Getting Back to her

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We were bringing baby Braxton home today. The girls were so excited that their little bubby was coming home. Jason went down to get the car for us.
I cant believe I am now a mother of four little angels. My heart is so full. I look at my little man in my arms, and my father came to mind. I wish he was here to see his grandbabies. I just hope I made him proud.
I was making sure that we had packed everything when I heard the door open. I thought it was Jason.
" Hey baby... Will you make sure I got all of my stuff from the bathroom?
I called out, not turning around.

Hmm, you havent called me that in a long time...

Hearing his voice, I turned around in shock. What is he doing here... Why is he here?

" Bryan... What...why are you here?
I was able to choke out. I grabbed Braxton off the bed and held him close to me. I feared he was here to take my son away from me. I guess it is one of my fears. I have feared that he and Emily would come and take Brylynn Sofia and now Braxton away from me.

" I came to see our son Bella.
He said as he started walking closer to me.

" He is not your son. I said the first thing that came to my mind.
" When you walked out of the house, you gave up your rights to any of my children.
He laughed ...
" You cant keep them from me.... You and Jason can play house all you want, and pretend that he has changed. When you find out it was all a lie...I will be there to wipe the tears away.
He kissed me in my cheek and Braxton on his forehead before he walked out.

I knew he was just saying what he said to upset me. I will not let it happen. I will not let him cause me anymore pain.

" You ready to blow this joint...? Jason asked when he opened the door. He grabbed our bags and Braxtons car seat. The nurse came with a wheelchair and we headed home.

When we pulled into the house, there were a couple of cars on the drive way. Jason and I both looked at each other. Neither of us knew whos cars they were.

The front door opened and Jasmine ran out. Of course right to her daddy.
" Daddy grandpa is here
Jason looked over at me, our faces mirrored each others. We both knew it wasnt my father, oh how I wished it was.

We walked in to find Bryans father and Jasons mother playing with the girls.

" Oh Jason baby.... His mother came and hugged him.
" Omg baby, look at him. She took Braxton from me. I wanted to hold on to my baby, but I let her take him.

So son, where is your brother at? His father asked holding Sofia in his arms.
" I dont know...he took off 7 months ago after we found out that Bella was pregnant... He and Sofias mother left together.

His dad didnt look too happy at all.
You know, I always thought it would be Bryan that would be the family man, but son, you have proven me wrong... I am proud of you. I watched as Jason smiled... He finally was the one who made their parents happy for once.

Jason and his father went into the office for a while. I am sure they have a lot to talk about. My mother and Jasons mother talked in the dining room about how happy she was over all of her grandbabies.

This was surely a surprise to all of us, them showing up after so many years. But I am glad they did. I wanted them to see what a wonderful father and husband Jason has become.

We were about to sit down for dinner when my phone rang. I wasnt sure who would be calling, so I had Jason answer....

" Hello.....? Why are you calling her Bryan?..... Well, our parents are here...whatever...
He hung the phone up and told us that he was coming over. I don't want to see him once again today. I still havent told Jason that he was at the hospital, even though I know I should have. I was upstairs feeding my little Braxton when I heard yelling downstairs. I already knew that meant Bryan was here. I was in no hurry to go back down. I knew that my mother had the girls in the playroom. She knows how Jason and I both feel about the girls being around Bryan and Emily.

You cant stop me from seeing my son Jason, no matter how much you wish he was yours... His voice was near....
" Goddamn it Bryan you need to go back to the whore that you have been with for the past 7 months. Leave my wife alone. Jason yelled back at him. I just sat and continued feeding my son. This was something that they had to figure out on their own.
Little man finished eating and fell asleep in my arms. I laid him in the crib and walked out.

I started walking down stairs when I ran into Bryan. Even though I hate well, I dont hate, but cant stand him right now. I cant ignore how fucking sexier he has gotten. Although he has always kept his hair short, he has grown it out now and has gained some weight, and is now more muscular than before. When his deep brown eyes met mine, it took my breath away. Even though I had seen him this morning, something was different.
" Why are you doing this to me....? I just had our son and you showed up and wanted to act like everything is going to be okay. Its not Bryan. You left me without even telling me why.... You walked out on our daughter . Why , please tell me why dont I at least deserve that?
He looked lost....

" I love you so much I have loved you all my was never enough for you. You always chose Jason over me...Emily told me she loved me for me I believed her I believed her lies over my love for you. I was tired of being your second choice... I wanted to be someones only choice. I never got that from you and hell I will never have it.

Jason stood behind him and listened to his words. What Bryan does not know was he was both Jason and Is only choice. We both wanted him he made us. Yes, me and Jason have learned to live without him but from the beginning Bryan is the one that held us together.

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