Getting Back to her

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chapter 4 yes sir

I lean against the wall watching her walk in. I can not believe she is here. Well yeah I can, I had Mike asked her to come. I see Jason has already seen her.
Did you know she was back? He asked me looking at me.
I thought it was her but I wasnt sure I knew it was her from the first day I saw her. He walks over near her but doesnt talk to her. I dont think she even knows her is behind her. I wish I the balls he has, I would have talked to her the other day when she came home.

I am standing behind her fine ass. I want to just reach out and grab her, but I dont want to scare her. Why didnt Bryan already talk to her yet? I decided to just watch her for a little bit.

I overhear her and her friend talking.
You think he is here
Its his house I would think so... Too bad Jason wasnt here. I wanna see them so bad.
Maybe Bryan aint into her. They start walking upstairs to the bathroom. She still remembers where it is. I slowly walked behind her.

They havent changed much in the house. Em and I went up to the bathroom. I felt like someone was following me but hell we are at a party. I also have been drinking. I let Em go first l stand outside the door. I looked over and see some guys walking up the stairs. I see one of them is really tall then I see the 2nd guy, fuck its Bryan. I turn around and yell at Emily to hurry up.

I turned around at the wrong time. I felt very a large hand grab my throat from behind. I got scared until I heard a very husky sexy ass voice... You think you can come to my house and not tell me hello after being gone for 5 years? I think I creamed my pants. I know it wasnt Bryan. Jason? I whine out as he turns me around. His face was so close to mine we could have kissed.
Hello my Bella, he said with his hand still on my throat. Emily came out and freaked because there was a very tall guy holding me by my throat. She started yelling. Tell your friend to shut up Bella I looked over to her and told her it was ok. Bella who is this she cried out. Jason let go of my throat and pulled me against his very large chest. This is Jason and thats Bryan, I said like a porn star begging to get fucked.
I have missed you guys so much Jason wouldnt let me go he just held me.
I was dumbfounded how I let Jason manhandle my fat ass as he did. It felt so go to be in his arms though. He is so big he makes me feel like I am little. Someone has grown up Bryan, He said turning me around now with my back up against him. Emily was watching me then says I need a drink this shit is crazy she laughed
That sounds like a good idea, Bryan said grabbing Emily by the waist. She just smiled back at me as they walked away.
How long have you been home, I asked Jason looking back at him thinking we were gonna follow Em and Bry. Instead, we just stood there. I have been waiting for 5 years to do this He whispered sending sparks throughout my body. Me too, I say as he turns me I just got home today... This is my homecoming party He laughed. I all of sudden felt shy. He touched my face and told me how beautiful I was. I just thought he only thinks that because he just came home. Lets go find your friend and Bryan Sexy, He said turning me and grabbing my hand.

Emily and I were in the kitchen getting another drink when I saw them coming down the stairs. If I didnt know any better I would have thought they were a couple. I wasnt the only one who seen then a few other guys. Mike came up to me and asked who she was. I told him and he looked confused. She will be the one to put his ass in line, I tell him. Yep this bitch will put my ass in line, Jason said wrapping his arms around her waist and leaning his head on her shoulder.
I havent seen her smile like this since her Daddy passed away I didnt know what to say. Maybe they can fix each other.

One of the girls that had it bad for Jason before he went away came over and wrapped her arm around him before she saw Bella. It was kinda funny the look on her face seeing Bella in Jasons arms. What the fuck Jay who the fuck is this whore? Bellas face changed from happy to pissed. Who the fuck you calling a whore bitch. Bella yelled out, Jason grabbed her and held her. My sweet Bella has a mouth on her. Bella tried pulling away from him. Ok little thing this whore aint worth it calm the fuck down baby girl, He told her as he pressed his face into the side of her face holding her neck. They have not been back into each others life more than an hour and what I heard come out of Bellas mouth shocked the fuck out of me. Yes Sir

I can not believe Bella has met her match I have never seen her submit to anyone. This shit is freaking me out. Jason stands like 65 and is a fucking Greek god. He has tattoos all over him. I started looking at one he has on his chest seeing how the motherfucker aint wearing a shirt, It says My Bella. Whats that say on your chest Jason, I asked already knowing what it said.
My Bella... For My Bella He said picking her up and putting her on the counter. She looked at it and traced it with her fingers. I looked over at Bryan and he has the same one. What the fuck man what did she do to these two.

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