Sugar on top (manxman)

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11-Sugar Cookie Treats

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Blue and grey paint splattered the canvas to create an underwater scene. It was a little out of the ordinary, but for some reason Callan had fallen in love with the nature documentary he had watched (rather Melvin had watched) on sea life. And of all the creatures, he had found the jellyfish particularly interesting.

He had painted a background to the sea scene and was slowly sketching in the jellyfish he would paint later. Mel watched from the sofa, his books tossed aside and his notes scattered over the floor. Rain pattered against the window so Callan had to paint indoors instead of setting up his easel outside.

Jellyfish took shape and he charcoaled in the outlines of rocks and coral next. He leaned back, agreeing with himself that it was time to continue his work, and picked up his paints again.


"Yeah?" He didn't stop painting. He mixed pink and orange together until he found the proper shade of coral he wanted to use.

"Are you dating someone?"

And then he stopped.

"Huh? W-What?"

"Are you dating someone? I've heard rumors"

"From Kevin?"

"No," Melvin quickly said. "From Jean. He asked me because he said he saw you get out of a nice car the other day and it was early. It just got me thinking and now I'm just curious. I'm not going to tell anyone."

And by "anyone" Cal knew he meant Angela. He sighed, setting his brush down. "It's really nothing major."

"That's a yes."


"You're taking too long to deny it. You're avoiding it. And your ears are super red, too, so you're dating someone. That's fine, I just wanted to know."

"Mel, I am not!"

"Red ears," Melvin taunted, sticking his tongue out. "So where'd you meet them? Not around the school since they apparently drive a car no one has seen on campus before. Oh, was it at the art show!"


"Before or after the show?" Melvin propped his head up on his hands, now fully committed to his game.

"I met him before."

"Aha! So you are dating someone and this someone is a guy," Mel confirmed. Callan groaned, slapping his hand to his head.


"So it was before. Hmm"

The door to the apartment opened and Angela walked in, shaking off rain water. She looked from Callan's distressed face to Mel's wide grin.

"Did you ask him?"


"You too?" Cal snapped. "Seriously, Angela?! You're in on it?"

"Don't act surprised," Angela said. "You know Jean has a hard time with secrets."

Yeah right, Callan thought. "He saw me get out of a car once. That doesn't mean anything."

"But you confirmed it earlier," Melvin said.

"That is beside the point!"

"Bert also mentioned something about seeing a Porsche here once," Angela added. "And Jean said he saw you get out of a Maserati. Please don't tell me you're some escort for rich old men."

"I'm sorry. You caught me. I'm an escort for billionaires. Leave me alone so I can finish my painting now."


When the weekend came, Jake decided that going to an arcade was the best plan of action. And no one, not even Melvin, had any reason to deny it. Everyone was tired of school and studying and just existing on campus.

So meeting up at the closest Dave & Buster's provided enough gaming entertainment mixed with alcohol and food to make everyone happy, again even Melvin.

Callan wasn't sure what was going on in Mel's classes, but he had downed four beers in less than an hour because of it. It somehow made him angry and better at Dance Dance Revolution than everyone else. No one dared to question it.

Callan ended up leaving Mel's side to sit with Angela, sharing a plate of nachos. Across from them sat Luca and Denise and a plate of sliders. Jake was standing by them, partially in the conversation but mostly immersed in a game of football on the television. Callan feared his rejoicing would result in an accidental black eye to some unsuspecting waitress or Juliana who sat on a stool by the table.

Alex had challenged (dragged) Kyle to go play air hockey and Kevin had wandered off with Melvin to play DDR (he was really babysitting to make sure Mel didn't pick a fight).

Though when Maya arrived, Angela opted to go play games with her and Jean took her spot next to Callan. His attempt to bum food off Callan's plate failed and he resorted to ordering a milkshake.

Callan hated it. Being that close to Jean. Practically feeling his voice on his skin. They were squeezed into a booth, shoulder to shoulder, and Callan hated it. He was uncomfortable. And Jean's shitty jokes weren't as funny as he remembered.

"Hey, Cal, you look really tense," Denise said through her laughter. "Calm down."

"Yeah man, we're here to relax and have fun," Luca added. "Get that stick out of your ass."

Jean nudged Callan's shoulder, raising his milkshake to his lips. "Yeah, Callan."

