Forever and Always

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Alexa's POV

I walked down the road, until a black coloured car blocked my way.

Is that a kidnapper?

Feeling scared, I turned around to go from the other way but stopped when I heard the voice.

"Hey Cupcake!" I sighed in relief and turned to see Felix yelling for me from his car. He hopped out of it and stood there, leaning against it.

I walked towards him angrily and punched him in his chest. I know he didn't feel anything but my knuckles are hurting. Trying not to show my pain, I kept the angry look and glared at him.

"You scared me!" I stated. He chuckled and I felt weak in my knees.

Am I sick? Why do I feel like this?

"Scared? Of me?" He asked in surprise. I opened my mouth to answer him but then remembered I had to go home.

"You know what? I have much more better things to do than to stand here in middle of the road and talk to you. Bye." I walked past him but he held my arm.

"If you want we can go and talk in a cafe then." He smirked. "And what are the better things you're gonna do?" He raised his eyebrow.

"Going home." I stated.

"Let me drop you." His words made all of the thoughts in my head, stop.

"But it's just a few blocks away." I stated. Without listening to anything, he pulled me by hand and opened the passenger side door for me.

"Sit." I shook my head. "Get in already, or I'll pick you up and throw you in myself." He said and knew he wasn't lying.

So, I got in. He closed the door, moving to his side and got in.

Then, drove.

The drive was silent and surprisingly, comfortable. There was something about him that didn't made me feel awkward like I feel with other people.

When we reached my house, I pulled my keys out, knowing he was watching me.

"You alone?" He asked. I looked up and nodded.

"But you're not invited in." I added. He chuckled.

"I was gonna ask you if you'd like to have ice cream. But—"

"Will you pay?" I asked with grin. He raised an eyebrow and then smiled.



Now we were standing in front of an ice cream parlor. I grinned like an excited kid who just found a house made of chocolate as I walked in.

Felix was watching me the entire time with smile on his face. It didn't made me feel uncomfortable, but it surely made me feel self-conscious.

Why is he staring at me?

I told my order to Felix and he gave the orders. I don't know why, but I never liked ordering for myself.

He gave me my butterscotch cone and we walked out, eating our ice creams. Felix climbed on the hood of his car and sat, patting the place next to him for me to sit.

"Come on." He said. I gave him my cone and told him to hold it till for me. He did. When I climbed up and sat, I took the cone back from him.

"Wait—" he said but cut himself off as I bite in to the ice cream.

Since when did my butterscotch ice cream became chocolate in flavor?

I looked at my cone and saw it wasn't mine. It was his. I blushed. Eating his ice cream gave me a giddy feeling in my stomach.

"Sorry." I muttered. He smirked and bite into my ice cream.

"It's fine."

And hence, we ate our exchanged ice creams.


"Bye Felix." I said as I got out of the car. He smiled. As I came near the door, I realized my phone was in the car. Fortunately, Felix was still there.

"Sorry. I forgot my phone in here." I said. He smirked.

The mischievous smirk.

"No worries. Here." He handed it to me. I thanked and walked off to my house. I watched him leaving from the window and a smile crept on my face by just thinking of him.


It was the night time and I was getting ready for my bed. The door opened and my mom came in.

"Hey honey." She smiled. I smiled back.

Though my parents aren't around, I know they love me.

"Hey Mom."

"I just talked with your father. He said he will come back in a few days." She said with a smile.

"When is he coming back?"

"Next Sunday, I think." She said with a sad face. My face fell. I haven't seen him from a few weeks. She smiled and sat beside me on the bed. "I know he isn't around us lately. But, he's trying to make things better for us, yeah? He loves you, you know that, right?"

I nodded. "Yeah. I love him too." She chuckled and kissed my forehead, before leaving for her room.

As I turned the lights off, my phone vibrated.

Mr. Hotty:
Missing me?

Was the message and I frowned.

Who's this?

The reply came instantly.

Mr. Hotty:
I knew you were a little stupid but I didn't know you were this stupid!

Why is this person calling me stupid? Do I know him?

Mr. Hotty:
But you're cute...😉

Then I remembered Felix was smirking when he gave me my phone.

So it's him!

And you're arrogant.

I rolled my eyes. His reply came.

Mr. Hotty:
So you finally remembered me? Good.

I didn't know what to say now. So, I decided to quit the conversation.

I need to sleep. Good night.

Mr. Hotty:
Okay. Good night.
And dream about me.😉

I smiled at the winky emoji at the end and slept.

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