Getting Back to her

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I stood in the girl's doorway watching Jason play with the girls. He held Sofia between his legs and was signing to Brylynn. Jasmine was watching him with a gigantic smile on her face.

He has changed so much since we have come back home.

It has been a few days now that Emily has been here. I know Jason is not happy at all, but he has said nothing about it.

Mommy Daddy is talking to Bry wif hims hands like her teacher.

" I see baby....

I sat on the floor next to him taking Sofia out from between his legs. I know one thing is for sure this man makes some beautiful babies. He leaned over and kissed my cheek.

" I never thought that I would have 3 beautiful little girls and hopefully a little boy on the way." He said with a huge smile on his face.

" I love that handsome smile... I told him as I leaned my head on his shoulder.
" Jason ....I still want to try and get this little girl. I know that Emily is trying to get her stuff together, but I kind of dont think she will. Sofia needs a stable home and we can give that to her.
He just looked at me and shook his head.
" Then that means we have to get married baby... Are you sure?

"Yes, Daddy, this little girl deserves a loving family and we can give it to her.

" I will talk to Bryan tonight

I spent most of the day playing with the girls. Jason had something he had to take care of.

Around dinner time Emily came home. She said she was out looking for a job. For some reason I dont believe her.

When I was cooking dinner for the girls I heard Emily yelling. I walked up stairs to see what was going on. As I got closer I heard.....

" So I have spent the last 3 years with you and Jason while she was off doing whatever and I am the bad one here?

" She was raising our daughters Emily she wasnt off fucking around, damn it, why are you always like this?

" Because Bryan I love you... I love you so much I cant just sit back and watch you marry her and be happy about it.

I had heard enough I went back into the kitchen to finish my baby's dinner. She was right she was here with them for the past 3 years, partying and doing god only knows what.

The girls came running in to the dining room and sat at the table. I swear I have the two most perfect little girls. My mom came shortly after with baby Sofia. I dont know what it is about this little girl, but she has won a big part in my heart. Her little blue eyes and curly blonde hair, she looks so much like Jason. It makes me wonder what Jezebel would have looked like.

Mom came up to me and Sofia reached her little hands out ...
" Momma
Her first word...and she called me momma. Of course, I started crying.

Holding her close to me jasmine walked to me...
" Mommy are you sofs mommy?
I wanted to say yes...yes, I am, but Im not.
" Baby aunt Emily is her mommy
" Then why her say you her mommy?

Jason walked up and pick jas up...
" Because Sofia knows your mommy is wonderful. He said before he leaned kissing me.

" Daddy can I haves a big hug? Jasmine asked as they walked out of the kitchen.

I didnt hear Bryan and Emily yelling anymore.

Dinner was done, so I asked Jason to go get them.

I made the girls plates and mom was feeding my Sofia I mean Sofia. I would go crazy if my mom wasnt here with us. She loves her grandbabies.
I sat down and was talking with the girls about going swimming tomorrow when I saw Bryan walk down the stairs. I smiled at him... Then Jason.

" Outside because I am not having this conversation in front of my daughters Jason told Bryan. I brushed it off.... Probably something to do with work. I was too busy having fun with my girls.

" Mommy Sofia wants you.
" Oh really and how do you know that baby?
" Her told me
Me and my mom start laughing jasmine loves her little sister.
Brylynn was just sitting and watching us. I wish she could talk. She sure and heck can scream though.

Jason came back in and sat at the table and started eating with us.

" Bryan and Emily not eating?
I asked a little worried.

" He is leaving to go out of town for a while....Emily is going with him. He said in a calm voice. I thought it was weird to be sending Emily with Bryan.

" Umm Bella can we go to the courthouse in the morning and start everything?
Why all of sudden did he want to rush everything? I mean I dont mind...the sooner we get married the sooner we can get custody of this little angel.

"Yes, of course, baby... Everything okay?

" Yeah we will talk more after daddies princesses go to I wanna talk to you as well....

My mom and I just look at each other. Jason is acting a little weird.

" Daddy Bry is crying jasmine said as she ran up to Jason. He got up and literally ran to the girls room. I followed.

When Jason got to her she looked up at him with her little tears running down her face. She pointed to her mouth. Jason picked her up and was looking in her mouth to see if anything was wrong. He turned to me and I watched her smile then she whispered....
"Daddy and laughed. My baby talked and laughed and wouldnt you know it her first word would be Daddy. Ugh really. I have heard her scream but never talk.

" Oh somebody is a joker huh? Jason said to her tickling her belly.
This is a moment I wish Bryan was here... But now that I think about it he really doesn't spend as much time with as Jason does. Jason learned how to sign to her. Bryan only knows the little words.

I was crying... This was a big step for my baby girl. She is almost 4 and said her first word. I knew she could do it no matter what the doctors said.

Jason wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me to him. Wiping the tears from my face with his other hand.
" This is our family baby, the family we talked about years ago. And will be my wife.

It was bed time for the girls, and we both laid them down.

" Baby where is Jazabells crib? I asked Jason laying my head on his chest. He grabbed my hand and led me to her nursery. I have been here for a while but could never come to this room. He took out his keys and unlocked the door. Opening it slowly. Everything was the way I left it.
" This can be Sofias room daddy, Jezebel would want her baby sister to have it. With tears in my eyes.
" I will clean it up tomorrow and get it ready for her.

" Are you sure,what about this one?
Placing his hand on my belly.

" Baby we have 6 bedrooms, the twins have their room...Sofia has a room, and we have the empty guest room we can make his room.

His huh?

Yeah I think its a boy.
Jason smiled and kissed my forehead.
" Come on we need to talk about something....

Momma made some coffee for her, Jason and me some hot tea...

I cuddled up to Jason on the couch and momma sat next to us in the recliner.

" Bryan is not coming back ... Tonight when I went to get him and Emily he was packing his stuff.

The pain in my heart hearing him say that... Why would he just leave me like this? He said he wanted a life with me. He lied.

" Emily went with him...thats why we need to go tomorrow and file the paper work

I dont know what hurt more, Bryan leaving or him taking Emily or Emily walking away from my Sofia without saying goodbye.

Jason held me tighter and looked at my mom.
" I am the one who bought your can have it back...or you can stay is really nice having you around and the girls love it. Tonight changed a lot momma...

I always thought Jason would be the one to walk away from me. I was wrong so wrong. Bryan didnt love me....maybe he always loved Emily.

I am hurting but like before I will get over it. I have 3 little angels that need their momma and tomorrow I will have a husband to take care of.

" Oh and I got a real job is a construction job nothing special.
It is special to me. He is changing he is becoming a father and a husband. We will never have to worry about anything. I still have a lot of money left from my daddy. It is just the point he got a real job.

" Baby.. That is wonderful, when do you start?

" Monday...I need to grow up Bella Im not a kid anymore...I have a family now.

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