Getting Back to her

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chapter 6 just hold me

I woke up to hearing giggling from the guest bedroom. I knew right away who it was. I climbed out of bed and quietly walked to where I could see in the room. What I saw shocked me. Emily was straddling Bella. I was listening to them talk. Which one you like more? Em asked Bella has she leaned down and kissed Bellas neck. Thats the thing I like both of them... its not like they even wanna be with me like that besides I have you Bella said as she flipped Emily over on her back. I couldnt take it anymore. I went and woke up Bryan. She is with Emily, I said laying my head back on the headboard. Of course she is with Em babe she went to bed with her.
No, I mean like me and you together
Are you sure I mean the could be playing around
Just go look at them
Bryan got out of bed and went to the guest room and got an eye full. The two of them were making out. I walked up behind him wrapping my arm around his waist. He walked to the doorway, of course, I went with him. I didnt let go of him as we stood there waiting for one of them to see us.
We are being watched again Bell, Em said laughing
Oh hey, Bella said climbing out for between Ems legs.
Is there something you need to tell me before this goes any further? I say Bella sits back against the wall and looks at me. I see the sadness in her eyes. She grabs Ems hand We kind of have a thing together She looked at me and noticed that I was holding Bryan by his waist. She looked up with a shocked face. She turned to Em I gotta go And took off running out the door. Before I could even stop her she was gone.
Ill go get her, Emily said placing her hand on Bryans chest.

I think I have lost her again. I walked outside and her truck was gone. Emily just stood in the yard crying. We went to her She said she was leaving and dont know if she is coming back. She fell into Bryans arms. I walked back inside and got dressed. Bryan and Em were now on the couch. Em was laying in his lap. It pissed me off that he could just sit with her laying his lap when Bella is gone once again. I grabbed the keys to the car and took off.

I drove for a while lost and hurt. I came to a stop when I saw a Black SUV flipped over on the side of the road. I got out and ran to the drivers side and there she laid. I pulled my phone out and called 911. I sat there and held her hand, she was awake looking at me. There was blood everywhere. I called Bryan and Em


" Hey, where are you?

I need you to meet me at the hospital

Oh god Jason it hurts so badBella yelled out

Is that Bella

Baby it will be ok soon Please stay awake for me

Yes, I found her flipped off of c25

Im so tired

Baby please stay awake... I need you more than you know

Babe we are on our way stay calm for her

I didnt even hang up so Bryan could hear us. I felt like I was dying the more she cried the more I cried. The ambulance and Bryan got to us at the same time. Bryan ran to me and seen Bella all bloody barely holding on. They made me let go of her hand so they could cut her out. The cops showed up and started asking me questions like if we were fighting or I ran her off the road. I told them that I was looking for her because she was upset we had not been fighting at all. I watched as they pulled her out of the truck. Her body went limp. I ran to her as they put her on the stretcher. She looked at me and cried Can you hold me, Jason I grabbed her hand and held it tight

I will never let you go Bella. We got in the back of the ambulance. Bryan brought Mike with him to drive my car. He knew I wouldnt leave her side.

When we got to the hospital they took her to the back and I had to wait in the waiting room. Em and Bryan came in and sat next to me

We gotta call her mom, she stayed awake the whole way here so she will be ok.

I called a tow truck for her SUV. Its totaled. Bryan said pulling Em in his lap.

She will just buy a new one, Em said sobbing in Bryans chest.

I just let what she said go. I was so worried about Bella. After Em called Bellas mom she came within minutes. She sat next to Bryan and Em staring at me. Why is it everyone wants to blame me for this? What the hell did I do? Then out of nowhere her mom says Jason, please dont let her down. She loves you believe it or not. I didnt know what to say, I just nodded my head and looked down. I have a million and one thoughts going through my head right now. I do have feelings for her, I always have. My heart knows I have to get my life in order. I need to be the man she deserves.

The doctor came out and asked for her family. I wanted to go, Her mom turned and waved me to come with her. He started explaining that she was doing better than expected. She had a broken arm and some bruised ribs. She will need some with her 24/7 for the next 2 or 3 weeks. Her mom told me that she has to go out of town for a week with her company and asked if we could help her. I told her I would take care of her myself. This will give me a chance to get to know her and to let her know the real me. Not just the jailbird I was.

I needed to see her. I felt like I needed to hold her in my arms. I walked to her room, my stomach in knots. I was too nervous at first to go in so I stood there staring at the door. Emily came behind me scaring the shit out of me.

She wont bite, well if she does it feels good, I stopped her I needed to know what was going on between them.

Are you and her serious about each other Em?

Ja we have been messing around for a couple of years. I love her, but I want her to be happy and I saw it in her eyes she likes you a lot. She likes both of you a lot. She needs you She answered as she walked into Bellas room. I opened the door and seen Bella all bruised up. She looked at me and she smiled and held her hand out to me. I went to her and sat on the edge of her bed. Thank you, Jason, for staying with me. squeezing her hand tighter I will stay with you as long as you let me Bella she pulled me to her and whispered in my ear Can you hold me? I will hold her forever if she will let me.

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