Callan rolled his eyes and shoved the rest of his nachos into his mouth. He wiped his hands on a napkin and threw it at Jean's face.


"Get the hay out of from between your teeth!" Cal snapped.

Luca and Denise fell into a giggling, snorting fit. "Damn, you two will probably always be the same!"

Callan and Jean looked at Luca, ready for an explanation. Once he calmed down, he kept talking.

"You two were the same in high school. With the jokes and bickering."

"Yeah, it's a wonder you two even broke up," Denise added. "I thought you two would be together" Luca nudged her hard enough to make her squeal. Apparently her drink was making her tongue loose.

But it still cut deep and tension rose. Callan half-smiled and took another sip of his drink.

"Umm匈'm going to go check out the games," Cal said. "I'll catch you guys later."

Before anyone could protest, Callan was on his feet and hurrying away. He didn't care about the games, but he couldn't sit there any longer. It was bad enough that Jean had to sit by himand have the audacity to even be that closebut then Denise. Callan knew she didn't mean it, and had it been years ago her statement would have been a blessing.

Now they were just awkward, mildly drunken words that brought on nasty feelings of regret and an old flame.

Cal sighed as he walked, unsure of where he was even going. Tears pricked at the corner of his eyes but the more he thought about her words, the less they meant. And he realized that maybe, just maybe, he didn't miss dating Jean as much as usual.

And that maybe, really was capable of getting over Jean, too.

"Have any more dates?" Jean walked up behind him, and hurried to his side. Callan rolled his eyes, walking up to a House of the Dead system. He pulled out his game card and swiped it. Jean quickly did the same, picking up the other gun.

"Don't be a dick," Callan said. The game started and they skipped the opening scene. They took aim and went to work. "Already saved your life, asshole."

Jean groaned as he reloaded and kept shooting zombies. "Whatever, dickhead. Seriously though, who dropped you off?"

"It doesn't matter. He's a friend-shit, fuck you zombie! He's a friend."

"Boyfriend-friend? Friends with benefits friend?" Jean shot down a flying creature as Callan took a moment to reload.

"The sort of friend who doesn't constantly pry."

"Fine, geez," Jean grumbled. "Is it a crime to be interested?"

Cal sighed, raising his gun. "Boyfriend." He punctuated it with a few quick clicks and fallen zombies.

Jean stopped shooting. Callan was thankful he was decent because the lack of a competent partner suddenly made the game difficult.


"Sorry," Jean said, raising his gun. "Just尖ou haven't dated in a long time."

"I know"

"I wish you would have just told me though. You don't need to lie."

Of course Cal didn't need to lie. But telling Jean, of all people, wasn't the easiest thing he had to do.

"Yeah匈 know. It's just weird because尖ou know"

"Because we're sort of a thing. At times."

Callan shook his head. "We were a thing. In high school. And that was high school. Now we're圩riends?"

A faint smile tugged at Jean's mouth and he nodded. "We'll always be friends. Don't be a dumbass."

"Besides, you have Kevin. I have no one. Had no one. But now匈 don't know it feels like I sort of do地nd it's nice."

The smile creeping at the edge of Jean's lips spread across his face, his eyes lighting up.

"You always have me. But I'm happy for you," Jean said. "And if I would have known how serious you are I wouldn't have teased you like that. But I do want to meet whoever managed to snag you, though. He must have four dicks."

"He's not an octopus."

"I'm not going to judge your cthullu-fetish or whatever weird porn you're into."

"Oh shut up, Twilight Sparkle."

"Cthushit shit shit! Boss!"

They stopped talking in order to concentrate on their boss battle. Jean died twice and Callan was left to finish it off. But the weird plant with its odd tentacles only paved the way for more gross jokes from Jean, making Cal laugh harder than he meant to.

They lost all their progress but ended up with smiles on their faces.

"YOU BITCHES SUCK!" Melvin shouted, stumbling by with another drink in his hand. Kevin was following close behind him, trying desperately to calm him down. "CAN'T EVEN SHOOT A FUCKIN PLANT!"

"Mel, please no more," Kevin cried as Melvin kept walking, yelling at whoever he passed by.

Callan looked to a very shocked Jean.

"He doesn't drink often," Cal said.

