Getting Back to her

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first lovers

I was laying in Bryans lap waiting on Jason to get home. He went with his dad to do something. I love being with the guys. They are fun to be around. I hate being home anymore. My mother got a new boyfriend so whenever he is at my house I am with the guys.

Bella, what would you say if I told you I didnt like you as just a friend anymore? Bryan asked, running his fingers through my hair I dont know Bry, how else could you like me crazy? I asked, sitting up for him, to pull me up on his lap. As my girlfriend. I giggled Bryan, you are crazy, what would Jason say? He just shrugged his shoulders, Just forget I ever said anything. He changed the way he was talking to me. It was like I hurt his feelings.

I have been laying here hoping I can leave soon. I want to see my babies I guess they wont let them both come back at the same time and Momma cant find Jason and Bryan. That just what I figured when I would need them for something they would not be around.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes. I was woke up by my little Jas, Mommy, you were wite mommy him is big mommy wake up look mommy I opened my eyes and Jason was standing next to me with her in his arms. A sight that I never thought I would see. I never planned on letting them know about my girls. I was doing just fine on my own. The doc told Ma that you would be leaving soon Bella. He told me as he sat on the bed with Jasmine. Her smile was so big I could tell she was happy with him. Mommy Jason said he was going to not be a bad man now because of you and me mommy did you hear me.... He laughed and shook his head. Knowing she just sounded like him. Yes, baby, I heard you. His phone rang he sat Jasmine down on my lap I gotta take this He got up and answered his phone.

Yeah, Mike... Yeah, she is OK ... No, I need two... No one is to be at the house after it is done I dont know man... I will talk to you later about it... The house is done yeah ... no. Okay man, I have a princess that wants to go flying again I see you when we get home OK ... Bella Mike said whats up.
I laughed Hey Mikey boy
Yes, she is coming home alright talk to later man. He hung up the phone
I can rent us a room I dont want to cause any trouble, Jason, I say running my hand on my sleepy 3-year-olds head.
You and the girls are coming home, baby girl I have done told you, I looked down, Jason, I can not stay, I need to go home.
Why you got a new man? He spits out at me in anger
No Daddy, I dont have a man, Fuck what did I just call him he stared at me as he walked to me then leaned and whispered in my ear... We will talk when we get home He picked my baby up, laid her head on his shoulder, I will send Brylynn and Bryan in I didnt know whether to cry because I was scared or cry because he is walking out with my baby.

Baby, you okay? I heard a voice that I craved since he left earlier. I nodded my head and reached for my Bry baby. She was sleepy as well. How have they been? I asked rubbing her back and moving over for him to lay with me.

" He is not letting us leave Bryan, I said laying my head on his chest. I know baby girl I talked to him earlier and I think things are going to be different I took his word for some odd reason. Maybe I came back to come home to my first loves, I knew that there was a big chance I was gonna get caught and I still took it.

A couple of hours later I am back in the house I ran from 3 years ago. I looked around and it still seems to be the same. I looked on the mantel, and he already put her back where I took her from the day I left. Yes, I know it is weird that I brought Jassbella with me. The girls are already asleep with my mother leaving me all alone with Jason and Bryan.

His arm wrapped around me and I felt like I was home more than ever. His hand moved to the back of my head. I knew what was coming next. I felt my body betraying me giving in to him. Sit down My Bella, he said as he slowly let go of my hair. I sat down then sat side me Baby girl why did you leave why didnt you just let me know, he asked with sadness in his eyes. I walked to our bedroom so excited that we were pregnant again and that we were having twins. I pushed the door open and I watched as you were fucking Em in her ass then she called little miss Im broken. You didnt defend me or anything then you told her she was amazing. I looked over to Bryan and back at Jason I knew she had replaced me so I left. I only live an hour from here on the beach he shook his head No you are coming home with my girls, our girls and we are going to be the family we always talked about. He placed his hand on my thigh I know I have lost you and I know I will never have you as I had you before...but I will somehow win both you and Bryan back. I love both of you so much. I knew the tears were coming Please Jason I have already seen the love Jasmine has for you dont break her heart. He pulled me on his lap making me straddle him Bella I will show you he laid his head on my chest. Bryan came and sat beside us. I know I am going to regret this I pulled Jasons head up forcing him to look at me and kissed him. I turned to Bryan and kissed him. Im keeping my house on the beach. My girls... I was cut off by Bryan Ours girls I nodded Our girls love the beach

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