Lay Your Head On Me

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The last thing Jemma expected was to fall in love with her dad's best friend.... yet here she was. *** Jemma is having the time of her life. She just started her first year of college and is enjoying everything that college has to bring: parties, alcohol, and boys. Lots of them. When Jemma's dad has to take an unexpected work trip, Jemma couldn't be more thrilled. Her dad was always strict and controlling but now she was free. Maybe she could even host her own party?! That is, until her dad has his best friend come over to "babysit". Jemma hasn't seen Owen in almost 5 years ever since he enlisted in the Marine Corps. But now he's back, and hotter than ever. *** Jemma has grown into a beautiful young woman since Owen last saw her. When his best friend asked him to watch Jem, he didnt think anything of it. It was just little Jemmy, right? Owen can't fight his feelings for Jemma. But can he fight all the dark memories from his time at war? And what will happen when things seriously heat up between the two? Keep reading to find out!

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


The music was blaring as Jemma made her way upstairs, a bottle of ciroc in one hand and some guy named Devan in the other. Jemma had to squeeze between drunk, sweaty bodies as she ascended. Why do people always want to hang out on the stairs?

Jemma took another swig of her bottle. She could feel as the warm liquid made it's way to her stomach. Hopefully that wasn't the only thing she'd be feeling in her stomach tonight.

They finally made it upstairs and was able to locate an empty room. The first room they tried was full. No kidding. It looked like a full on Orgy in there. The second room they had tried was just a group of stoners smoking pot and playing video games. Luckily there were many rooms here since it was a frat house and, as they say, 3rd times the charm.

She took a few more drinks of ciroc. Devan wasn't very attractive but they've had sex a few times now and he always managed to get the job done. The alcohol just helped her forget what he looked like. He wasnt very tall, only about 5'5 which was still taller than her at only 5'2. Devan was very skinny, almost too skinny, and he always wore a gold grill. Jemma never found grills attractive but hey, not her problem right now.

Jemma turned around to face Devan. He was already undoing his belt, his jeans falling to the floor, followed by his briefs. Good, Jemma wanted to make this quick anyway. She grabbed him by his shirt and threw him on the bed. She then ripped off her yellow top and jean shorts, their pile of clothes on the floor quickly growing.

She crawled up the bed, noticing his erection was already fully grown. She took her own fingers in her mouth, making sure they were nice and wet. She then started rubbing her clit. Devan looked down and bit his lip. "C'mon baby, let me feel that pussy".

Jemma kept touching herself until she was seconds away from release, her juices practically dripping from her. She crawled on top and lowered herself on to him. Devan instantly moaned and grabbed her butt, squeezing hard.

Jemma started to rock herself, back and forth. "Oh fuck baby, your always so tight" Devan said as he started to rock with her. Jemma stayed silent. She only wanted a release out of this and nothing more.

Devan held on to her hips firmly and started slamming into her from below. Jemma then took her fingers and started rubbing her clit. She wanted to cum so badly. Devan slapped her hand away. "Not tonight baby girl. I want to make you cum" he said as he flipped her over.

Devan crawled down and spread her folds with his fingers. He then inserted his tongue, licking circles around her clit. Jemma gasped. He had never actually eaten her out before and he was pretty good at it.

He kept licking and nipping at her clit until she came, Devan licking up her sweet juices. "You taste so good, baby girl" Devan said. He then entered her again, pounding into her until he also came. As he pulled out, his cum started pouring out too. This didnt bother Jemma though. She had been on the pill for a few years now.

After cleaning herself off with someones towel in the closet, she quickly threw on her clothes. She knew her dad would be calling her any minute now to ask where she was. "Um, thanks Devan. Thanks for, you know." She said as she turned to leave. Devan grabbed her arm just as she reached the door.

"C'mon Jem. We've done this a few times now. And I've been wanting to ask you..." her cell phone rang from her back pocket, interrupting Devan's speech.

Jemma had never been grateful for her dads call until now. Devan was surely about to pour his heart out to her and she was not in the mood to hear it. "Sorry!" She said as she opened the door. "That's my dad, cant miss this call. Bye Devan!"

Jemma ran through the house as fast she she could. Luckily the stairs weren't as packed as her way up. She didnt want her dad to hear the music and the people or else he would know she was at a party.

She managed to make it outside just in time to answer his call before it went to voicemail. "Hi dad! Sorry I'm late, I'm on my way home right now. Lilly and I got caught up studying for our finals and..."

"Cut the crap Jemma. I can hear the music from whatever party you're at" her dad said. Crap. The music was so loud that even outside it could be heard through the phone. "If you're not home in 10 minutes I'm picking your ass up."

