Getting Back to her

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Taking Back

Taking Back... What is his.

They didnt realize I was eavesdropping on them. I was taking back how Bryan submitted to Jason, in the way that I did. I watched as he clutched his hand around Bryans throat, pinning him against the wall.

Hell, I have missed this baby boy! Jason hissed in to Bryans ear as he pushed himself against him. Their mouths slammed together, both moaning into each others lips. Just watching them was making my pussy drip.

Jason turned Bryan around, so he faced the wall, tearing his shorts down. He now had his forearm against the back of Bryans neck and his face pressed against the side of his cheek. He was saying something to him, but I couldnt hear him. With his other hand he ran it down Bryans side.

Jason let Bryan step away from the wall. I had to hide against the wall. I didnt want them to catch me; I wanted to watch them.

Tell me what you want, baby boy, what do you need from Daddy? Jason asked Bryan... Fuck I am going to have to stop watching.
I need to feel you in me, Daddy, He whimpered back

I walked away, I could not take anymore. Plus, there was a part of me insisting they need their personal time alone without me.

Since we have put the girls in pre-school, there is very little for me to do anymore. I decided that I would go clean out one of the other guest rooms. It wasnt that bad, I just needed to get rid of the junk that others has left behind.

I began hearing slamming against the wall. I didnt realize that our room was next door to this one. I had to go back.

I stood there watching through the gap in the door. Jason had Bryan pulled against his chest with his arm around his throat, thrusting into him hard and deep.
Oh, fuck Daddy I cant hold it anymore please can I come? Bryan pleaded. He had sweat pouring from his body. His face proved he could not take it anymore, his cheeks flaming red.
NO, you are not to come, not until we have our Bella begging to come as well. Jason grunted to Bryan, hammering into him harder. Damn Bryan can take him so well? I would have been already begging for him to stop.

Then abruptly Jason stopped. He pulled himself out of Bryan.

I didnt stick around to find out what happened next. I rushed to the other side of the house and made it seem like I was doing laundry just in case.

I was folding the girls clothes when he snatched me up from behind. You need to take a break, you are constantly cleaning. Jason hissed in my ear as he pulled me closer to his naked body. Bryan is waiting for you in our room.

I turned and looked back at him he just winked at me. I slowly walked to the room where I just witnessed Bryan get assaulted by Jasons cock. I heard the shower stop, which implies Bryan had to calm himself down.

Hmm my Bella He moaned as he walked to me with a towel draped around him. He started kissing me softly.
Mmm Daddy what has gotten into you I whimper, attempting to not give myself away.

Hmm, wouldnt you love to know? he said as he ran his massive hand up the back of my head, running his hand through my hair. He gazed at me and said, Bella, you always make my heart skip a beat when you look at me with those eyes. He then clutched a hand full of hair and yanked my head back, exposing my neck for him to assault. He kissed me down to my collarbone, distracted me, allowing Jason to come behind me. He pressed his hard shaft against my ass, forcing me to whimper his name.

I rolled my head back and rested it on Jasons shoulder. He took his hand and wrapped it around my throat almost the way he did Bryan; he applied gentle pressure.

Oh our Bella, Jason moaned as Bryan proceeded to lower himself, yanking my underwear down, revealing my thirsty pussy. He then wasted no time. He stuck his tongue deep in between my pussy lips, discovering my clit instantaneously.

Jason had taken my shirt and bra off, leaving me absolutely naked for them to do as they please.

It was not long before Bryan had me quivering from forcing me to come. He stood back up, Jason grabbed his face right away and began licking his lips, tasting me. Fuck babe, no matter how many times I taste her, she tastes so much better on you, he told Bryan before forcing his tongue into his mouth.

I felt a huge digit press deep inside of me, making me whimper, then it was removed, leaving me empty. Climb on the bed Bryan, Jason demanded as he turned me around to face him, then he picked me up by my waist. I enveloped my legs around him, he then clutched his hard cock and guided it inside of me. My head flew back in ecstasy then he encased both arms around me, forcing himself deep inside of me. He continuously rammed into me harder each time. He walked us to the bed placing my back on the bed and proceeded abusing my cunt. Bryan then forced his cock into my lips.

You are such a fucking good little slut, huh? Jason whaled out to me. I attempted to respond to him while sucking Bryans massive cock but failed.

I needed to come so bad but I knew he would not allow me to, at least until Jason was ready to.
Oh fuck, I cant take it anymore I need to come, PLEASE Daddy can I? Bryan screamed out as he screwed my mouth. I smiled around his cock, him calling Jason Daddy, I will never get used to that.

NO Damn it, get on your knees Jason yelled at Bryan, taking his anger out on my poor little cock hole.
Bryan knelt beside Jason looking down. Jason then yanked out of me and gripped my throat. I want you to watch this cock sucker Bella He forced me to sit up as he shoved his pussy juice covered cock into Bryans mouth. It was not long after he started fucking his face that he came down Bryans throat.

Bella bent over the bed, I did as he said I was not about to disobey him. I do not know what Bryan did, but he was being punished. Jason grabbed my head and pressed it into the bed, I then heard kissing and Bryan groan. Then I felt a massive cock slam into me, Fuck Bryan was fucking me. He is so much harsher than Jason. His fingertips dug into my hips, yanking me back as he thrust into me. Oh Damn it, I am going to come so deep inside of you, you are ready for me to fill you up, baby girl? He shouted out
Oh yeah Daddy, please fill me full, I am going to come all over your big Daddy dick, Bryan. I felt his cock twitch, and that sparked me to come so hard. We both collapsed on to the bed exhausted.

Go get cleaned up my little sluts we need go get our Princesss, Jason announced then giving both me and Bryan passionate kisses.

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