"I can see why," Jean replied. "Hey, your dad is calling."

Callan looked around at his phone he had placed on the arcade game by all the buttons. "Daddy" flashed across the screen and Eren flushed a red as bright as his gun. He grabbed his phone and pocketed it as quickly as he could.

"You're not going to take it? What if it's an emergency? Your dad never calls."

"Um好o. I know I mean夷t's nothing."

"I thought you had his name as John in your phone? When did you change"

"Let's play air hockey!" Callan shouted. "Or at least go make sure Kyle is still alive. He was playing with Alex."

Jean shrugged and followed Callan through the swarms of people to the air hockey tables, only to find a triumphant Kyle with a very pissy Alex. Jake had joined them, since the game was over, and was giving Kyle a congratulatory shake by the shoulders. Juliana was attempting to console Alex's ego.

Callan took over the air hockey table and Jean ran around to the other side. They started the game and somewhere between scoring five points and hitting his finger, Callan saw Kevin had joined Jean on his end.

For the first time, in a long time, he smiled. Not out of bitterness but because he knew what it was like to have someone who cared enough to share a kiss with.

They lost their puck once or twice and smashed their fingers, but Callan came out victorious to Jean's dismay. Mel was now under the care of Kyle, passed out on the blond's broad shoulders. Angela, Maya, Luca and Denise joined them around the air hockey table and then the tournament began.

Callan played Kyle, lost, and took the time to run outside to make a quick call.


"Hey! Sorry I missed your call," Callan told Zachary, laughter still lingering in his voice. "We're all out and it's loud."

"It's fine," Zachary replied. "I wanted to ask if I could snag you for the weekend."

Callan smiled and kicked at the ground, stuffing his hand into his pocket. He nodded, even though Zachary couldn't see it. "I would love that."

"You sound like a dreamy high schooler. I can hear the fucking grin on your face."

"Don't flatter yourself, old man."

"By the way, I wanted to ask, how do you feel about collars?"

Callan blushed bright red at the thought. "W-Well匈'm not opposed. I've never worn one"

"Don't feel like you have to. I just saw one and sort of thought of you."

"Aww! If daddy thinks it'll be cute on me then I guess I could give it a try."

"You're a little shit, baby."

"You love it."

They said their goodbyes and Callan went back into the building, a smile on his face. He held his phone to his chest, clutching it as if was some link to Zachary and the man could feel it. As he walked he heard someone shout his name and turned to see Kevin running up to him.

"Was that your boyfriend you were talking to?"


"I can tell. You're smiling."

"I smile a lot, I'll have you know," Cal snarked. Kevin chuckled.

"Oh no, not like this. You are practically glowing."

Callan rubbed his cheeks as if it would wipe away the flush of red. "I am not!"

"Your ears are all red."

Eren held his earlobes between his fingers and glared up at Kevin, his brows wildly knit tight together. Kevin nudged him and hurried off before Callan could respond.


The initial idea of pet play frightened Callan to the point he almost dreaded going over to Levi's for the weekend. He had looked it up, once he was home, and wasn't fond of what he saw. He didn't want to be treated like an animal.

And he certainly had no problem bringing the issue up with Zachary while they had lunch in the middle of the week.

"I'm not going to abuse you, baby." Zachary sneered at the thought. "Pet play isn't about abuse. It's about trust. Giving another person control, receiving praise. You haven't had a problem with it before, so I figured I'd introduce the idea."

Callan flushed bright red. "Fine! But I don't want to have a tail shoved up my ass!"

A passing waitress stared at them in confusion and Cal sank into his side of the booth, bringing a piece of steak to his mouth.

"Baby. If you don't want to do this, tell me. I'm a big boy; you're not going to hurt my feelings," Zachary said.

"No!" Callan cried. "I mean夸ust安e'll have to talk about rules."

Zachary smiled gently, stirring his tea with his straw. "Don't worry that pretty head of yours, kitten, we'll definitely have a set of can's and cannot's."

Callan knew Zachary was being serious, but his words still sent a shudder down Callan's body. He bit his lip, more turned on than he should be in public, and nodded.

So when the weekend came and Callan arrived at Zachary's, he was unsure of what to expect. But it certainly wasn't the array of cute accessories laid out across Zachary's bed.