"Yes, sir" she said as the call ended. Luckily Lilly didnt live too far from the frat house so she ran as fast as her feet could carry her to grab her things. Lilly was already fast asleep in bed when she got to her dorm. Lilly had been sick and couldn't go to the party with her but agreed to let her stash her things. What else are best friends for?

Jemma called for an Uber and one was there in under a minute. Uber drivers stayed around this part of Seattle at night, knowing all of the drunk college kids would need rides home from the frat parties.

Finally, the Uber pulled in to her driveway. Jemma looked down at her phone, it had been 11 minutes since her dad had called. Jemma cursed to herself, hoping he wouldn't notice she was only a minute late but also kinda knowing that he would. He was a businessman and every single minute of every single day counted to him and was planned accordingly.

She thanked the Uber driver and ran up her driveway. Why did it seem so long tonight? She reached for her keys to unlock the door, only to find that it wasnt even locked. As she stepped through, she saw her dad standing in the foyer, arms crossed over his chest. He was still wearing his suit meaning he must have got home pretty late. His tie was loosened though, something he always did when he was angry.

Jemma looked down at her sneakers, waiting for him to say something. "Look at me, young lady." He said. She had to lean her head back to look him in the eye. He was very tall, standing at 6'6. Jemma must have gotten her height from her mother, but she wouldn't know. She died shortly after Jemma was born.

"You were a minute late Jemma Nicole. You know how I am about my time".

"Yes sir." She said, fighting the urge to look down at her shoes again. Eye contact with her dad always made her feel as if she was 5 again.

"Did you do drugs tonight?"

"No, sir." She said, telling the truth. Drugs were never her thing.

"Did you drink tonight?"

This time, she couldn't fight the urge to look down. "Yes, sir."

He sighed. "Well I'm glad you were safe and took an uber home instead of letting one of your drunk friends drive you."

Jemma was in shock. He wasn't mad? He wasn't going to ground her? Take away her phone? Take off her bedroom door?

He came over to her and gave her a long hug. Jemma returned it gratefully. As much of a hard-ass he was, he was also a great dad. He built an empire with his business and made sure Jemma grew up with everything she wanted. The only thing she wanted now was a looser leash but that cant be bought with money.

"Now go upstairs and go to bed before I change my mind about your punishment." He said. She wasted no time dashing for the stairs.

"Thanks dad, love you!". She took a quick shower before crawling in to her bed. Just as she was about to fall asleep, her phone vibrated. She groaned and rolled on to her side, picking up her phone from the night table. She unlocked her phone to the following text:

Hey babygirl. I need to talk to you about something. Hit me up when you're awake.


Jemma deleted the text and rolled back over. The last thing she wanted to do was talk about feelings, especially with Devan.

Jemma shut her eyes and sighed. Luckily, it didnt take long for Jemma to fall asleep.

Jemma woke the next morning to the sound of her dad shouting. Jemma threw on some sweats and her moms old hoodie, her favorite one, and ran down the stairs. Her heart felt like it was beating out of her chest. She turned the corner to find her dad pacing in the living room as he was on the phone.

"How could you let this happen?!" Her dad shouted. She didnt know much about his job, all she knew was that he did business with some of the most well known hotels in the country. This meant he was often having to do work almost 24/7 to keep the hotels happy.

"Yes Jim, but now I'm gonna have to fly there myself and fix your mess. By the time this is over, I expect your resignation in my hand" he threw his phone on the couch and started rubbing his temples. He was still wearing his pajamas so Jemma knew he was extra cranky if he had to be woken up this early.

Jemma tip toed to the kitchen on her right and began making his coffee. She also opened the fridge and grabbed the eggs and bacon to make his favorite breakfast: eggs sunny side up and bacon cooked to a crisp.

Jemma started smiling to herself as she made her dad breakfast. It sounded like he had to go on a business trip. He hadn't taken one since she graduated high school. This meant no rules, no curfew, and endless possibilities. She could even have a small party herself, invite her closest friends and get completely wasted.

She started planning out the details in her head when her dad walked over and kissed her hair. "I'm sorry Jemma, did I wake you?"

"Yes, but that's okay." She finished his food and put it on a nearby plate. She also poured his coffee into a mug and stirred in 2 sugars. "Here, take this itll make you feel better" she said as she handed over the plate and mug. He smiled and walked over to the dining table.

Jemma poured herself a coffee too, and loaded it with creamer. She made herself some toast and sat at the table with her dad. "So dad, it sounds like you have to take a business trip?" Jemma asked casually, trying not to let the excitement show through her voice.

