Getting Back to her

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I walked into the house where Emily had been living. They trashed the house, her things broken. The babys toys broken and thrown everywhere. My heart broke, how could someone do this? She walked out of what I guessed the bedroom. I noticed her face swollen, and it was not just from crying. She looked up at Jason and I, I could tell she needed more than for us to take the baby. She needed help.

I felt somewhat to blame for her; she came here from Washington with me to help me when my father passed away. Before that, we were best friends. She was there for me through everything.

I packed what clothes that I could find that wasnt messed up. She said on the verge of crying. I walked towards her to grab the bag, and I stopped. The look in her eyes killed me. I can never forget what she said about me, but I have forgiven her. I couldnt stop myself, I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her into a hug. She cried as I held her. It broke her, It shattered her into thousands of pieces.

After a few minutes, she calmed down. She has nobody but the baby. I dont know what came over me but I told her to grab some clothes because I was not leaving her here alone. Jason and Byran didnt say anything at all, I think that they knew they couldnt.

Jason loaded the baby into the car while Bryan and I helped Emily find the babys folder with the babys information in it.

Bella, you dont have to do this. I dont deserve it because what I did. Emily said as she looked through a box.

Emily, I had no one when Daddy died, but you. You moved across the country for me. Yeah, the words you said hurt me so badly, but I am over it.

We found the folder, so I walked out to Jason. He was sitting in the truck with the baby. When I got in, he looked at me. I know he wanted to tell me I was crazy for what I am doing for her, but he didnt. He just grabbed my hand and held it tight.

I watched Bryan walking with Emily carrying her bag. Made me remember the love they once shared. I couldnt help but think about what if I didnt leave that day, would they have found a way to put the past behind them and be happy together?

We went to the state attorneys office, and Emily got the charges dropped. I was happy that she was able to.

It was almost time to go pick the girls up. Good thing that we had a big SUV. Bryan and I went into the school to get the girls. I felt like maybe Jason and Emily needed to talk alone, even if it was for a minute.

As we were walking in, Bryan asked me what I was thinking. I was thinking that no matter what I still loved Emily and I could not let her suffer anymore. I know Jason has put her through hell over the past three years. Maybe he is the one that broke her.

I am going to help her, please dont ask me why, just know that even if you and Jason want nothing to do with her.... I still love her. She was there for me when I needed someone, so I am going to be here for her.

When we got home momma met us at the door waiting for her grandbabies. I was carrying Sofia in her car seat and momma yelled at me....

What the hello are you thinking, you cant be carrying stuff being pregnant

Emily grabbed Sofia and had the biggest smile...
Oh Bell... How far along?

" Umm we are gonna find out this week...

She gave Jason a smile like he was the father.

"Emily... Things are different now... Umm....
Bryan came up behind me and wrapped his arm around me.
Bryan and I are getting married Em... He is this ones father.

I knew she didnt understand it all, but she will in the long run.

Jason was acting weird he told Em he would put her stuff in the guest bedroom and have a crib for Sofia tomorrow.

After dinner, we all sat and talked. Even though me and Bryan are getting married I am still Jasons as well. I was sitting on his lap.

So if you are marrying Bryan.... Whats going on with you and big guy?

I am marrying Bryan, he is my soulmate... He and I have denied each other for way too long... And you of all people know that Jason will never let either of us go.

Jason slid me off his lap and walked out of the room. I know deep down he is hurting. In time things will work themselves out.

We talked more about Emily and Sofia being here in the house with our girls. She will work on finding a job and work on getting on her feet. With Jason's help, I am sure it will happen soon.

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