The Secret Angel 4

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18yo+ adult content, adult themes, sex Book 4 in The Secret Angel series We quickly park out front and as we knock on the door there's no answer. So we knock again and still no answer. I watch Jesse go around to the back as Nate calls and verifies that they are here. Jesse screams from the back kick it in now. As we hear glass shattering from the back. My brother and I both kick the door and when It flies open our hearts drop. We see them laying there tied up, unconscious and naked. As we get closer we can see what looks like blood and semen coming out from between their legs. We quickly untie them as we try to rouse them awake. Angela comes to while Angelia doesn't respond. Angela whispers "Our dad, why? We were being good girls! He said we just needed to be good girls, and we wouldn't be punished." She looks over at her sister and tries to hug her. As we all just stare at each other with our eyes wide. We search around and get some blankets and cover up their bodies. I sit with Angela while she is hugging her sister when she finally starts coming around.

Romance / Action
Melanie Gomez
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Ch 1

Marcelo pov

We are finishing our senior year today and were excited as that was when Jace met his goddess. We had hoped we could see our goddesses as we had heard they had moved back but were homeschooling this year. We kept tabs and they seemed to be happy when they were seen. Our contact Ryan said he just got a weird vibe between the girls and the dad. Except that's been for years. He has followed them around for us and even when they weren't near he noticed a weird relationship.

It seemed to start when they were young and as they got older it seemed to be more physical. Like putting his arms around them. Mom was drunk or gone a lot so when he was home they would all snuggle together on the couch under a blanket, they would sit on his lap as he nuzzled their neck. He tried doing an anonymous tips multiple times but nothing would come of it. So we didn't interfere and just watched.

Didn't mean we still didn't feel like something was off. We got a call that mom and dad were leaving for the weekends and would be back the next day. So we just kept tabs and went about our days as our contact would see them on the weekends and they seemed fine. We know they turned 18 a couple months ago, and had hoped we could get them by now but we needed yo wait for the right time. Hopefully they will want to come with us.

Our sisters went with us to school and usually it was customary for Tank and Frankie to take the kids but 8 years ago our asshole father ambushed them and killed them. We still live with that guilt that he did it. We know we didn't have anything to do with it, but know my sisters feel worse about it. What's done is done though so the task of chaperone has fallen to Niko and Tony.

They were great though as they had 4 to transport to the high school this last year. We were seniors, Autumn was a sophomore, and Kassie was a freshman. We know who our goddesses are as our sisters have been eyeing some of the newer younger guards and dad with us all say no! Of course Nate and Jesse laugh because it's like deja vu for them.

We quickly head to school for the last day and laugh as the new round of Maxwells had taken over and ruled the school this year. The elementary school was glad to get rid of us, as middle school just kept quiet and as we started going to the high school the principal I swear just closed his door and started taking shots. After our freshman year he retired. Can't blame him though, when you have gone through about 20 years of Maxwell's when do you say enough is enough?

As we pull up we all go our separate ways to get through our last classes so we can get home and work.


School was boring as ever and as we arrive home our dad meets with us in the front room. We can see he isn't very happy and seems troubled about something so we know shit is getting real.

Dad "Boys I think there is something going on more than what we can see. The mom leaves Friday and has started coming back late Sunday. While the father has started leaving sat night coming back early Sunday. Our contact Ryan made another report and again they blow him off. They say they show up and talk to them and they say everything is fine.

We know it's bull shit as lately we have been there full time and they never fucking showed up. So now we will be dealing with this shit ourselves. Dad wants us to go over and leave them our numbers. What if they don't want out though? We have known they were ours since we started going to the elementary school. Then they moved away and we were devastated!

Dad kept track of them and even he thought stuff was weird. Though we kept our distance, we grew more and more concerned as the years went by. Now that we are done with school we will start working for dad full time. And will take Some guys 5is weekend to go see what is going on as they should be finished with school also. So it's decided this weekend we will pay a visit, and hopefully come back with our goddesses.

But for now work calls as there is no down times in this family. We contact the social worker and ask about the visits she has made. We want all the documentation because if shit is different there is going to be issues. We sit in our office going through papers running ideas off each other as our sisters come in laughing.

"You know it's 6 o'clock right? Are you coming for dinner or you need it delivered?" Autumn teased.

We just started laughing as we got up to head to the dining area. As we approach we can hear everyone in the house in the same room it can get loud. So we quickly grab our food and sit down and join in the conversations. We had to make it a rule no work talk at the tables. After eating we head upstairs to our rooms and as I enter mine I can't help but think of my goddess Angelia.

I sit on the edge of the bed looking out the window, and just think what she is doing right now. I grab my phone checking my email and see the social worker got in touch giving me dates of their visits. Well know I guess we will see this weekend what happens. What if they don't want to come with us? Then what do we do, we can't force them?

I hear a knock on my door and Anthony comes in asking the same questions I am asking myself. What will we do? How will we go about this. We start going over the situation and decide every evening we are going to make sure we are on the same page so come Friday we will be set.
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