Forever and Always

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Alexa's POV

"What are your plans after graduation?" I asked him.

It was our prom night. I didn't want to be between the crowd so I came out with Felix to just to take a walk around the place.

"Hmm. I'm gonna be super busy after our graduation." Felix answered, his arm wrapped around my waist.

"Super busy doing what?" I asked.

"Hmm. Getting good grades, taking over my dad's business, keeping my girlfriend happy, then finding a perfect ring to propose her to marry me, planning my future, making kids with her, naming them, teaching my kids to ride a bicycle and loving my family unconditionally, forever and always." He said and gripped on my waist tightly.

"Kids? Marriage?" I asked with a giggle. He frowned.

"Are you saying you won't marry me and won't have kids with me?" He glared playfully. I giggled again and pecked his cheek.

"You're so cute." I said and tried to walk further from him.

"Hey! Come back here! I'm not done with you yet!" He yelled from behind. "This is serious Alexa." He said.

"Okay." I said.

"How many kids do you want?" He asked with a grin. I thought for a while.

"One or two, maybe." I shrugged.

"What?! No! I want many kids. Like six or seven or even more." He said, making my eyes widen.

"I will die while giving birth to the third child only." I said with a chuckle. Before I knew, he had locked me in his arms and buried his face in my neck.

"No, you won't die. If you want, we don't even have to make any kids. But you won't die." He said.

He's so cute sometimes!!

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Yeah." He said. "We won't make them, but we will adopt them. How about this?" He asked with a grin. I burst out laughing. He joined in too.

"Did I tell you that you look gorgeous in this dress?" He asked in a much lower voice.

"Hmm. Only twenty seven times." I answered. He chuckled.

"You look gorgeous, babe." I blushed and pecked his lips.

"Let's go in now, shall we?"


"Ladies and gentlemen, it's now time to announce prom Queen and prom king!" The girl on the microphone said.

"Prom Queen is......Emily Michelson!!!" Everyone cheered and I hugged her tightly. She kissed her boyfriend and walked on to the stage, wearing the crown.

"Prom King.......Justin Woods!!!!" Everyone cheered again and Justin walked on the stage. I smiled at him.

Soon, we were all dancing.

I laid my head on Felix's shoulder and sighed.

This is what happy ending feels like, though it's just the beginning of our new lives....

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