A pastel green collar, leather with a silky frill around it and a matching bell attached; a string of white beads, resembling pearls, looped around it. It tied with a ribbon to form a large bow in the back. Next to it, plain and simple, were ribbons in the same pastel green shade. Finally, there was a light robe folded neatly next to them.

Cal swallowed nervously and Zachary took his hand. "Relax?"

"I am!"

Zachary picked up the bottle of lotion Callan was very familiar with. "Take off your shirt and lie down, baby."

Callan obeyed without question, flopping on to the bed and rolling his eyes. He turned the collar over in his hands, listening to Zachary warm the lotion between his hands. He closed his eyes as Zachary started on his back, rubbing out the tension between his shoulders with strong hands.

"I'm not going to hurt you. And if you don't like anything, you have to tell me," Zachary said. Callan nodded. "This is meant to be a new experience for us. Not anything bad. And if you don't want to do this, baby, we don't have to."

"No, I want to try," Callan mumbled. He hummed in delight as Zachary worked the muscle around his neck. "I'm just nervous. But I want to do this."

Zachary could hear the determination in his baby's voice, even if he couldn't see the brunet's face. "What do you want the safe word to be?"

Callan shrugged. "What about Stop?"


"I want watermelon."

Zachary tussled his hair. "Brat." He reached over Callan and picked up the green ribbons. "Hold out your wrists, darling."

Callan raised a hand and Zachary tied the ribbon around his wrist. He repeated the action for Callan's other hand and Zachary picked up the collar. He warmed the leather between his hands and Cal found it to be a little endearing.

"Not too tight, is it baby?" Zachary asked, placing a light kiss to the ribbon around Callan's wrist. Cal shook his head, biting his lip.

"'s fine." His voice came out softer than he wanted. Barely more than a shy whisper.

"Good. Now for some rules," Zachary said, dropping Callan's hand. "Should I go first, or you?"

"I守h尖ou start."

"Fine. First, I want you to stay naked."

Cal shuddered. The idea made him blush but he felt his cock twitch in anticipation, too.

"The entire time we're in a scene, you're to be naked. I bought the robe for you, in case for breaks, but otherwise, you're to stay nude. I want to be allowed to please you when I feel like it, so I'll keep lube accessible. I'll feed you, get whatever you want to drink; we can take breaks for you to use the bathroom, too. Are you comfortable with that darling?"

Callan considered his words carefully. Nothing seemed too difficult or too overwhelming. He smiled and nodded. "I'm comfortable with it."

"Good. And you? What would you like to get from this?"

"Nothing in particular. Just don't hit me? I mean, you can slap my ass all you want but don't hit me in the face."

Zachary cupped Callan's face with a gentle hand. "Understood. And one more thing, baby"


"I want to be allowed to kiss you. Now before you start your spiel about kissing, I just mean your neck and shoulders. Affection and aftercare is important for scenes and that can be hard to give with your ban on kissing."

Callan's heart started to race at the mere thought. But he slowly nodded in agreement. "I can handle that"

Zachary exhaled. "Good."

He reached around Cal and Callan sat up to let him tie the collar on. Callan held it in place as Zachary tied it into a large bow at the back of his neck. He was rewarded with a light kiss to his shoulder that sent a chill throughout his body.

Zachary dropped his hands from Callan's neck, down along his back and to the hem of his pants. He gave them a pull and Callan understood the silent gesture. He slipped them off, letting his pants and underwear fall to the floor. Zachary raked his fingers through Callan's hair again.

"Good boy. Let's go sit in there. I have some work to finish."

"Alright," Callan said, crawling off the bed.

"Tch. Little kittens don't walk."

Cal dropped his mouth in shock. "You expect me to crawl all the way in there on this hard floor"

He was silenced when Zachary scooped him up and carried him into the living room. He gently placed his kitten on the sofa.

"Now be good and let daddy work." He patted Callan on the head and Cal couldn't hold back a sly grin. Zachary picked up his work binder and sat down by him, opening it up to read over mountain of papers.

Cal was unsure of what he was supposed to do. He was naked, sitting on the sofa, and wearing a collar. Zachary was working, and work was definitely serious. He couldn't play around with Zachary while he worked.