He groaned and placed his head in his hands. "Yes dear, New York. I would offer you to come with but I'm not sure how long itll take me to clean up this mess. It could be a few weeks".

A few weeks?! That's even longer than she expected. The amount of stuff she could do in a few weeks....

"Its fine dad. I have finals soon anyway. Dont wanna risk missing that". Jemma was attending the university of washington. While she was still in her 1st semester, she would need to ace all of her classes if she wanted to be accepted into UW's medical program. She wanted to be a doctor one day.

"I'm sorry, honey. I hate leaving you".

"Its okay dad, really. You haven't had to take a business trip in forever. I will be fine, I promise" she smiled. Oh she would be fine alright. Better than fine.

Her dad eyed her suspiciously and finished his coffee. "Right, well I have to make a few phone calls and get packed. I'll see you before I leave".

As soon as she heard her dad walk up the stairs she pulled her phone out to text Lilly.

J: lilly, guess what?!

L: it better be good if ur waking me up at 7 in the morning

J: oh it is. My dad said he might be gone for a few WEEKS on some business trip I guess

L: oh hell ya. Party at ur place tomorrow?

J: duh. Bring all the booze you got

L: 🍾🍾🍾

Jemma went upstairs to begin studying for her finals. They were all coming up this next week and if she was going to have a party tomorrow she needed to squeeze most of her studying in today.

After a few hours of studying, she heard the door bell ring. "I'll get it!" Jemma yelled as she ran downstairs. Not caring how she looked, Jemma opened the front door and gasped.

Standing before her was Uncle Owen. At least, that's what she used to call him when she was younger. He was her dad's best friend ever since she could remember. He used to be around a lot before he enlisted in the Marine Corps. She hadn't seen him since.

Owen was a lot... hotter... than she remembered. He was at least 6'3 and was made of pure muscle. His white t shirt squeezed his tan arms deliciously, seconds from tearing through. His dark brown hair was longer on top and swept back perfectly, almost as if the wind had blown through it. His hair was starting to grey on the sides which were closely shaved, and also on the stubble on his jaw but that didnt bother Jemma. If anything it turned her on even more.

She felt heat pool between her legs so she crossed them slightly, hoping he wouldn't notice. She looked up into his dark brown eyes, they reminded her of melted chocolate. She realized she was just staring when he finally spoke up.

"Nice to see you too Jemmy" he said with a smile. She noticed the smile didnt quite reach his eyes.

Jemma jumped into his arms to give him a hug. She never realized how much she missed him until now. His strong arms were ready for her and held her up, returning the hug fiercely. Jemma didn't ever want him to let go.

"Why didnt you call. You should have called." Jemma said, choking back a sob.

He let her down and wiped a stray tear. "I'm here now Jem. Besides, you'll probably wish I were gone these next few weeks".

"Few weeks? What do you-"

"Heyyyy, my man!" Her dad yelled. He practically knocked Owen over with a hug but Owen clearly didnt mind as he laughed and started to pat my dad on the back. "It's been too long man". Dad said.

"Ya, it has. We'll have to grab a couple beers when you get back from your trip."

"I'm countin' on it man. And thanks again for watching Jemma while I'm gone."

"Wait, what? Watching me? I'm 18 I don't need to be watched!" I shouted.

"No problem, brother. College kids can get pretty crazy these days" said Owen as the two ignored her.

"Hey! I'm right here!" I attempted to wave my hand in front of their faces but i was too short. They always used to talk like she wasnt there when she was a kid, but shes an adult now. She won't take being ignored if she can help it.

"We know you're right there, Jemma. And you already know that you're ass is bad so I suggest you shut it before I change my mind about last night" her dad said as he ruffled her hair.

Owen's eyes lit up in amusement. "Now what did little Jemmy get in to last night?"

"Nothing, I-"

"It wasnt nothing. She went to a party and got wasted."

"Aw, c'mon man. That's just typical college life. Dont make me bring up our college days." Own said who playfully slapped my dad on the back.

"When Jemma pays for her own schooling like I did, then we can talk. Besides, Jemma wants to be a doctor. She can't risk falling behind on her work".

Jemma crossed her arms over her chest and stormed inside. Little did he know, Jemma has been to way more parties than he knows about. And so far shes maintained a 4.0 GPA. Jemma knew what she was doing, but she wasn't going to tell him that.

They all headed inside, Owen with a large MARPAT backpack that Jemma didnt even notice until now. Owen started carrying his bag to the guest room on the first floor to the left of the stairs. He practically used to live there and they hardly touched it after he left. He would probably be happy to see everything was where he left it.

