Forever and Always

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Alexa's POV

"Hey girlie!!" Emily chirped as she nudged my shoulder.

"Hey Em. What's got you in such good mood?" I asked with a smile. She hummed as if she's thinking and then grinned.

"I'm not single anymore." She stated. "You know, when you left for your date, Mike came and apologized. He also said that he couldn't get involved with some other after he came back."

"That's really awesome, Emily. I'm happy for you." I hugged her. She chuckled and pulled back a second later.

"Thanks, but enough about me. Tell me about your date." She gave me a teasing look. I giggled and shook my head.

"Nothing like that happened. But yeah, we had an awesome time together." I said. She smiled.

"Does that mean you're together now?"

"Not yet."


I was washing my hands in the washroom as I took a good look at myself in the mirror. The hickey formed because of Jackson had faded and I was really thankful for that. I smiled at myself as I wiped my hands with the tissue.

As I was about to turn to leave, my eyes caught someone else's through the mirror, making my whole body shake with fright.


He had a slight black eye and had a fracture on his left arm also a few Band-Aids on his nose and temple. His hair were in a mess. His eyes held hatred and anger.

And that's what I'm afraid of most.

"W-what are you d-doing here?" I stuttered. His lips curved up in a creepy nasty smirk as he chuckled bitterly. He didn't say anything.

I grabbed my bag as walked towards the door, hurriedly. As my hand reached the knob, his right hand caught mine and I pulled myself back quickly.

"Not yet, sweetheart." He said. I gulped trying to control my emotions and my fear.

"Please, let me g-go. What did I ever do to you?" I asked as my tears threatened to spill.

"Oh my.. You did nothing to me, sweetheart. It's your little boyfriend that I have a problem with. You see, I would go to him directly but that fucker doesn't get hurt unless it's someone he cares gets hurt. And you're the one who's hurting will help me get my revenge." He chuckled, darkly.

His hand came to touch my face. Gathering up my confidence, I harshly pinched his nose that had Band-Aid on. He winced and raised his hand to his nose, giving me a chance to escape.

"You bitch!" He cursed as I ran to a cubicle and locked the door up. "Come out you little slut! Or if I come in, I can assure it will not be pretty!?!" He roared as he banged the door.

Shakily, I dialed up Felix's number and waited for him to pick up. Fortunately, he picked it up on the first ring.

"Hey bea—"

"F-Felix... H-he's here. Please....come and ....get me... Felix." I trembled.

"Hey. Hey, baby. Tell me where you are." He said in concern.

"W-washroom near the l-lab." I said. Jackson banged the door once again. "Felix, I'm s-scared."

"Don't worry, baby. I'm coming, okay." He assured. "Just hold on." I nodded.

The banging stopped. I stayed in, scared to go out. Suddenly, there was a loud bang that made me jump.

"Alexa!" I sighed in relief when I heard the voice.


He came.

I opened the door and looked at his concerned eyes. He immediately pulled me into his arms and soothed my back, whispering calming words in my ear.

"It's fine, baby. I'm here. You're okay. You are okay." Finally, I let my tears flow. "Stop crying, baby. It hurts me to see you like this." He whispered.


I woke up to some shifting beside me. I yawned and got up but was pressed down again when two hands tightened their grip on my waist.

Felix and I were cuddling together on the couch. His hands were around my waist while my head was on his shoulder.

"OMG!!! What the heck!?" A voice screeched, making me jump and almost fall off of the couch. But got saved by Felix's arms around me.

Though the voice woke him up. I turned and saw,

Aunt Lori, Uncle John and Mike standing there, staring at us with eyes widened.

"What's going on?" Felix said, rubbing his eyes. "Oh. Hey Mom, hey Dad, hey my dick of a cousin." He said, still half asleep.

"Language, kid!" His mom warned him.

"Hmm. Why are you guys still staring at us? Never seen a couple cuddling together? I'm sure you just have done it too sometime, right Mom?" He smirked at his parents. Aunt Lori blushed while Uncle John smirked looking at his wife's flustered face.

She hurriedly ran off, followed by her husband.

Mike and Felix both laughed while I just smiled and sat up straight. Mike smiled looking at us.

"How are you two?" He asked. Felix smirked.

"Amazing. What about you and that Emma chick?" He asked him. Mike frowned.

"It's not Emma, it's Emily. Anyways, we are good and together." He smiled. Felix rolled his eyes.

"So what? Alexa and I are together too." He stated, making my eyes widen.

"We are?" I asked. Now it was his turn to frown.

"We aren't?" He asked back. Mike laughed out loud seeing us and walked out, wishing Felix a best of luck.

After he was gone, Felix sat straight and faced me. "You don't want us to be together?" He asked. Quickly, I shook my head.

"No, I mean yeah. Wait, what I'm trying to say is – you didn't ask me so I thought......" I trailed off. He sighed and took my hands in his.

"Alexa Rose Parker, I, Felix William Colton, promise you to take care of you, look after you, protect you and if possible, love you till death due us apart. So, do you, my dear Cupcake, take me as your dearly claimed boyfriend?" He said in a formal tone. As he finished, I burst out in a fit of giggles. He looked at me with amusement and a smile broke on to his face.

"Don't laugh, Lex. I'm serious." He said. I became fake-ly serious for him and looked him in the eye.

"I do." I whispered. He grinned as he waited for me say the next line. "Oh. You may kiss your girlfriend." He smiled and crashed his lips on mine.

I don't even know when that one slow, passionate kiss turned into a fierce make out session.

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