He thought about Whiskey, and what his own dog would do in a situation like that. Usually get moody and bark (like hell if he was barking, or in this case, meowing) to get Callan's or Alice's attention.

Callan slid off the sofa and Zachary raised an eyebrow, still marking through his depositions. Callan rested his chin on Zachary's knee, purposefully pointing it down as hard as he could, and made a soft whining pout. He narrowed his eyes when Zachary didn't acknowledge his whine and realized the position was easier to play out than he thought.

Zachary dropped his hand to Callan's head, ruffling up his hair. Callan tilted his head back, nipping playfully at Zachary's fingers. A thin smirk spread across Zachary's lips and he reached over onto the table by the sofa. He picked into a bowl and produced a small sugar cookie.

"Thank you for being a quiet little kitten," Zachary hummed, offering the treat to Callan between his fingers. Cal took it carefully, taking care not to drop it on the floor. Zachary patted him on the head again and Cal mewled in delight.

Cal tried to be good. But being quiet and staring up at Zachary was hard, especially when he wasn't doing anything to keep himself occupied. He shifted around on the floor impatiently, occasionally letting out a loud whining sigh.

"Down," Zachary said firmly, when Cal propped his hands up on the side table to eye his treats. Cal slumped on the floor, visibly pouting. "You're restless. Come here."

His voice turned to dark silk and Callan shuddered all over. He crawled around the sofa and pulled himself onto the cushions when Zachary patted them. He was suddenly very aware of his current state: the collar around his neck, the ribbons on his wrists and the fact he was stripped naked. His cock was painfully at half-mast, on clear display for Zachary.

Setting aside his binder of work, Zachary pressed a hand to Callan's side. There was an immediate shiver at the sudden contact and Cal moaned as Zachary slipped his hand lower. He massaged Cals thighs, ignoring the growing heat between the boy's legs.

It took everything Callan had not to plead for Zachary to just touch him. But the gentle buck Cal gave was enough of a hint for Zachary to take.

He brushed his fingers against the head of Callan's cock and elicited a long moan from the shaking boy.

"Oh, look at you. You're so needy, aren't you baby?" Zachary said softly, his fingertips still toying with Callan's erection. Callan tried to hold back another long moan at the featherlight touches. He only nodded in response to Zachary's question, barely able to form coherent words.

Zachary wrapped his long fingers around Callan's cock and gave him a few slow, dry strokes. Callan threw his head back at the friction, shamelessly moaning and throwing his hips up. Zachary suddenly let him go and tugged him onto his lap. He flipped Cal onto his back, resting his head against the sofa's arm. Cal stared up at him with wide, shocked eyes.

Patting Callan's head, Zachary picked up the small bottle of lube on the table and popped the lid open, drizzling the clear liquid onto his fingers. Callan's heart raced in anticipation and his hips squirmed.

"Daddy hurry." The words slipped out before Callan even realized he had thought them. He flushed bright red, burying his face into Zachary's arm.

"You're such an impatient little pet," Zachary chuckled. He dropped his hand between Cals legs, brushing against his cock and balls to find his hole. He pressed a finger against Callan's entrance and Cal whined louder.

That first finger went in with ease and Zachary gave it a little twist. Callan jerked as it brushed against his sweet spot but tried his hardest to stay quiet. A second and third finger soon followed, wet noises mixing with Callan's lewd moans. Zachary twisted his fingers again, this time to purposefully hit Callan's prostate over and over.

Cal grabbed Zachary's arm with one hand, and the sofa with the other. His knuckles turned white as he bucked against Zachary's hand, panting with each hard move. Keeping the man's fingers deep inside.

Within minutes, Cal was shouting Zachary's name as he was milked through his orgasm. Cum splattered against his stomach and his eyes glassed over as Zachary slowed his fingers' movements. Grey eyes bore down on Callan as his convulsion started to cease. Zachary pulled his hand away, brushing back Callan's hair and rubbing his ear.

"Good boy," Zachary breathed. He picked up another one of the cookies and held it to Callan's lips. "Such a good kitten, cumming for daddy like that."

"Thank you, daddy." Callan nibbled slowly on the cookie as his mind stopped spinning. "Should I go clean up?"

"I'll clean you later," Zachary said. "You're just a kitten. You can't properly clean yourself."

