Getting Back to her

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Your girls

When Jason and I walked into the house, Bella was standing in the living room with her back to us rocking back and forth. She turned with a big smile on her face.
Look Daddy who I got... Little Sofia. She looked so happy. Emily came over to talk to you and well I kidnapped her, Jason she is a sweetheart. Jason went to them and kissed Bella and took the baby. His smile was so contagious, I couldnt help but smile myself. Bella came and wrapped her arms around my neck and just stared at me. I can not wait to see our little one in your arms. She whispered and walked away.

I wish I could have been around when she was pregnant with Jaz and Bry. I saw a couple of pictures her mom had of her. I didnt think she could get any sexier boy was I wrong?

Bryan, babe, will you take me to get the girls? I dont have a car seat for Sofia so Daddy has to stay. Bella called out from the kitchen. I walked to her and noticed something different about her. She pulled her shirt down quickly when I walked in. Like she was hiding something.

Yeah, are you ready? I asked she nodded and we left.

After getting the girls we stopped and got them ice cream. Spending time with them is so wonderful. They make me rethink my life.
I was watching Brylynn, they have been teaching her sign language so Bella and I have been learning ourselves.
Daddy she signed, it brought tears to my eyes. It was almost as if I could hear her tiny little voice calling me.
Bella sat next to me and wrapped her arm around me and whispered Daddy to me.
Mommy Daddy sister. She was so proud of herself, we were proud of her.
Mommy Brylynn can talk with her hands. Jasmine clapped and was happy as well.
When the girls finished we headed home.

As we got the girls out Bella heard Jason yelling.
Baby please go see what is going on. She yelled
When I opened the door Jason was in Emilys yelling at her about Bella and the baby.
I FUCKING TOLD TO STAY AWAY FROM MY WIFE, Jason yelled. I turned when I heard Bella walk in. Her mother somehow came out of nowhere and took the girls to their playroom. Bella ran over to Jason and went to grab him when he shoved her, and she fell to the floor hard.
Fuck Jason look what you did, I yelled picking Bella up. She had tears running down her face, and she was holding her stomach.
Jason started yelling even more at Emily.
Bryan make him stop, please, Bella begged. I tried pulling him away from her and it wasnt working.
I turned around to look at Bella and by the time I turned back around Jason had Emily up against the wall by her throat. Emily is a lot smaller than Jason, she was clawing at his hand trying to get him to let go.

Bella yelled. Jason turned his attention to Bella and let Emily go. He grabbed her into his arms and began to cry to her telling her he was sorry.

I told Emily that she needed to leave. She gave me a look telling me she was scared. Her neck was already bruising and her lip and eye were busted. I never thought he would ever hit a female, but I was wrong.

After Emily left Bella was able to get Jason to calm down. She asked him what had happened, he told her how Emily threw the girls in his face. She said they were not his, and she didnt understand why he pushed her away again.

After Bella made dinner we all sat together and Brylynn showed Jason she could sign daddy, mommy, and sister.
As we were finishing up Bella was cleaning up and Jason and I were putting the girls to bed when there was a knock at the door.

Good evening maam Im officer Naker is Jason Walker here? I heard

Umm hang on he is putting his daughter to bed. Bella told the officer. I walked behind her wrapping my arm around her waist.
Good evening are you, Jason Walker? he asked me.
No, sir I am Bryan Walker, Jason will be down in a moment, may I ask what this about? I asked, but something already told me I knew.

I heard Jason coming down the stairs and then I felt the tears hit my arm. Bella does not have good experiences with the cops coming to the house. The last time she was pregnant with Jasabella and Jason went to jail. I turned and saw Jason was already in a white t-shirt, he always wore white when he goes in. He knew also why they are here.

Mr. Walker I need to ask you some questions The officer said Jason nodded as he wrapped his arm around Bella and kissed the side of her forehead.
Do you know Emily Stanely? He asked Making Bella cry out and bury her face into Jasons chest.
Yes, I know her she is my daughters mother He said pulling me to him, he knew he was going to jail tonight. The officer kind of gave us a weird look. I dont care, I have never cared.

Your daughter you was putting to bed? Jason laughed when he was asked that.
No I was putting my twins to bed, what is this about officer? Jason was getting impatient

Emliy called and made a report against you and we needed to get your side of things before we move forward, telling Jason. Jason invited the officer in side. Bella never left Jason's side.

Maam may I ask your name and your relationship to Mr. Walker He asked Bella. She looked at Jason and I
Marbella Walker, and I am Jason and Bryan's wife. She said with confidence in her voice. He was confused but brushed it off. He then asked for Jasons side.

After about 30 minutes the officer explained because she had marks and both of their stories matched that he would have to take Jason to jail tonight be he was going to set a bond, so I could meet them and bond him out tonight. The officer was really cool about things. He said it would be about two hours before he would be booked in and then maybe another hour to be booked out. When they were leaving he didnt even put cuffs on Jason. We both kissed him good bye and told him we would see him in the morning.

Bella calmed down after he left. I was sitting on the couch waiting on the bonds man to call me back when Bella came and straddled me. It kind of shocked me, but I was not going to complain.
Daddy, I need something to take my mind off of Daddy Jason. She whined as she laid her head on my shoulders and began to grind her hips on my stiffening cock. I couldnt hold back, I took her shirt off revealing her beautiful bare breast. Needing them with both hands, sucking on her large nipples. She lifted her ass and slid her panties off. I was able to quickly slide my shorts off, releasing my hard cock. She moaned just feeling between her legs. Reaching around her and felt how wet she was.

I didnt need to worry about her being to dry for me to enter her. He grabbed my cock and lowered herself down until she could not go any further. Grabbing her hips, guiding her up and down. She held on to the back of the couch and started riding my cock like there was no tomorrow.
OH DADDDY I am gonna come all over you big Daddy dick, she yelled out. I felt her tight, pussy grip onto my cock causing me to come deep inside of her pussy.
She just laid her head on my shoulder cuddling to me.
Hmm Daddy, I love feeling you in me, I want to stay like this until you have to go get Jason. She whispered

I loved holding her and I loved being inside of her. I began to get hard again and she giggled
That is an amazing feeling. She moaned as she started moving her hips again. And then the phone rang.

She didnt stop.

Hello I knew who it was
Hey Babe, they just booked me in, he said. Bella let out a moan and Jason laughed
I already paid the bond so you should be out in a little while. She wanted something to keep her busy until you came home. I explained to him
Man get you some, she riding you? He asked as he was laughing. I handed her the phone

OHH HI Daddy mmm....OOOHH Yes Daddy he has filled up once.... yes Daddy you can oh DADDY I am going to come....Oh thank you... She dropped the phone an came again.

FUCK MAN OHH I moaned into the phone as I came again. I have not came twice in a row like that in sometime now.

I will call you when they release me, Jason stated.
I will be there waiting for you like I always am. I told him See you soon.

Bella finally let me up, we went and took a shower, I got dressed, she stayed naked for Jason.

As I was pulling to the jail he called me.
" I am outside I simply said he replied Ok baby boy.

I watched him walk out, and he was not happy at all. I was afraid that he was mad at me and Bella but come to find out he was pissed off at Emily. He said we needed a plan to get Sofia away from her.

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