Getting Back to her

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When I woke up, I had an enormous arm wrapped around me. I just smiled and snuggled up to him more.
Can every morning be like this? He whispered in my ear NO, I replied and started giggling, I have two little devils that will interrupt your sleep with no regrets.
Jason rolled over on his back and placed his arm on his forehead. Bella, were you scared? I leaned on his chest, Yeah, but I had a mamma, there were so many nights I wanted to run back home to you and Bryan but I couldnt. he ran his fingers through my hair. I looked for you for a year, and all along you were here.
Well, I am back home where we belong, I said as I got up to take a shower.

I heard the guys talking as I was getting out of the shower.

I dont want Emily around my daughter Jason, I dont care...
Bella wants me to hire her to be the girls nanny and ....
What Jason?
Sophia is mine, Jason told him, I stood and waited for Bryan to say something before I walked into the room
Does Bella Know? I already knew you were fucking her..... Fuck man Bryan yelled I walked out to him. He turned to me with sadness in his eyes. I put my hands on his bare chest, Fuck Daddy, where did these muscles come from. Making him smile, I knew when I saw her, if you dont want Emily around the girls, then so be it. I was just trying to help Emily.
Help her why Bella, why she does not deserve your help of all people baby. Bryan said as he grabbed my waist, Jason can help with Sophia, but you dont need to worry about her. I kissed his cheek, Sophia is Jasmines half-sister. Shaking his head Yeah well we can buy her birthday presents and set play dates up for the girls to get to know their sister.
He is right, Momma, it is my place to worry about the baby, not yours, your heart is too pure, Bella, Jason said walking over to us.
OK, we will talk about it more when we get home. I said dropping my towel OOPPSS I giggled

Jason went to make us breakfast, I am pretty sure he knew that Bryan and I needed a little time alone.
Daddy, I am hungry, I said before I fell to my knees
Fuck Bella, He said as I pulled his boxers down... Mmm my big Daddy dick, I said before I inhaled his cock into my mouth. He gripped a hand full of my hair, pulling me away from him. Stand up He demanded He looked me in my eyes I love you, Bella, I have loved you since I was 14 years old. Believe it or not, you have given me everything. When I walked out of the house a week ago and saw you and then our girls I knew then that you are my soulmate I believe we are meant to be together. I couldnt hold the tears back anymore, I fell into his chest He pushed my wet hair out of my face. He gently pressed his lips to mine. His kiss felt so passionate his hands explored my naked body. Laying down on the bed he kissed his way down to my breast caressing them before working his way to my stomach then to my very wet pussy. He made me feel as if I was the sexiest woman in the world the way he was, calling me beautiful in between him kissing and licking my clit. When he entered one of his fingers I almost came right away. A little more licking and sucking I couldnt hold back anymore. Daddy... Oh... I begged, Baby girl I love you, wanting to crawl away from him Bryan I love you.
Cum for me. He continued sucking on my clit as I exploded. ohh fuck fuck fuck I yelled.
I needed more of him I needed all of him. He slowly, kissing his way back to my lips. He planted his lips to mine for a kiss that sent tingles through my body. Why have never felt like this before why have I never given him a chance. Oh fuck I love this man so much.
Bryan please make love to me I pleaded with him staring into his eyes. His hands still wandering over my body. I did t even feel him move before I felt him enter me. He allowed me to adjust to him before he began moving only his hips. Pushing deep inside of me, picking his speed up. My moans became louder. The pressure was building in my stomach and he knew.
Bella give me what is mine give it all to me. He moaned thrusting deeper and harder now.
With his hard swift motions, I could hold back, I gave him what he wanted. My back arching my legs squeezing him and my hands pulling him to me. Fuck Bella... You making me cum... He went to pull out of me and I held in me with my legs. He looked at me with pure love in his eyes. Then he came, so deep in me.

Fuck I missed the fun, Jason said with his husky voice. Breakfast is done my loves

I didnt even bother getting dressed because I was pretty sure that it would be a waste of my time. When I walk into the kitchen I saw something that I have never seen. Jason and Bryan were making out. Jason had Bryan pressed against the counter, his hand in his hair and the other around his throat.
My hand was sliding down my stomach until I heard NO maam you do not touch our pussy I looked up at Jason with his sexy ass grin.
C'mon baby, let's eat babe, Bryan said with a huge smile on his face.
Momma was right I needed them and they needed me.

We spent the day making sure there was nothing else I wanted and cleaning up. The guys wanted to get back to their princesss and so did I.
We packed the truck and locked the house up. I know I still own my beach house but that does not mean I am not going to miss it. This will always be my girls home.
They stood there with me by my side holding me.
Cmon my loves we have 2 girls to get home to. Both looking at me smiling. Then lead me to the truck. I sat in the middle of them. This is where I belong. I have always belonged between them.

Jason grabbed my hand and kissing my knuckles Marbella, thank you
I just smiled and laid my head on his shoulder. Bryans hand rested on my thigh. Something wrong babe? I asked him as I grabbed his hand. He turned and looked at us There is nothing wrong.... Everything is right. I have the two people I have loved all my life and we are on our way home to our girls. His smile was so amazing, I have never seen him this happy.

We were soon home. As we got out of the truck my mother opened the door and two beautiful little girls come running. Not to me but their fathers. I began to cry, I watched as my girls smiled and hug my guys. When you believe something so long and then you are proven wrong, it hurts when you realize you were wrong.

Cmon kids dinner is ready my mother yelled.

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