Getting Back to her

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chapter 8 making me

I called Emily to come get ready with me for the party. We needed to spend some time together anyhow. I cant believe Bryan and her are together. I am happy for them. We were doing our makeup and talking about how in just one month our life has changed so much. We both now have boyfriends I totaled my truck and we are now living with the guys. So you think the guys will mind if we still mess around she said as she grabbed my tit. I dont know but lets find out I grabbed my phone off of the nightstand.

ME: Got a question...

Jason: Ask away beautiful.

I show Em what he wrote back. He makes my heart flutter.

ME: Um how do you feel about me and Em still messing around?

Jason: I am ok with it as long as I can watch hehe

ME: Hmmm I can make that happen

We busted out laughing. We have a little bit of time so we were laying on what is now my bed. It is a huge king size bed and so comfy to lay on. I saw the door slowly opens and I get Ems attention. She jumped up and straddled me. We knew it was gonna be one of the guys. She leaned down and started kissing me. She starts giggling as we felt that someone was watching us. Next thing I know she was being lifted off of me and tickled. I looked and it was Bryan and Jason.
This doesnt look like you getting ready baby girl, Jason said as he walked to the side of the bed I was laying on Get up, He said in a very demanding voice. I got up and looked up to him I was a little nervous now. He ran his very large hand up my side to the back of my neck. Pulling me closer to him then leaning down to my ear and whispered... NO one is to touch you unless I give them permission you understand Baby Girl? I know he saw the fear in my eyes when I answered him Yes Sir I know he has been in and out of jail and I know he is a real bad boy, not just these little boys playing all bad. You dont have to be scared of me I will never hurt you, Bella He kissed me Now finish getting ready the party starts in 30 minutes and I want you by my side, he told me as he slapped my ass and walked out.

Emily stood there after the guys walked out staring at me What the fuck just happened She asked as she finished putting her makeup on.
I dont know it just comes naturally to let him talk to me like that and to grab me the way he does. I smile as I said to her I know he will never hurt me

Man, why is she like that around you? Bryan asked me as we were making sure everything was ready for the party. Honestly I didnt think she would be like that I thought I was gonna have to train her but I saw it the first night I was home, The way she looks at me and responds to me. I am gonna have to change what she calls me though. I tell him as I watch the girls come out of the room. Bella is just so breathtaking tonight. She is wearing a pair of Black tight shorts and a purple off the shoulder top with a pair of black flat sandals. She left her hair down ...just like I like it and I havent even told her. Its like she knows how to dress for me.

Bryan and I walk to the stairs to meet them. Bella smile at me and stands on the bottom stair. Is my outfit ok for you Sir? She asked me as she questioned herself. I want you to call me Daddy and Baby girl I could not have picked a better outfit for you myself. You are beautiful! I see the beautiful smile I fell in love with 5 years ago. Thank you, Daddy

Bryan and I lead the girls to the party room where we will be most of the night. I go get us a drink and sit at the table pulling her into my lap. She seems to be having a good time. After a few, she asked if she and Emily could get up and dance. Hell yeah, they can dance I wanted to watch her move those hips, she has the baby bearing hips.

I sat there watching her and Em dance to and sing the song girls like you I got lost in my thoughts of things I want to do to her. Then the part with Cardi B came on and my girl was looking at me singing every word.

Me Bryan and a couple of guys were talking about some business when a chick came up to me rubbing herself on me. So Jason I heard you needed some company I tried pushing her away then one of the guys asked me if she was my new bitch at the same time Bella and Emily walked back over to us. Yeah I am his new Bitch the chick replied. I watched the smile on Bellas face disappear. She went to turn around and walk away and I was able to grab her. Her eyes filled with tears Baby she is just a chick that has been wanting to get with me. I wiped the tear that fell down her cheek away. I took her hand guiding her back to the table with me. I looked at the guy that asked if the chick was my new bitch.... This is my Girlfriend, she only wishes I would give her the time. I pulled Bella on my lap where she belongs. Oh wow, Ja you gonna choose a fat whore over this as she moved her hands down her body. I didnt even have a chance to answer when Bella said Yes Bitch he is gonna choose this fat whore over you. Now kick rocks The chick looked at Bryan like she was gonna get somewhere with him And dont even think about Bryan, He is with my girlfriend. Well, that went well the chick left the whole party. I was so turned on by Bella speaking to her like that but I need to let her know it will not happen again without punishment.

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