Getting Back to her

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Bringing her back

We sat in the hospital for what seemed for hours before the doctor came out to talk to us. Bella went into shock, her body shut down. He believes it was due to stress. She still has not woken up. Ms. Carla has said nothing to us, the girls are running around jumping all over me and Jason. I wonder if they know. We allowed Emily to come with us, just in case Ms. Carla needed help.

For three years it has broken my heart knowing I could have stopped her from leaving me. Jason and I are not the same anymore. We are still together, but he has emerged his self back into the gang shit. More than he was before. Sometimes I dont even know who he is. He caused her to pass out with just his words. He does not think before he speaks. He has been fucking Emily for a while now. He denies it but I have heard and seen her coming from his room. I am not stupid, I dont know why I am even around anymore.

I couldnt take sitting next to him anymore. I walked to her room, I stared as she laid there peaceful. I could only imagine what is going on in her head. I laid next to her listening to her breath.

My Bella, I am so sorry I put you through what I did that day you left. I swear baby if you and the girls will give me a chance I will make you happy the way you deserve. I need you Marbella I have always needed you. I placed my arm over her and pulled her to me. Please wake up My Bella. It was never about sex with you. Do not get me wrong it was amazing with you but I wanted more, I want so much more with you. I want to cook dinner with I want to snuggle and watch movies and now that you have the girls I wanna go to the park with you. Bella, I love you so much.

Bryan she has always loved you, Brylynn knows you are her father, Ms. Carla said walking behind us. I sat up I wish I could have stopped her Ms. Carla hell I would have left with her.
" Bryan just show her when she wakes up, show her you need her too. She said that as if Bella needs me. Does she need me? I allowed Jason to ruin her. When I saw her the first time I should have taken her and made her mine. We would have both been happy.

Ms.Carla walked back out with the girls and Jason. I was surprised that he had not come in here.

As I laid here with her in my arms memories of us, Bella and I when Jason was in jail ran through my head......


She came into the kitchen in just my t-shirt. No panties just her wet pussy and round titties. Oh Daddy she moaned I have been a very bad girl I knew when she said that it was on. I was going to smack that ass and fuck her until no tomorrow. She pressed her bare ass against my cover cock. I bent her over the counter holding her head down... What did you do bad girl? She giggled I made myself cum she knows I do not like her pleasing herself that is what I am here for. She is not to touch her pussy to satisfy herself. I lifted her or should I say my shirt up revealing her nice juicy fat ass that will be bouncing up and down on my cock in oh about 15 minutes. Count and tell me you are sorry for being a needy whore. She wiggled her ass and moaned out yes sir daddy
1 Im sorry daddy
2 Im sorry daddy
I spanked her 15 times each time my dick got harder. Go to our room and wait for me.. She took my hand and rubbed her wet pussy with yes daddy oh that little bitch. She was my bitch until Jason got home that is...
I stood in the doorway gazing at her on her knees on the floor at the foot of the bed. Her hands by her side with her head down. I slid my sweatpants off and walked to her. Placing my fingers under her chin forcing her to look at me well my cock that is. She looked up at me with hunger and lust for me in her eyes. I shoved my cock into her cock sucking mouth. God her lips felt so incredible wrapped around it. I knew I would not last long with her sucking my cock the way she does. I pulled out of her mouth and walked to the bed. Get on your hands and knees I watched as she climbed on the bed damn she is so seductive... I buried my face into her ass and pussy. Making sure she was nice and wet for me. I made her cum hmm she taste so delicious I didnt want to stop. I had to have her wrapped around my cock. I got on the bed next to her and laid on my back Bella baby come ride Daddys dick please she smiled and had no problem with straddling me. Taking my cock in her hand she stroked it a few times then slammed herself down my shaft.
Flashback over

Hmm if you keep poking me like that we are going to have a problem, Bryan... Oh god, she is awake.
Oh, my Bella you are awake baby how do you feel baby?
Well after being dry humped I think I feel hmmm ok... Where are my girls Bryan?
Ms. Carla has them they are out in the waiting room to do you want me to go get them?
No, not yet By I need to talk to you. I know Jason is not going to let me leave now... You do know that Brylynn is yours right I squeezed her a little Yea and I also know you were coming to tell us when you heard what Em said.... Baby, I was not happy after she said that I had nothing to do with her until about 11 months ago when I got drunk and was in my feelings... I had tears rolling from my eyes she needed to know that I love her I need her and now I need the girls. She wiped a tear from my cheek. I love you also but I cant have my babies around him he is dangerous... I need you to help him I need you to help me make him realize he is a father now. I wont take Jasmine away from him but I can not be with him I saw the pain in her eyes when said that. I know somewhere deep down she still loves him but right now is my time to make her mine.
I got up and went to go get the girls and she stopped me So what was you thinking about that made you hump me? I gave her a grin you hiding my Daddy dick. Her face turned bright red. Bella. I wanna have you bouncing on it again soon she covered her face with her hands then moved them down below her chin.. Hmm ok only if you ride my ass. I had Bella before he broke her and I will have her again.

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