"Jemma, I expect you to be on your best behaviour. Even better than if I were here. No parties, no hanging out with friends, only school and home. I already gave Owen the run down so he wont let you do any of that anyway. Understood?"

It took everything Jemma had not to roll her eyes. Just because Owen was here doesnt mean she wasnt going to do what she wanted. If Owen was anything like she remembered, he would hardly notice when she was gone anyway. He'd be too busy drinking beer and watching football.

"Yes, sir. Best behaviour."

Her dad smiled. "Good. Now go help Owen unpack, I have a few more calls to make before I head out."

Jemma nodded her head and walked towards Owen's room. She didnt even think to knock until she swung the door open to find Owen, shirtless. Jemma could feel her cheeks instantly heat up and she was sure they were as red as a tomato. Yet she couldn't tear her eyes away from his perfectly sculpted abs. She started to imagine how they would feel pressed up against her body. Pushing her against the wall as she wrapped her legs around his waist...

The sound of Owen clearing his throat snapped her back into reality. She looked up at the amused expression on his face and breathed a sigh of relief. At least he wasnt horrified that his "niece" or whatever she was to him was staring at him like he was a piece of candy.

"Oh, um, sorry, I uh..."

"I see your stuttering hasn't gotten any better Jemmy. What do you need?" he asked as he took a few steps forward. Jemma had to crane her neck to look up at his face. She could practically feel the heat radiating off of his body.

You (is what she wanted to say). "Sorry, um, dad told me to help you unpack." She looked down at her feet. She always did this when she was nervous. Jemma grew up with pretty bad anxiety so eye contact was always a struggle.

Owen placed a finger under her chin and pushed it up, forcing her to make eye contact. "You dont have to be nervous around me, okay?"

She didnt say anything as his eyes drifted towards her lips. As if in a trance, his thumb came up and brushed across her lower lip. Jemma closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling. Wishing it were his lips on hers instead of his fingers...

Owen quickly removed his hand and took a step back, gesturing towards his bag as it sat on the bed. "Well, you can help me if you'd like. The bag won't unpack by itself". Jemma just nodded and squeezed herself into the room. She had to angle herself sideways in order to fit between the doorway and Owen's large, muscular body. Her fingertips ached as they came inches away from his still bare abs.

As Jemma started unpacking his things, Owen threw on a sweatshirt. Jemma couldn't tell if she was relieved or disappointed. They were able to finish unpacking in under 10 minutes yet they hardly said a word to each other. They used to talk about anything and everything but this wasnt the same Owen from years ago. It was almost like there was a cloud of sadness hanging above him, threatening to pour down at any moment. She could tell he kept a lot of things inside now, locked away. She wanted to hug him, to take away his sadness. But that wasn't her place...

Just as they finished, she heard her dad calling her name. She ran out of the room to see him standing by the door with a few suitcases. She gave him a big hug. As much as she was excited for him to be out of the house, she was sad to see him go. He was all she had left. Well, except for Owen. It would take some time to adjust having him back, though.

"Love you. Let me know when you land, dad" Jemma said.

Owen hugged him next. "I'll take good care of Jemma, I promise. Now have a safe flight, brother".

Her dad waved goodbye and entered a sleek, black car that was waiting at the end of their driveway. Her dad mostly drove himself places but he would always have his driver, Henry, take him to and from the airport. She only met him a couple of times but he was a really nice man, a little on the old side but still nice.

She closed the door and turned to see Owen already heading towards the kitchen. She couldn't help staring at his ass. It looked perfect in the gray sweats he was wearing. She ripped her eyes away before he could notice and followed him. Owen, of course, had a beer in his hand by the time she got to the kitchen.

"Are you hungry?" She asked. She knew he was going to say yes because he always did. At least, he used to. She was happy to know that his stomach hadn't changed in the last few years.

"Hell, ya. What are you cooking?"

"Hey, you're the one who's been gone for years. Anything you missed?"

She noticed his eyes grew sad when she mentioned him being gone. "Ya, I missed you."

Her cheeks heated up again but she refused to look down. She met his eyes confidently and smiled, "I missed you too, Owen. But like I said, it's your choice. What do you want me to make?"

He chuckled and after contemplating to himself for a few moments, he answered. "Honestly, I missed your burgers."

Jemma laughed as she remembered how often he used to ask her to make burgers. "Burgers coming right up". She pulled all of the ingredients she needed and began making burgers with the indoor electric grill.

