Getting Back to her

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beach with daddy

After a couple of days of being back home with Jason and Bryan, we decided that we would go and pack up our house on the beach just leaving things for when we come to the beach. A lot of Jasons guys have come to help.

I was sitting on the back deck having a mommy drink watching the guys with their girls. I was smiling this is something I had dreamed of but never thought I wanted. Theyre happy Baby, my mom said as she sat next to me. I believe we are doing the right thing. I looked at her knowing she was right. I knew that the boys would get my baby girl I laughed They boys huh she nodded hey Bella did you know that they hmm they you know they... I knew what she was trying to say Momma, they what. Have sex with each other... Momma, I think I kind of know-how you think I got pregnant with twins... Haha. My mom is so crazy sometimes I miss not being with her when I was a teenager.

I walked out on the beach with my girls and my guys. I was happy. Jason came to me wrapping his huge arms around me..I wanna start working on more babies. I am digging this father thing. I laid my head on his chest We can start tonight... After momma leaves with the girls. Oh, and I want Emily to be hired as the girls nanny. He pushed me back and looked at me thats not a good idea Bell I laughed to my self why you afraid you wont be able to stop fucking her? He looked like I just took his puppy away I am not stupid... Jassbella and Jasmine are not your only children Jason I saw that little girl, does he know? He shook his head no I wont tell him but you will take care of her you will pay Em to that care of your other children. I walked away from him and went to jasmine and Brylynn girls go get Jason they took off running to him. I watched as Bryan took me in his arms Bella I couldnt be any happier than I am now. I ran my hand down his back pulling him pressing him against me So you telling me that me bouncing on your big fat Daddy dick would not make you happy? He let out a moan Damn it, Bella I am so fucking hard right now. I giggled I know

I packed up the girls and gave momma my truck keys and my bank card. Baby take a couple of days to reconnect with him... He is still lost. We will be getting the house put together and beside Jason said Em will be there to help me. I knew she was talking about Jason. He is still trying to get used to me being home and the girls. The guys put the girls in the truck. Jasmine cried a little but it broke our hearts mommy please I dont wanna weave Daddy hims hugs I watched as Jason looked away wiping the tears away before turning back to her. Daddy is just helping mommy clean the beach house and then I will be back to hug you whenever you want. She nodded and blew him a kiss. Brylynn just stared at Bryan then pointed to him he knew she wanted a hug. She needs help with her speech. We will get her help.

We finished up the house. I was gonna miss this house. I brought my girls home here. Their first 3 birthdays were celebrated in this house. Bryan saw the tears falling he came and wrapped his arms around me. You still have the house baby, you will always have it. We just need you and the girls home. I shook my head all my babies first was here, first words their first steps. He pulled my head to his chest then I felt the warmth of another man on my back. They will have a lot more first with all of us at the house baby. Jason whispered I know they will but I did on my own and now they are stepping up being the fathers my girls deserve. I should have allowed that from the beginning.

After having a couple of drinks together, it was really nice, it being just us three. The last time it was just us three is when I got pregnant with my babies.

I was laying on the couch just thinking about all the memories, and I felt his hand rub up against my leg. I smiled, I knew whos had, it was. He then climbed between my legs hovering over Im so ready to watch you bounce on.... I could smell the alcohol... on my daddys dick.. I laughed hmm Ummm, whos your daddy first, I said trying to be serious. God, he is so sexy. I looked up and there stood Jason in just his boxers with his arms crossed giving me a sexy ass grin. I felt my panties as they began getting ruined.

Bryan started kissing me and whispered, That sexy guy standing over us wants to watch me I mean you fuck me I mean you. Jason laughed and pulled Bryan up to him and walked him to the guest bedroom. I was wondering why he didnt walk him to my room.

I watched as he walked back to me. On your knee I sat up and slid to the floor and knelt in front of him with my head down. Oh Baby girl you are still so perfect. He said making me smile. He raised my head to look at him. Then he dropped down to his knees right in front of me. He just stared into my eyes . Bella baby I promise I will be the man you deserve that you and Jasmine deserve. I wiped away his tears I wanna go back to the way we were but better. I dropped my head knowing I want there to be us but I cant not yet. But my heart is saying something else. I looked up to him and threw my arms around his neck smashing my lips to his. Pulling me to him I straddled him Daddy I miss you. I whispered into lip. Show me Baby Girl I wasnt sure what was really meant by that. I stood up holding my hand out for him. I lead us to my room. We laid on the bed together. I felt like it was our first time all over again. He slid my shirt off and then my panties. He did nothing else he just stared at me. He loves you so much Bella, He was in the process of leaving me. You came home just in time you are what holds us together baby. He said before he laid me back on my back. Staring up into his eyes letting him know that I loved him. He slammed into me taking back what was, is HIS.

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