Callan nodded, a playful grin on his lips, and finished off the cookie. Zachary still stroked his head, earning drowsy noises from Callan's throat. With his free hand, Zachary reached onto the table and to the small pile of toys he had carefully laid out. Callan heard the clinking of plastic and looked up to see a set of anal beads in Zachary's hand.

He gasped and let his legs fall open, already quivering at the mere sight. Zachary smirked. "You're all ready, aren't you kitten?"

Callan nodded, biting his lip as Zachary pushed in the first three beads with ease. Callan closed his eyes tight, letting his head fall back against the sofa's arm. His breathing quickened and he grabbed at Zachary's arm again, digging his nails in deep.

"Breathe darling," Zachary said softly, stroking Callan's hair. "Relax."

Zachary's hand fell to Callan's cheek, coaxing him into a steadier breathing pattern. He pushed in the last few beads, listening to Cal gasp at the larger ones. Callan curled into a shaking ball and with every little move, with every little breath, he could feel the beads rubbing inside of him. His cheeks flushed and he buried his nose into Zachary's lap.

"How do you feel, baby?"

Cal opened his eyes, trying to stay still. "I'm fine."

"Nothing hurts?"


Zachary rested a hand on Callan's head and picked up his binder. "Good."

It wasn't long before Cal had become accustomed to the anal beads keeping him stretched. He was eventually up and restless again, crawling, sorely, across the floor. His legs and ass were still slicked up from the lube and he was sure to stretch and arc his back to properly display it for Zachary, the end of the string of beads dangling against his legs. Cal didn't know if the man was even paying attention, but the thought of him watching was arousing.

Callan gave another little whine, just to catch his attention.

"Unless you want me to fuck you, put your ass down darling," Zachary barked. Calalan sat up at his words, adjusting the ribbons on his wrists. He glanced over his shoulder at Zachary, staring up into playfully narrowed eyes. Callan smirked and arched his back harder, tilting his ass in the air and even spreading his legs.

"Come punish your pet, daddy."


Zachary slammed his binder closed and picked up a condom and the lube. If Callan were some animal-hybrid, his ears would have perked up at the gesture and his tail would wag when Zachary grabbed his hips.

Firm hands slid over his round ass, carefully massaging the muscle. Cal whimpered, the pressure from the beads making him squirm. He felt a tug, a short, initial warning pull, before feeling the largest bead slide right out with a wet pop. He sighed, pleased with the lessened pressure. Cal rested his head on his arms, Zachary pulling each bead from Callan's ass until the toy was tossed aside.

Cal whimpered into his arms as Zachary ran his hands over smooth, tanned skin.

"Fuck, baby. You should see yourself right now," Zachary hummed. "You have such a fuckable ass. It's practically begging."

Zachary tore open the condom packet with his teeth and pulled out his cock all in one motion. Callan watched him multitask from his spot on the floor, ass still on display and shaking from excitement. Zachary dripped more lube onto Callan's hole and used his thumb to smear it around. Cal purred in pleasure, trying to catch Zachary's thumb just right and push his ass against it.

"You have such a slutty little body, baby. You already want more. Tell me what you want, kitten, and I'll give it to you."

Callan gasped, trying to find his voice. His words came out in rasped breaths. "Fuck me, daddy. I've been a good kitten, let me have your cock."

A hand came down on Callan's ass and he squealed at the sudden contact.

"Such a demanding little slut. What do you say when you want something darling?"

"Please daddy?"

Callan couldn't see the smile on Zachary's face, but he felt the shift in the man's weight. And he felt the kiss placed on his lower back, soft and light and enough to make him moan from the sheer intimacy of it.

But Cal yelped as Zachary pressed the tip of his cock against his entrance, giving Cal a warning tap. Zachary waited for any signs of resistance before pushing in deep.

"Mmmm圩ucking finally," Callan moaned, lolling his head around. He inhaled sharply as Zachary tangled his hand in his hair and he pushed back on the man's cock.

Zachary grabbed Callan's hip for extra leverage and started to move as hard as he could. Callan's mouth dropped open in silent pants and he closed his eyes, listening to the hard slap of skin on skin. With a snap of his hips, Zachary hit Callan's sweet spot again. His first orgasm, the stimulation from those fucking beads, and now Zachary's deliberant thrusts were enough to send Callan back over the edge. Within seconds he was screaming as his second orgasm overcame him.

