Getting Back to her

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I watched as Bryan walked into her room. He truly loves her. The way I should have loved her. I believe it was just an obsession I had with her. I love her, but not the way she deserves.

Watching this amazing little girl run around with her sister has me all in my feelings. I am a father I have a little girl now.
" Hey...hey what you name? Her little voice asked as she climbed into the chair next to me. Ms. Carla came over and picked her up, putting her in her lap as she sat next to me. Jas. This is Jason, her eyes got wide, mommy told me bout you, Jason... You are my daddy. Bry has a different daddy. Damn, she is so smart she has Bellas beautiful brown eyes. She slid off of Ms. Carlas lap and ran to Brylynn, who was playing with Emily.

Then there is Emily. I cant stand that whore. She hurt My Bella...wait can I even call her My Bella anymore. I need to get rid of Em I know Bryan knows I have been fucking her but its not what he thinks. I want to break her so bad the way she broke Bella with just her words. And I will break her when I prove to her that she was never good enough for me or Bryan.

Ms. Carla went to check on Bella and to see how Bryan is doing.
Bry comes meet my daddy bry he is big like mommy said I laughed as the two little angels stood in front of me. My mommy said that you give big giant hugs... I like when my mommy hugs me. I leaned down to her, I loved when your mommy hugged me too. Jasmine poked my nose with her little finger, do you wove my mommy?.... Her said her will always love you, but you are a dangerous man... Why Jason, why you dangerous? My heart just broke into a million pieces, my 3-year daughter just told me her mother thinks I am a dangerous man. Here we go, I picked both girls up putting them on my lap. I used to be a bad man, but now that you girls have come to see me I think it is time to change and be a good man for you and your mommy.
I hope you are not just saying that Jason, she needs you all three of them need you. Please dont hurt her anymore, Ms. Carla said coming back from seeing Bryan. He needs you to jay... I see the love he has for you, I know you two are not just stepbrothers I had lived next to you all of your life. She patted my leg come on, lets go feed these little princesses. I was speechless I didnt know what to say after letting me know that she knew about me and Bryan. I needed to hear what she said though. They both love me and I have failed to love them back.

Spending time with Ms. Carla and my girls made me realize how much I need to change. I dont think I have a chance with Bella again but I have a chance to change for my girls.


I could not stop staring at her as she walked her puppy across the road. Cookie come on girl go pee pee She yelled out . She stood with her arms crossed against her chest.

Hey Bry, look at her, I told him as he came and sat next to me on the steps.
You should go talk to her man... Bryan said pushing me
She will like you more.. I said pushing him back

We will both go.

We ran over to her Hey there. She said smiling. Her smile was so beautiful.
I am Jason and this is my best friend Bryan. She looked at Bryan and it looked like she blushed.
Marbella but you can call me Bella and that thing is cookie She giggled

Maybe we could hang out sometime..the park is like 15 minutes from here, I said looking into her amazing brown eyes.
That will be cool, The tall one Jason, the short one Bryan...
I gave her a look making her blush
Its, so I can remember your names silly, she said as she hugged Bryan and then came to me Wow, you are tall, how old are you guys? She said as she wrapped her arms around my waist
We both just turned 14, how old are you?
I will be 13 in a few days. She told us still in my arms...
Hmm My Bella She looked up, It is, so I can remember your name. the moment I heard her laugh I knew then I wanted her I needed her.
I gotta go back inside, I will see you guys later She said running across the road with a cookie.

She was all we talked about for the rest of the night. We both liked her.


I needed to go and talk to Bella. After we came back, Bryan came out, She is an awake guy, I looked at him and it killed me knowing that the man standing in front of me has loved me more than anyone in this world, and I have hurt him just as much as I hurt her.
Jay hmm can we talk? He asked walking towards me. I know what it is going to be, Bella does not want anything to do with me and does not want me around my daughter.

We went down to my truck.....
Man she still loves you but you have to change we both do. We are for real fathers, now man. He said with pure love in his voice.
I know... I put my hand on his I know that I have become a monster and I have to change, But Bryan not just for Bella and those two beautiful angels but for you as well. You have stood by my side since our parents got married. I love you Bryan. The tears rolled down his face He grabbed my face pressing our foreheads together.
I have been waiting for you to tell me that Jason. You dont know how much I need you, how much I need you and Bella. He smashed his lips to mine I Love you, Jason Walker I ran my thumb across his lips I love you, Bryan Walker

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