Getting Back to her

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chapter 4 like him to

Bella has had a few drinks. She and Jason are almost fucking in front of everyone. I have been talking to Emily. I cant stop watching them. Every once and in a while she looks at me. Her eyes are so hepatizing. I know Jason has seen me watching them also.

I have never seen a female act the way Bella is acting with Jason. They are sitting on the couch well Jason is sitting on the couch and Bella is sitting on his lap. She has not said much she only talks when he says something to her.

She has been sitting on my lap teasing the fuck out of me but this where she belongs. I aint going to let her go but I know I have to get my shit straight for her. She is a good girl and I can tell she wants to fully submit to me. I am ready for her. There are still things that I have to tell her. Well Bryan and I both, have to tell her about us and what we do.

I have to pee I hear her soft voice tell me wanting me to let her up. What do you say? I say but I was only playing around with her. May I please go pee, Sir? Damn this bitch has me already. I stand up Wrap your legs around my waist baby girl she does as I say but then says Jason I am to fat for you to be carrying me I smack her on her nice fat ass I dont ever fucking want to hear that again, you understand me? She looks at me with tears in her eyes. I dont know if I scared her or upset her by telling her about not saying shit like that. Baby did I say something wrong She shook her head no I just cant believe I am here with you guys after being away from you for so long. We got to the downstairs bathroom. I put her down and told her I am never letting you out of my sight again, I lost my self when I lost you. She walked into the bathroom and I stood there watching all of my buddies with their girls. I have never really known what it was like having a real girlfriend. All the girls I have been with were just fuck buddies.

When Bella came out she heard the song that was on, I fucking love this song Jas

Since they wanna set the world on fire, lets set the world on fire since they wanna set to the world on fire lets make it undeniable. She was so cute singing the song. She is a little country girl. She always has been. The saying you can take the girl out of the country but you cant take the country out of the girl was made for her.

We went back to Bryan and Emily looked like she was ready to pass out. Bryan took her upstairs to one of the guest bedrooms. Think Bryan likes Emily, She asked me with what looked like sadness in her eyes. I dont think so I seen a small smile I hope not I looked at her and pulled her to me I whispered in her ear why She leaned back and said I like him too I looked and there stood Bryan right behind her. I nodded at him. He grabbed her from behind. Thats when I knew nothing changed in our feelings for this beautiful woman.

I felt someone wrap their arms around me. I didnt get scared because I knew Jason would not let anything happen to me. You look so fucking sexy in his arms baby girl, Bryan said kissing my neck. I looked up at Jason and smile. Although I was confused as to why Jason was ok with Bryan touching me when he got mad when some other guy said something about me.

Bryan I think before anything else happens we need to talk to her. but she is not in the right state of mind. I pouted Do not give me those eyes they may have worked when you was 13 but not now.

Everyone started leaving, the party was dying down. Some of the guys lived here so they headed up to their rooms. Jason asked me if I wanted to go home or go to bed with Emily. I didnt want to do either one. What I wanted was to be with them. I ended up saying I would sleep with Emily. Bryan put her in the room I guess in between their rooms. Jason brought me a pair of his shorts and a tank top. He sat on the bed next to me.

Bella I never forgot about you. The day you left it killed me. I stopped caring about things, I started fights with people I even pushed Bryan away. In the past 5 years, I have spent more time in jail than out. He was looking down at his hands. I dont wanna lose you again even if we end up only being just friends. Bryan likes you a lot also, I wouldnt be mad if you guys ended up together. I was shocked by what he was saying.

Jason for the past 5 years I have worried so much about you. When Bryan told me about you going to jail, All I thought about was getting back to you. He grabbed me into a hug. I never gave up hope of finding you again. Ill never give up on you or us, Jason the little crush I had on you guys turned into a love for you. I need you I need you both...I will take you guys however I can have you. I know I am not the kind of girl you are into but that doesnt mean we cant be friends right.

We will talk tomorrow baby I am glad you are here. He said pulling away from me and kissing me on my forehead.

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