girls from their fathers for 3 years.
Where is their Daddy? I heard Emily say as she walked up with the baby. I felt the knot in my throat... Jason looked at me in my eyes, then grabbed the back of my head, pulling me to him, Are they the reason you left me? Shook my head no because they werent I felt Bryan take Brylynn out of my arms NOOO, Please give me back my girls... PLEASE I was scaring my babies, Bella, baby, please tell me the truth... Why did you leave me? I pulled away from him looking over at Em, Because I am miss broken Jason Remember, both Jason and Bryan looked at Emily, I told you both I was sorry. She cried out

I went to take Jasmine from Jason, I have to go, we have to finish the house, I sold it He grabbed me by my waist and pressed his lips to my cheek, I am not letting you take my daughters away from me. I couldnt breathe, I started to feel like I was gonna pass out. They are not yours, Jason, They are mine. That was the last thing I recall.


I was already pissed off at the fact that half of my men that went to take care of some shit are in the fucking hospital when that fucking whore showed up. I could not stand her after Bella then I could not stand her, even more, when she popped up pregnant and had Bryan believing it was his.

I knew Ms. Carla was gonna be here today to finish cleaning the house out. I wanted to catch her and maybe ask her about Bella. I know she has been back here but leaves before I can talk to her.

I went to take Emily back to her house when I saw her, I saw my daughter running to me. I knew she had to be mine. Bella was chasing her, I got to her first. I saw the fear in Bellas eyes when I picked her up. Then I saw the other one running. My heart stopped, she left me because she was pregnant. She was having my babies.

Jay baby Mike said he would take... Bella your back. I heard Bryan yell out. I watched him as his eyes landed on Bella and the little girl in her arms. Until he noticed the baby in mine.

So who are these pretty little girls, Bella? I already knew they were mine, ours.
This is ... Brylynn and this one is Jasmine, That is all I needed to hear. The bitch asked where their daddy was. I didnt need to ask I knew. When Bryan went to take his little girl Bella yelled out NOOO, Please give me back my girls... PLEASE

My heart broke when she told me why she left. I cant put all of the blame on Em I didnt say anything.

I am not letting her leave again. I am going to show her that she still belongs to me and I will have my girls with me. I am not letting you take my daughters away from me, I whispered to her with my lips pressed into her cheek..... They are not yours, Jason, They are mine. She yelled right before her body went limp in my arms. Bryan took Jasmine as I picked Bella up and carried her into our home. Ms. Carla came over and called 911.

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