Getting Back to her

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Our Family

I heard the truck pull in the driveway. I was so happy that he was back home. I love Jason so much, but he needs to change. He has two little girls to worry about now.

I slipped my robe on and walked downstairs to meet them. Jason did not look happy at all. That was until he saw me. I let my robe open revealing my naked body for him. He smiled as I walked to him.

Fuck baby girl. He whispered as he grabbed the back of my neck to kiss me.

After his welcome home kiss, I went and made us some coffee. It was going to be a long night.

As I walked back to the table where the guys were talking as I put Jasons coffee in front of him Bryan was telling Jason...

If you and Bella get married you can file for custody

I stood beside Bryan after putting his coffee on the table.

What if she says something about you and Jason? I asked knowing that Emily would be low enough to say something. Then she might say something about Brylynn being Bryans.

We are step brothers that live together in our parents home, baby there is nothing she can prove. Bryan said as he wrapped his arm around my ass pulling me to him more.

What about Brylynn... she will run her mouth about her being yours baby. I said sitting on his lap.

Baby that was four years ago, so you cheated on Jason with me if anything is said. If not then both of the girls is Jason. I dont care what it takes to bring Sofia home with her sisters. Hearing him say that brought tears to my eyes. The love between Jason and Bryan is something that will never be broken.

I watched as the of them just stared at each other as if the were reading each others mind. They have always been that way. I remember watching them when we were kids before I left.


I was sitting on the side of the house watching Jason and Bryan, I dont think they know I am here. They are just staring at each other standing on their back porch. I cant get over how tall and cute Jason is, Bryan is just as cute but he is the kind of guy you settle down with and marry.

Jason turned and looked at me

Told you, he said out loud.

Shut up dummy Bryan responded.

Flashback over

As I sat on Bryan's lap listening to them talk I was amazed at how they handled things. It is like they had been dealing with this kind of stuff all their life.

I started feeling sick like I was gonna throw up. Jason must have noticed.

Bella, you okay baby? He asked I just nodded me head.

I am just upset over the shit she is pulling. I bet if I would have never came back you wouldnt be going through this. I stood up and started walking to the kitchen. I should have never brought the girls when we came back for the house. They would have never known about the girls and wouldnt be going through this with Em.

A set of arms stopped me pulling me back to his chest.

Bella, it is not your fault, not everyone is as strong as you... Not ever one can raise a kid by themselves... Hell let alone two like you. Jason said as he turned me around and grabbed one of my breast massaging it with his big strong hand. His thumb rubbed over my hard nipple.

Daddy, Im aint as strong as you make me out to be. I moan as he runs his hand down my chest to my stomach. I became nervous... He was like he knew. I cant tell either one of them right now.

He looked me in my eyes as his hand traveled down to my wet core.

You will always be ours Bella... We are gonna go to the court house, and we are getting married tomorrow he told me in a low husky voice. How could I tell him no?

Looking him in his eyes...

Well thats not how I thought I would be asked but okay. I smiled and gave him a kiss.

We are only staying married long enough to get Sophia... He looked down at my stomach and smiled....

Then you will marry that babies father.

Fuck he knows... But how.

Jason I ..... I started to say but the knot in my throat and the tears in my eyes stopped me. As a tear fell he wiped it away.

He deserves to know Bella...

How do you know Jason how do you even know it is his?

He just looked at me and smiled.... Then he turned me around bending me over the counter.

I havent came inside you since the night at the beach house.... He deserves to be happy he said right before he ran his hard cock in my slit. I took a deep breath as he entered me.

He had always loved you. He said pushing deep into me.

He will always love you.... More than I ever could love you

Him saying that brought even more tears. Did he not love me the way I thought he did... Was this all a game to him? As he pounded into me harder and harder. His breathing getting heavier.

" But my Bella I will never let you go.... You and Bryan both will be mine forever he moaned as he came deep in me.

He leaned on me and pulled my hair back....

I love you Marbella Walker...

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