Getting Back to her

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I stood in disbelief that he could stand in her face and say what he said. Bryan had always known how I feel about him and he should have known how our Bella felt about him as well. Throughout everything he was the one who held us together he was the one that made us whole. Yeah, Bella will always love me but not the way she loves him.

The pain in her face is killing right now. I know her heart is broken and Im not the one who can put it back together, he is. I hope that he realizes it before it is actually too late.

I turned around and went back down stairs with our parents and the girls. I didnt want to leave her with him but they need to work things out. He needs to be at home with his family, with his children.

" So Jay... Hows work going? I was told you got promoted already? Bryans father asked.

" Yeah, Im job site supervisor... I like it a lot, I dont work as hard and get paid more I told him as I sat down. Brylynn come running to me...
" Why is daddy here him makes mommy cry? It broke my heart hearing her ask.
" Daddy is trying to make things better. I told her and she took off running to play.

" You shouldnt have to lie for him, he should have been a man about things... My mother said.
" Mom please dont... He is the one that has to deal with it....I know I have done what I could

" Well son we are proud of you... You have turned your life around... That woman had really changed you

Yeah their words made me feel good about the things I have changed but do they really know the truth...I am the reason our Jazabell is not with us and Im the reason Bella felt that it was better to leave and raise our daughters alone for three years by herself?

" Yeah she did... She has given me so many reasons to get my life together. I have three princesses and a prince watching now and I want them to have a wonderful life.

" I thought you two only have Jasmine together Jason ... My mother said...I knew what she meant

" We have custody of Sofia together... Emily had six months to comply with the court or Bella becomes her adoptive mother. And I look at Brylynn and Braxton as my own also.... Yes I know that Bryan is their father. I will never take that from him Dad.
Damn I felt as if I was being questioned at the PD.
" Im gonna go check on Bella, I said, needing to get away from them. I understand that they dont know everything and want to know but fuck ask Bryan.....I will send him down while I talk to Bella.

When I walked up stairs they were sitting on the bed. Bryan was holding Bella as she cried. I wanted to kill the mother fucker for making my Queen cry.


I knew when I walked out that door I was walking away from the woman I love and my children. Something I said I would never do.

When Mike told me that Bella went into labor I knew no matter what I needed to be there I needed to see her. Our parents showing does not help at all. I know they are going to rub it in my face how wonderful Jason has turned out.

I cant lie he has become something I never thought he would. I never thought he would give up running things. I guess thats where I stepped in. I couldnt give it up. I like the power and the money. I just dont like the person I have become.

When I got to the house I didnt even give our parents a chance to start their bullshit with me yet.

After explaining to Bella why I left we went into the room and we talked more. She let me know that I hurt her and Jason both. I dont think things will ever be the same but I know what I need to do. I have to give Emily up completely. Bella tried to help her but Emily is too far gone. It piss me off about Sofia but she has the best mother she could have now.

" Bryan we need you, we have always needed you. Yes Jason and I have grown closer and we are raising our children....But Brylynn and Braxton deserve to have their father here also. Bella said with tears running down her face.
" I want you to come home... Where you know you belong.

" Bella I wanna come home but does Jason want me home?

" Of course I want you to come home... Bryan you belong here... When I heard his voice chills shot down my spine.
" Its time for both of us to stop playing around Bryan we have little eyes watching us. It hurts when I have to lie to Bry I hate the look in her eyes.
His words came from his heart.

He came and sat next to me... No matter what either one of has done we have always had each others back. From day one, when he and his mother walked into our home I knew then that he would be someone important to me. I just never thought I would love him like I still do.

After our little talk we went down stairs for me to face the parents. Brylynn came running to me... My heart. I can not believe she is talking. I knew my girl could do it.

" Daddy said you were gonna fix things are you huh? Her little voice asked
" Yes I am going to fix things... I have to princess...

My father didnt have much to say to me which I am glad.

I was watching everyone and it is amazing how they all interact with each other now. I wanna come home even if it is just to be a father to my babies.

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