Getting Back to her

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I just helped Jason put the girls to bed. Man Brylynn can surly talk your ear off. I cant lie I loved every moment of it.

I caught myself watching Jason. So many memories flooded my mind.....
One stood out the most to me. The night I told him I loved him.... and not as his stepbrother. I was so scared he was going to reject me and make my life hell. He had come home from being in jail for a year. Our parents were on one of their famous vacations, and we had been drinking with a few buddies that night.....I waited until they all left and it was just us two......

" Hey bro whats wrong?" He asked me as I sat on his bed with him.

" Jay I need to tell you something and I know you probably dont want to hear it but I have to tell you no matter what happens afterwards....
I looked over at him and he was staring at me with his gorgeous eyes and his bare chest that I wanted to rub my hands over. I looked back down at my hands that rested on my lap.

" Dude you know you can tell me anything... He said patting my back and grabbing my shoulder pulling me closer to him. The butterflies in my gut only worsened. If I dont tell him now I will never tell him.

" Jason, I...I am.... In love with you.. I looked up at him and he was just staring at me. God I wish I could read minds. Okay, maybe not. I went to stand up and walk out when he grabbed me. I was for sure he was going to deck me but he didnt. Well, he did, but not with his fist, with his mouth. He slammed his lips to mine. It was like no other kiss I have ever had. He grabbed the back of my head pushing me more into him.

" You can sleep in the guest bedroom tonight if you are staying....Im sure Bella wont mind. Jason said bringing me out of my thoughts.

" Thanks man. I said as I walked to the room I will be staying in at least for tonight.

I laid in the bed and thought about how bad I really have fucked up my life. I dont know how I let my life get this way. I had everything....Hell, I was even fixing to marry the only woman that I have ever loved. I had my baby girl and my son on the way and I walked away from it all because of my jealousy.

" Daddy....Daddy I heard a little voice calling me. When I didnt answer the first time she only got louder...
DADDY WAKE UP I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful little girl standing next to the bed.

" Im up baby girl. She smiled at me

" Good morning Daddy. She said before she started laughing and ran out the door.

I covered my eyes and laughed to myself. That precious little girl is adorable and she is mine. I felt the bed dip and thought it was Brylynn again I reached out to grab her bit it wasnt her... It was her mother. She started giggling.

" Sorry I thought you were Brylynn again. I said as I sat myself up. God she only gets much more beautiful the older she gets. Especially holding my son.

" Its okay I just wanted to see if you wanted to hold Braxton. She said looking down at him.
" He looks so much like you....he has your eyes. She said handing me him. She sat there and stared at me for a minute.

" Hey you wanna go with me to take the girls to school and to the little mans doctor's appointment?

That was a crazy thing to ask me of course I wanna go. I missed everything with Brylynn and with her pregnancy of course I wanna go.

" Yeah.... Are my clothes still here? I asked thinking maybe they get rid of them.

" Yeah they are still in our closet...Ill take him so you can get ready.

I walked into their room and noticed that they have Braxtons crib in here. Besides that really nothing had changed.

When we pulled in to the Carline at the school Brylynn asked me if I was gonna be home when she got home from school. I looked over at Bella and she gave me a smile.

" Yeah baby Ill be there.

They got out of the car and waved to us....

" Bye Daddy I love you Brylynn yelled to me. Damn it I cant lie that shit brought tears to my eyes.

" Bryan please dont let her down again....She misses you so much. Yeah Jason is here with her but she knows the difference.

" I wanna come home to stay Bella... I cant live without yall anymore.

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