"D-daddy please cum圭um on my baaack?" Callan breathed, his mind a blur of too much pleasure and Zachary pounding into his sore ass.

He heard a chuckle and Zachary tapped his hip in response. That pounding lasted only a few seconds more before Zachary pulled out with a slippery pop. He held Callan still with a hand on the boy's tan waist, and with his other one Zachary peeled the condom off.

"Hold still baby," he breathed. Zachary wrapped his fingers around his own cock, firmly jacking himself off. Callan listened to his ragged breathing and groaned once he felt droplets of warm cum spilling across his back.

For a few brief moments, they were silent. They said no words, taking the time to catch their breaths. Callan's knees were weak so he kneeled down, legs tucked under him and arms against his chest. His stomach was sticky again and his back was still wet. He looked around at Zachary, who was leaning against the sofa, and shuddered.

Zachary suddenly moved and Callan watched with heavy eyes as the man lingered over him. Zachary tilted Callan's face up and placed a gentle kiss to his jaw, far from his lips, and ran a hand through his mess of hair.

"Are you satisfied now, kitten?"

Callan nodded. "Thank you, daddy."

"And you feel good?"

Again, Calalan nodded. Zachary let him go and Callan rested his head on the floor. Cal watched Zachary shuffle to the small table, grab a few cookies and come back.

"Tell me if you're thirsty," Zachary said, feeding each little cookie to Callan. All Cal could do was nod once again and watch Zachary adjust himself before going back to work on the sofa.

Cal was spent. Laid out and drowsy across the floor with a pleased, blissed out grin on his face. His body ached in the best way possible and he felt content. He stretched and rolled into a sitting position, crawling across the carpet to where Zachary sat. He rested his chin on Zachary's knee and Zachary combed his fingers through Callan's hair.

Zachary glanced down to meet Callan's wide eyes and they both smiled.

The man's smile did things to Cal that his hands couldn't; touched him a way he wasn't expecting. Zachary's smile was warm and beautiful, despite the disgust in grey eyes (Callan knew very well Zachary was torn between work and going to shower), Zachary was still smiling at him. Genuinely smiling.

With a racing heart, Callan sat up and wiggled between Zachary's legs. He rested his arms around Zachary's waist, knocking the papers from his hand.

"Yes, darling?"

Cal shrugged and Zachary pressed a hand under his chin, raising Callan's head up. Their eyes met and Cal felt his cheeks turn to fire.

"What does this kitten want?"

Blood rushed to his ears. It was all Callan could hear. His vision blurred and his palms grew sweaty. "Close your eyes."

Zachary raised an eyebrow and Callan pouted.

"Please? Just字eally quick"

"You're such a brat at times," Zachary sighed, closing his eyes as Cal asked. "Don't run off and rob me."

"Hush!" Cal snapped. He chewed his lip, refusing to think his decision over. It was what he wanted.

Pushing himself up a little more, Cal leaned against Zachary, brushing their noses together. He made sure Zachary still had his eyes closed and at the lack of grey orbs peering back at him, Callan moved closer. He kept his own eyes open, to make sure he didn't fuck this simple thing up.

He found Zachary's lips with his own, smooth and still wet. Smoke mixed with lingering mint tea and sex on the man's mouth. And despite what had happened, their kiss was chaste, closed-mouth and clumsy like a real first kiss.

Callan pulled away and lowered his eyes, embarrassed by the shade of red on his cheeks. Zachary rested his head against Callan's and Cal smiled.

"Are you alright, baby?"

Callan nodded, nudging Zachary's head. "Kiss me."

A simple request. Their scene was over. There was no more "Daddy" or "Kitten" or "Please".

Zachary cupped Callan's face, tilting his head back. And without hesitating, he caught Callan's plush lips, kissing him softly. But this time their kiss wasn't something quick and clumsy; it was filled with a passion that had been building since their first encounter.

Cal sighed when they pulled back from each other, his eyes fluttering open. He stared at Zachary with dreamy emerald orbs and smiled.

"Let's go shower?" Cal whispered. Zachary took Callan's hand and raised it to his lips, kissing his palm.

"I think a shower sounds perfect, darling."
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