Getting Back to her

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chapter 9 making us

Bella slides off my lap And I look at her, She already knows why I am looking at her the way I am. She stands next to me and whispers in my ear...I have to go pee I nod my head and she walks away. I watch her walk up the stairs and into our bedroom. It feels so good saying our bedroom. Bryan calls my name. Dude she just went to the bathroom she will be right back. He said as he holds Em on his lap. He wants her to be like how Bella is. He wants her to submit without making her. The party is going full force we all are having a good time.

I noticed that Bella has been gone for a while. I say something to Em and Bryan. Em took off upstairs. I watched her walk into our room then 2 seconds she comes out screaming JASON BRYAN HELP

I really had to go pee so I got up off of Jasons lap. He looked at me asking me with his eyes what was I doing. I whispered in his ear that I had to go pee. He just nodded his head. He was busy talking about shit with the guys. I have already learned my place with him and I love it. I am to only be seen. I am not to say anything out of line. I am surprised that I didnt in trouble when I said something to the chick that was hitting on him. I slowly made it up to our room. I love the sound of our. When I walked into our room I looked around looking at all of his stuff though out the room. I grabbed the shirt he was wearing today before he changed. It smelt like his cologne and cigarettes. It smelt like him. I get done using the bathroom and I hear someone in the bedroom I thought it was Jason or maybe Emily.

I turned the corner and there stood a guy I havent seen here before. He pushed me back into the bathroom. I fell on the floor hitting my head pretty hard. I tried screaming but I knew no one would hear me. He stood over me and started undoing his belt. I looked him in his eyes Do you know who I am, Do you know who My boyfriend is? He kicked me in my stomach I fucking know who your piece of shit boyfriend is slut? he then got on top of me trying to pull my shorts down. I was kicking and screaming the whole time. He ripped my shirt off of me. I was now crying, he was too strong to fight off. I thought I heard the bedroom door open. I screamed again as loud as I could. I felt him grab my thighs trying to pull them open. I was thinking the whole time this is not how I wanna lose my virginity. I kept seeing Jasons face and how disappointed he will be with me. He will leave me. The thought of that made me stronger somehow I was able to kick him off of me. I rolled over to get up when I felt someone grab me. I thought it was him again so I was trying to fight him off of me. I started hearing yelling and screaming. It sounded like someone was fighting.
Jason fucking get Bella out of here I heard someone yell. Everything was happening so fast. I looked up and seen Jason standing over top of me. She is fucking bleeding Bryan He yelled I tried standing up but I couldnt. I reached up to Jason and he took his shirt off and put it on me then picked me up bridal style. Baby I Daddys got you I laid my head on his shoulder. I knew I was safe now. We were going in and out of people. Guys asking Jason what was wrong. He just kept telling them to go upstairs and help Bryan.
Daddy where is Emily? I asked him She is right here baby girl Im not gonna let anything happen to my girls. We got to a room that looked like a small apartment. Before the door closed I heard what sounded like a gunshot then another one. He laid me down on a couch and kissed me I will be right back baby I have to go get Bryan for Em As he walked away my hand dropped back down to my side. Em came to me and sat at my head having me lay on her.

When I opened the door I saw her kick him off, I could see that he ripped her shirt off and her pants were pulled down. I was able to get to him before he could get back up and get to her. I knew Mike and I had him I needed Jason to get our girl I mean his girl. Shes fucking bleeding Bryan that only pissed me off even more. I looked behind me and Emily is standing there crying her eyes out. Her girlfriend was just almost raped. Emily baby I need you to go with Jason please I will be there soon. She looked at me OK Da... she said as she turned and ran away. I wonder what she was gonna call me. That was not important right now. Mike was going to town on this motherfucker, Stop Mike I wanna ask him some questions. He has gotta be working for someone

I asked the guy who he was and why was he here. He didnt answer me. Then he looked me in my eyes and said I wanted to ruin his virgin girlfriend like her ruined my sister... You must wanna fuck her too huh. I pulled out my gun and yelled at the fucker No one will ruin my Bella. He yelled back at me And you really think he loves you come on Bryan he is using you he has been using you for years. MIke looked at me confused He does fucking love me I pointed my gun at his head and shot once missing then took another shot hitting him in the shoulder. Jason came behind me taking the gun from my hand. Mike will you get some guys together and get rid of this motherfucker Jason asked Mike as he pulled me into his arm holding me. I love you Byran you know that right I nodded Jason she is a virgin and he said he wanted to ruin her like you did his sister. He looked at me confused How does he know she is a virgin
I guess she told him trying to fight him off

Lets get to our girls baby boy Oh I love it when he calls me baby boy.

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