Getting Back to her

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chapter 7 getting away

We moved in with Bryan and Jason after I got out of the hospital last week. It is just easier for Emily with their help with me. I like being here with everyone. I dont think about my daddy as much as I thought I would. Dont get me wrong I still miss him. I will always miss him he is well was my daddy. I cant believe I dont have a truck anymore. When I get better I will just go get something else.

I am still laying in bed, being lazy when Em comes in with my breakfast. She has been making sure I eat. She will sit next to me the whole time until I eat the least half of my food.
She laid down, she had a worried look on her face. I knew something was wrong and she didnt want to tell.
Ok, Emily please tell me I see it in your face.
You know I love you right, She said with sadness in her eyes. I know whats coming. She and the guys are getting tired of taking care of me. I need to just go ahead and go back to my moms. I just look at her fearing what I am fixing to hear.
Just dont tell me I already knew it would happen. Deep down I didnt want to leave but I had a feeling I would lose the guys to her. Jason has been avoiding me for the past couple of days and Bryan only talks to me to be nice. Who wouldnt choose Em over me? She is beautiful with her blue eyes slim waist and long legs. I asked her to give me some space for a little bit. I waited until I knew she was away from the door. I got my things together. I looked out and seen everyone was out in the back yard. Perfect for me to leave without having to say goodbye. I got to my moms and called for a rental car. I had no clue where I was going but I was leaving.

I went up to Bellas room and she was gone. I called out for her she didnt answer. I yelled to Em and Bryan they came running. Where is she, I asked Em told me she was here like 30 minutes ago when she came up to tell her about Her and Bryan. I ran next door to her house and there she was laying on the couch crying her eyes out.
Baby why are you over here why did you leave the house. She looked up at me and started sobbing out loud.
Is it because of Byran and Em? I grabbed her pulling her to my chest and rubbing her hair.
What are you talking about, I left because I thought yall were tired of me. What are you talking about Bryan and Em?
I thought thats what Em came to tell this morning? she shook her head no. I called Em and told her I found her but Bryan and she needed to come over to Ms. Carlas house and explain to her what is going on. I held Bella in my arms.
Why have you been avoiding me, She asked I didnt realize that I made it seem that I was avoiding her. I have been just working a lot trying to get things straight for me for us.
Oh god Bella I havent been avoiding you I have been working trying to get shit straight for us baby. I realize what I said when I looked at her face If you will let there be an us? she feels so good in my arms I never want to let her go. Are you sure you want to be with me, Jason?
Of course, he wants to be with you Baby Em said walking over to us. I turned and seen Bryan standing there with a big smile on his face.

Bryan and Em told Bella about how they are kind of together now. I saw that she had a little bit of sadness in her eyes but she was happy for them. We got her things and took them back to the house where they belong. I didnt put them back in her room. I took them to my room. Bella watched as I put her clothes in now our closet. She came and wrapped her arms around my waist, looked up at me I am sorry about earlier I was all in my feelings, but I love the outcome of it. She stood up on her tippy toes and kissed my cheek. I stopped her from pulling away from me by grabbing the back of her neck and paused staring into her eyes. I leaned into her face with my lips almost touching hers. you are so fucking beautiful... will you be mine forever? She breathed in a deep breath and whispered out Yes I couldnt stop myself from slamming my lips onto hers. I begged her for entrance by licking her bottom lip. She opened her mouth inviting me in. she didnt even give up a fight she submitted to me. I heard someone clear their throat at my door. hey boss I dont mean to interrupt but we need you to come downstairs for a second This is not how I wanted her to find out what I do. boss huh.... I thought Bryan was the boss man. hmm She smiled and pushed me out the door I gotta get ready for the party, my boyfriend will be there She shut the door behind me.

So she knows and didnt seem to be mad about it, damn can she be any more perfect.

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