Getting Back to her

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As I sat waiting for Bryan to come downstairs, I felt sick again. I dont remember feeling this sick with any of the girls. I rushed to the bathroom....

I heard the door open and I couldnt even look who it was. I was too busy was getting sick. I felt a little hand on my back.

Mommy are you Otay? My little angel Jasmine asked as she rubbed her tiny hand on my back.

Yes, baby mommy is okay just a little sick

I go get daddy

Before I could stop her she was running away. Damn it I dont want the guys to see me like this.

I finally was done being sick and was washing out my mouth when Bryan came in. He looked so worried.

Im fine dont worry. I told him as he pulled me to him hugging me.

" You sure baby, why dont you go lay down I can take the babies to school.
This man is so wonderful... But I needed to tell him why I am sick.

Jason and I decided that we were gonna go to the courthouse after I told Bryan this morning. Did down I know he is gonna be so happy but, yet I am still scared.

I am going with you... I wanna get a coffee anyways.

We loaded the girls in the car and took off. My stomach was in knots I was so nervous. After dropping the girls off we went to my favorite coffee shop. I asked him if we could go inside and sit. He looked at me weird because I never want to go inside.

We ordered our coffees and sat at a table in the corner. I saw the worry in his eyes. I am sure that he was afraid I had bad news to tell him.

He was playing with the car keys and his knee was bouncing. I grabbed his hand and held it in mine.

Bryan.... I am...
He cut me off ....
Bella I already know... I have always known I was never gonna be enough for you. I will go ahead and leave when we get home.

Tears began to run down my face...I knew he was gonna think I was leaving him.
I started shaking my head no....

"No Bryan you're not going anywhere... I bought you here to talk to you because.... I looked down and held my stomach. He saw what I was doing. I looked back at him and smiled ....
Your gonna be a daddy again.

The shock washed over his face. He stood up and pulled me up to him....

Does Jason know?
I nodded yes.
And are you sure I'm...

Yes Bryan... It was kind of planned in a way...we have about 6 months to go.

You mean to tell me that... He couldnt finish what he was going to say, he broke down in tears.
He squeezed me tighter.

You are so perfect baby girl... So thats why you were sick this morning huh?

Yeah... I dont ever remember being this sick with any of the girls

He laughed and said maybe its a boy.
I couldnt help but to think it was.... Well we will find out soon enough.

The drive back to the house was interesting. Bryan couldnt keep his hand off of me. He would move it from my leg to my stomach....

I dont think I could even imagine that he was going to be like this. I can already see how things are gonna be with this pregnancy.....

Jason was sitting on the couch on the phone when we walked in. He was so into his call he didnt even know I was standing beside him. Then I realized who he was talking to.

If you dont have no where to go then I will come and get Sofia until you find a place and a job.... No we are not taking her away from you just until you get back on your feet........okay.... .....we can go today. Ok as soon as Bella gets home we will be there...see you in a little.

He hung up and leaned back. I guess I scared him when I asked whats going on.

He told me that Emily got kicked out, and we were going to get Sofia and going to the state attorney to get the charges dropped.

I sat down on his lap, he held me close to him. He knew that I was happy that he wasnt going back to jail.

You tell him? He asked as he looked over to Bryan...
Only about the baby...nothing else he nodded and looked at Bryan again with his grin from ear to ear....

Well guess we arent going to the courthouse now! I said as I stood up off of Jason's lap.

Well lets go get all this shit over with and bring that sweet little baby home.

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