Getting Back to her

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" Im going to kill that motherfucker if he ever shows his face around me again... Bella screamed as she started pushing. She had been in labor for over 14 hours. I am pretty sure I have three broken fingers by now. Our little man had given her a very hard time since she was about six months.

A little has changed since the day Bryan and Emily walked out of our house. We got full custody of our little princess Sofia. We have been married for 7 months now. I couldnt be any happier. The working a real job thing hasnt been that bad either. They have promoted me to a job site supervisor. I dont work as hard and get paid more.

Brylynn has been talking up a storm now, it is amazing. Of course our little Jasmine is a wonderful big sister.

" Daddy I cant do it anymore, I'm tired, Bella cried out to me.

" Baby Im so sorry just a little longer and he will be here I tell her as I wipe her forehead with a cool rag. I am getting a little scared. She is so tired and in so much pain.

" Ok Miss Bella one more push I feel his head. The doctor said as Bella looked at me and pushed.
A seconds later I heard the most beautiful sound a father could hear, out baby boy crying.
" Here dad come cut the cord.

After they cleaned up our boy and handed him to Bella I watched her. It was like she just didnt spend 14 hours in pain. Her smile was amazing.
" Oh daddy he is so perfect. She said looking at him. This is the best thing I could ever go through with her.

They took him to get examined and Bella took a nap. A well-deserved one I might add.

I ran home to get the girls and Momma. Momma said it was best if they just stayed home until the baby was born. When I got there I was attacked by two beautiful little ladies wanting to go see their new baby brother.

I never thought in the past that becoming a father would make me happier than anything. I wasnt brought up in a family home. Bryans dad was always away on trips with work and of course my mother always was with him. My real father never gave a shit. The moment that the papers were signed for my mother and his divorce he was gone. The maids raised me and Bryan.

We walked down the hallway to the nursery to let the girls see their baby brother. Even little Sofia was excited.

" Daddy... There are so many babies are they all ours? Brylynn said, her eyes so big and a smile even bigger.
" Oh baby we only have one... What would we do with all of them? Momma asked her laughing.

The nurse brought our boy to the window so the girls could see him. I was holding Sofia, and she had her hand on the glass...
" My bubby daddy mine I keeps him. Her little words made me smile even more.

" Being a father looks good on you.
I heard someone say from behind me. I turned and looked to say thank you then I saw how it was.
He doesnt look the same anymore. He has more tattoos and his hair is longer. I guess we have switched roles now.

Brylynn turned when she heard him. Her little eyes filled with tears.
" Daddy she yelled as she ran to him. I couldnt and wouldnt stop her. He is her father. He picked her up. The surprise in his eyes hearing her talk.
" Daddy did you see my little brother him is coming home with us. Bryan looked at me and back to Brylynn.
" I see him baby.
She looked at me and asked ....
" Whats hims name daddy?
I didnt know... Bella and I never agreed on a name we had ideas but never picked on.
" We will have to ask mommy when she wakes up I told her.

It wasnt long after Emily came to join Bryan. It pissed me off that she didnt even say hi to her daughter. She didnt even look at her.

" Why are you here Bryan? I asked as I handed Sofia to momma. She already knew I was going to ask for her to take the girls to get something to eat. We have become so close. I am so great full for her. And I let her know every day.
I watched my girls and Momma walk down the hall and asked him again.

" I came to see my son.
I just laughed...why would he fucking care now? Its not like he didnt know about Bella being pregnant. He still decided to pack his shit and leave with Emily... No one forced him.
My queen has gone through so much pain over killed me everyday seeing the sadness in her eyes caused by him. I know I was not the perfect man and I still aint but what he did was fucked up.
" You seen him now you can leave... I calmly said turning back to the window. Looking at my son.

" Im not leaving Jason... I want to be with my kids.
Bryan said

" Your kids...ha thats funny what you wanna play house with dear ole Emily two decided to walk out on two of the most precious little girls.... Hell neither of you even cared to call or anything. Im their father and Bella is their mother thats it. You dont wanna be with them you wanna hurt them. I was getting pissed but I knew I needed to keep my cool.
" Bryan you're not hurting my wife or my children anymore.

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