Getting Back to her

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chapter 3 Strangers

We have been In Florida for a week now. We have not made it to my moms yet. We are planning to be there tomorrow. I dont think I would be able to stay with her, not after what she did to me. I am hoping that I will be able to see at least Bryan. Lord only knows if Jason is still around.

Today is my 18th birthday and we just got to my moms house. She was happy to see me. She got rid of the man that made her make me move to my dads. She said that she knew that my and my dad had gotten close and didnt want to make me move again until I was ready. I respect her for that. As we were unloading the SUV, Yeah I know it was crazy getting such a big truck but it was a good idea for our road trip and now I have fallen in love with it. I looked over to Bryan and Jasons house and it seemed quiet. As we were getting the last bit of stuff out a whole bunch of cars pulled in to Bryans driveway. Of course, it was a bunch of guys. Some of them start whistling at us. I wanted to look and see if I could recognize either Jason or Bryan but I didnt.
Wanna give them a show, Emily said laughing. I could feel the eyes on us. Sure why the hell not She grabbed me and pushed me against the truck and kissed me. She then yelled .... How you like that boys. I died laughing and then I looked over and there he stood. Yes years have past and we have grown but his eyes never changed. Bryan stared at me like he knew it was me but wasnt for sure. I felt my heart drop into my stomach .... my heart started beating really fast. Thats one of them aint it, Em said grabbing me. All I could do was nod my head. We went inside and my momma knew I had seen Bryan. She then told me that Jason went to prison for a year a few months back. Hearing that really upset me. I guess he never changed as I had hoped.

A couple of days have gone by since I have seen Bryan. I knew he wouldnt want anything to do with after all these years anyhow. I am not the same little 13-year old I was when I left. I gained some weight other words I am a big girl. I am a chubby whubby as boys in Washington would call me.

We went shopping today for new swimsuits seeing how we live on the East coast now close to the beaches. We were getting our bags out of the truck when a couple of cars pulled up at Bryans again. He sure does have a lot of friends. I heard a guy calling out to me and Em. He came running over to us with a shit-eating grin on his face. I looked over to see if I could see Bryan in the group of guys staring at us, I dont see him.

I have been sitting in my car for a few minutes watching her. I sent Mike over to invite her and her friend to Jasons coming home party. I have not said anything to him about her being back. I want him to see her himself. I have to go pick him up soon but I want to wait to see if she will come. I know she has seen me, but I am not the same guy anymore. I gave in to Jason when he asked me to help run his crew while he was gone. I can not get over how sexy she is. Maybe it is just her because I havent ever been into bigger girls like her. Jason is gonna go ape shit.
Mike comes back and tells me that they will be there tonight.

I get to the bus station where Jason is going to be. He is already here waiting. He is walking towards the car and holy fuck he looks fucking hot. He has always been taller than me and I am 63. His shoulders are a lot brooder now. Damn, there is gonna be no way that Bella says no to him.

My boy is finally here. I am free as a fucking bird. I cant wait for the party tonight I am finding some pussy tonight. My girls birthday was a couple of days ago. I wish I knew how to get a hold of her. No matter how long it has been I still have the hots for her.

You ready for tonight, Bryan asked me as we got closer to the house.
Hell fuck yeah man... I replied, Bry you still think about her?
Yeah, I do a lot now that she is 18.

We pull into the driveway and of course, my house is packed. When I got out of the car I noticed a new SUV in Ms. Carlas driveway.
Ms. Carla got a new truck?
I think it been there for about a week or so

The house is feeling up with people really fast. I have already had a few drinks.
Jason look at that hottie, a buddy of mine said The one walking in with the fat chick

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