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"Was that the only reason you talked to me?" I asked in a whisper. "What reason?" "That our parents have known each other from a while?" I asked. He sighed and cupped my face in his palms, making me look up at him. "No, Lex. Don't you see?" His eyes softened. "See what?" "That I like you. I like you Alexa." ______________________________________________ Alexa Parker, an amazingly gorgeous good girl. Also, a new student at Berry High. Her life is perfect as always with amazing parents. Though she doesn't have many friends. Felix Colton, the typical bad boy of every school that makes each and every girl drool over his sight. It was the first time he smiled when this little girl bumped into him. And he knew that he wanted her and he'll have her. But as we all know, every love story has a villain. Their story has a villain too. _______ (Warning: Disturbing contents ahead...)

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Alexa's POV

I was walking down the hallway, trying to figure out where this stupid map is taking me.

Yeah, it's my first day.

I walked straight and bumped right into a wall. I winced and rubbed my forehead with my fingers.

"Ow!" I whined and I heard the wall chuckle.

Wait, since when did walls started laughing? That too, at me?

I looked up, meeting a pair of deep blue eyes. I quickly moved away, seeing it's a guy.

"Sorry." I muttered and tried to walk past him but he blocked my way with his figure, making me bump into his wall like chest again.

"Newbie?" He asked and trust me, his voice was so deep that stirred something inside of me.

"You can say that. Now, if you'll just excuse me...?" I said, trying to move past him again. But he blocked my way again.

God, what is wrong with him?

"Wait. Let me show you to your class." He said, making me surprised. I looked up at him, unsure but still gave him my schedule. He looked at it and smirked.

"You have English first, but Mr David isn't in the school today, so you have an off period." He said and smiled in the end.

"Oh. Thank you." I smiled genuinely at him. There was a quite awkward silence between us as none of us spoke and moved. Thankfully, the silence was broke by him clearing his throat.

"I'm Felix." He said, stretching his hand for me to shake. I placed my tiny hand in his big one and shook it.

"Alexa." Then, I tried to take my hand back, but he won't let go. "Um..." I said, pointing at our hands. He smirked and pulled me towards him in a jerk, our noses touching and I blushed hard. He was staring deep in my eyes.

"I'll see you around, Alexa." He whispered, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. He then kissed my back of hand, sending sparks everywhere and twirled me before letting go and walking away.

I blushed even harder looking at my hand, asking myself a very stupid question.

What the fuck just happened?!


Right now, I was sitting in the library for lunch. Just then, the door opened with a bang and the librarian scowled at the person coming in.

My eyes finally landed on that person, and it was none other than the guy I had bumped into the hallway, Felix.

Relief washed over him as soon as his eyes landed on me. He walked over to me and stood in front my desk.

"Oh, Cupcake. You had me worried." He breathed out. I raised my eyebrow.


"Yeah. Come on, let's have lunch in the cafe together." He said. I shook my head.

"No. I want to sit here." I argued. He thought for a while and then nodded.

And the very next second, he was right beside me. I frowned.

"I want to sit here. Alone." I narrowed my eyes on him. He chuckled.

"Not happening." He draped his arm around my shoulder. Before I had a chance to say something, the bell rang. I groaned and packed my stuff before getting out of the library.

I heard footsteps trailing behind me. I turned and saw Felix still walking behind me. He smirked when his gaze caught mine. I rolled my eyes.

When I was walking down the hallway, it was full of people. Students, I mean.

There was a group of boys, all dressed in black jacket. They stared at me, up and down and smirked, licking their lips, giving me creepy looks. But they then immediately averted their gaze when they saw something behind me. I turned and saw Felix was still there.

Somehow, it made me feel a little safe.

But I also didn't miss how the girls were checking him out shamelessly.

When I reached my class, I turned and faced him. He smiled and chuckled.

"I'll see you around, Muffin." He left.



After school, when I was walking out of the building, I saw the group of guys that I had seen earlier, staring at me.

Ignoring them, I started walking out. Soon, one of them came towards me, smirking creepily. As he opened his mouth to say something, got interrupted by Felix appearing out of nowhere.

"Back off already, Jackson. Don't you even think about it." He warned him.

What is he talking about?

"What are you now? Her boyfriend?" Jackson said with a roll of his eyes.

"Maybe I am. That's none of your business." Felix said. Jackson rolled his eyes again and left. I frowned towards Felix.

"Who is he?" I asked him. He scoffed.

"Trust me, you don't wanna know. Don't you have a home to go to?" He said in an arrogant voice.

I don't like people talking to me in a bad way or even yelling at me.

Mom says I'm pretty emotional while my grandma says I'm weak.

And I know I'm weak.

"I do." I whispered and walked towards my house. I felt for a second that I saw a glint of regret on his face but it turned into blank immediately.


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