Jemma loved to cook. Growing up, her dad would always cook these fancy meals for her. She was always in awe watching him cook. So much so that she had picked up a knife and began cooking at the age of 5. She took over cooking for the house permanently by age 10. She always thought about becoming a professional chef but her desire to save lives as a doctor was too great.

After cooking for a bit she could feel Owen's presence hovering behind her. She looked over her shoulder to find him staring. His bottle of beer was already almost empty so she snatched the bottle and finished it for him. "That's payment for staring".

He gasped, acting mock offended. "First off, how dare you take my beer. Secondly, you're underage. I can't allow you to be drinking".

Jemma rolled her eyes. "Shut up and grab us both a beer or else you're not getting a burger". He quickly grabbed the beers and opened both. He handed her one, pausing a moment too long as their fingers grazed.

"Whatever you want, Jemma".

Come here then, her mind screamed. But she knew she could never say it out loud. She just got Owen back, she didnt want to risk chasing him away...

She threw back half of the bottle and continued to make the food. She didn't say anything this time as his eyes remained on her. Her skin was burning, yearning for his touch. Heat pooled between her legs for the millionth time today. He had this effect on her now and she didnt know if it would ever stop.

She finished making food, finally, and they sat on the couch watching a rom-com as they devoured the burgers. Owen kept groaning as he took bites, making Jemma laugh. He really did miss her burgers.

They watched movies and drank beer the rest of the day. She had noticed throughout the day that Owen tried to "casually" scoot closer and closer to her on the couch and by the end of the night, their legs were pressed against each other and Owen had laid his head on her shoulder. She wasnt complaining though. He had just come back from serving in the marines, comfort was the least she could provide him.

She slowly stood up and stretched out her limbs. She thought she saw Owen looking at her ass for a split second but maybe she was just seeing things. "Alright, I'm tired. I'm gonna head to bed".

"Ya, me too" he stood up and they walked towards their rooms. When Jemma was halfway up the stairs she leaned over the railing and shouted.

"Oh ya, I'm having a party tomorrow. Good night!" she ran up to her room before he could say no, but she wasn't fast enough. Before she could close the door he burst into the room and bear hugged her from behind.

"What did you just say to me?" He growled into her ear, the stubble on his jaw tickling her cheek.

"That I'm having a party" she managed to say as she tried not to laugh. They used to wrestle like this all the time when she was a kid. This time, though, felt more... intimate?

"No parties. I'm on strict orders from your dad. Dont make me tickle you." He threatened.

"NO!" Jemma screamed as she tried to wiggle her way out of his embrace. Her attempts were useless, he was too strong. It didnt help that his biceps were practically the size of her head.

He threw her on the bed and started to tickle her. Jemma started screaming, punching, and kicking, doing anything to try and stop the tickle attack. She always warned him in the past that she was not responsible for any injuries he might sustain if he was tickling her.

Unfortunately, Owen had advanced training in combat and had her pinned in seconds. After a few more torturous moments, he stopped. He was on top of her as they both lay there, panting. His eyes met hers and he brought a hand up to brush the curly hair out of her eyes. But he didnt move his hand when he was done. His hand lingered, still holding the side of her face gently as if she were oh so fragile. He looked like he wanted to say something but couldn't manage to get anything out.

"So, about the party?" Jemma asked, hoping to break the silence.

He sighed and lowered his hand. "Fine. You can have a party. But no boys, and I mean it." Owen said, climbing off of her and heading to the door.

"Whatever you say, Uncle."

You turned around, a pained expression on his face. "Don't call me Uncle, Jemma" and with that, he left the room, shutting the door behind him. Jemma sat there, shocked. But not because he told her not to call him Uncle. She was shocked as to WHY he said it. If he feels the attraction she does, this could get dangerous. Jemma has messed around with a lot of people, but now it felt as if she was actually starting to feel something. But why Owen?

Her phone buzzed on the side table, breaking her away from her thoughts. It was a text from Lilly:

L: soooo, party still on for tomorrow? 🎉

J: yessss! But Owen is here and he says no boys 🙄

L: no way! Sexy, military owen?

J: the one and only

L: well if we cant have boys at least owen can be my eye candy 😜 I'll spread the word, boo. See ya! 💋

Jemma sighed. She started to feel a little irritated at the way Lilly was talking about Owen. But why should she be? Owen is definitely eye candy that's for sure. Who cares if Lilly thinks so, too?

Jemma flopped back on her bed and curled underneath her blanket. She closed her eyes and was hoping to fall asleep fast. Just to escape from her thoughts for a few hours...
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