Grace of Spades

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Chapter 13


Grace Jacobs.

She's amazing. I still can't get her out of my head. I first saw her at the fight night at Rudy's. Theres just something sexy about a girl who can kick ass.

We hit it off immediately and she brought me to a party downtown. It wasn't what I was used to but she was all I was paying attention to anyway.

Ace was hot dont get me wrong but theres no competing with a girl like Grace. I still can't believe I managed to get her new number. It was my lucky night.

Now, im on the hunt for a party this Saturday. I need to see her again and its not just because it was the best sex of my life. Although I wouldn't fight her on it if she asked.

No one knows about any parties downtown. There's one on my end of town though. She said her friend was bringing her so maybe thats where she's going. I'll have to find out.

"That Oliver guy is here for the drop off." I tell dad taking the duffle bag off the desk.

"Perfect. Let him in." Dad commands. I dont like this guy. He looks familiar but I cant place him. He falls into the background too well. I know that's why dad uses him but theres just something about him that doesn't add up and at a time like this everyone better add up.

I watch Oliver bow to my dad respectfully before doing the same to me and taking the bag and leaving again without a word. Nope I don't like him.

Dad turns to me again and steeples his fingers against his mouth.

"You still looking for that girl?" He asks.

"No, i found her." I smile.

"Good. I still say Ace would make a good wife but the heart is stubborn." He smiles softly probably thinking of mom.

"Ace was hot dad but Grace is..." I shrug. There are no words for Grace.

"I know the feeling. Where are you off to tonight?"

"Im going out with Tai. I get to watch him get him turned down by a bunch of college girls." I laugh. Dad nods with a smile.

"Alright. You boys have fun."

I head outside to my car, an electric blue Bugatti, and make my way to school. Im studying business and economics so I can run the business when dad steps down.

Stopping at a red light i watch two girls beside me on a black motorcycle. I chuckle to myself when I see the helmet of the girl on the back says "bitch" in pink cursive.


After a thorough work out and I have my head on straight again I head to the kitchen. I wipe the sweat off my face with the bottom of my shirt.

"Holy shit, Grace. What the hell happened to you?" Andras says looking at my now covered stomach.

"Oh... um... I..." I stammer. I dont know how to tell him about my childhood. I know he knows its bad but I dont think he knows just how bad.

"Im sorry. You can tell me when you're ready. I was just shocked." He apologizes looking at the ground.

"No, its fine. I just... dont know where to start." I shrug. "Do you want to pick one and I'll see if I remember?" I suggest. I lift my shirt to my ribs and suddenly I'm ashamed of myself. I see what he must see. A victim. Weak. A punching bag. An unloved doll. So much for feeling better after my workout.

I take a deep breath as Andras points to the collection of little scars on my hip.

"Broken bottle. One of dad's friends threw a bottle at me and it smashed beside me." I explain remembering that asshole. I was ten when that happened. I needed mom to sign a form for school. She was busy with dad's friend.

"What about this one?" He points at a long curved scar across my stomach. Well shit. I would have asked about that one too. It looks intentional. It was intentional. But how can you tell a guy that his sister sold her daughter for the night to a fucking psycho for her next high. You can't. I cant.

"I cant tell you that one." I say looking at the floor.

"Thats ok. Thank you for telling me what you could. I would really like to know more about you." He smiles gently but it doesn't meet his eyes.

"Right back at ya. Did you want to come to the fight tomorrow? You can meet Ray." I offer.

"What time?"

"My fight is at nine."

"I'll see what I can do. I may have to meet you there though." He smiles.

"Sounds good. Well, im going to go get ready for school. Kennedy is coming here after school and Saturday afternoon is apparently a girls day before the party. Just so you know." I shrug. What can you do?

"Then we're going to breakfast Saturday." I points his finger at me like its a threat making me chuckle.

"Oh no! What a nightmare!" I cry out dramatically as I walk away.

I pull up to Kennedy's house and watch her run to me.

"How was the visit with the grandparents?" She asks.

"It was actually really good. They seem to like me." I smile.

"As if there was any doubt!" She beams.

"Ok, get on!" I smirk.

Before I know it we're flying down the streets to school. Kennedy points out a frigging Bugatti just chilling at a red light. Man, life over here is crazy.

I go to store my helmet in my locker when I feel someone behind me. I turn to see Keir Chekhov smiling at me like im whats for dinner. Its a good look. I just wish I could do something about it.

"Hi, Keir. Whats going on?" I ask with a friendly smile. Take the friendzone Keir!

"Hey, Grace. I was hoping to talk to you in private." He says with his crooked smile.

"Uh... sure." I shrug closing my locker and following him to an empty classroom. What on earth is he up to? "Ok, you're starting to freak me out a bit."

"Sorry, I just know this is important." He hedges. I watch him straighten his broad shoulders and he pulls out a little black square jar and hands it to me.

"Whats going on?" I ask.

"Just... read." He presses.

"Ok..." I look at the jar. Oh my god. Tattoo cover up. I look up at him and I see that crooked smile again. "Whats this for?" I ask trying not to panic.

"For your spade." He whispers. Fuck. "Im not going to tell anyone. Thats why I gave it to you. To hide it better."

"How did you know?" I ask.

"I saw your tattoo the first day in gym. Alek recognized it but I didn't believe him. I put two and two together when I saw you...the other night." He admits.

"What about Alek?" I ask.

"Hes my second. He won't say a word." He assures me.

"Forgive me if I dont just take your word on this. Its my life at stake." I explain. He nods.

"Of course. How would you like to deal with it?" He asks.

"I'll handle him." I decide. I see Keir's eyes go wide. "I dont plan on killing him." I smile.

"Sorry, I just..." he looks contrite so I cut him off.

"I get it. It is what I do." I smirk. He chuckles a bit. "So what do you want in return for keeping my secret?" I ask.

"Nothing. I just want to hang out like we were. I just want to get to know you." He shrugs. I nod.

"Ok. I can do that." The smile on his face is adorable. "Its gotta stay just friends though." I add and I watch that smile fall.


"I cant pick a side. If I do I know I won't live long." I confess.

"My dad loves you he wouldn't do that." He assures me.

"What about the other three?" I ask as the realization hits him.

"Fuck. Ok. I dont want you to get hurt."

"I appreciate that." I smile.

"What are you up to tonight?" He asks.


"Do you and Kennedy want to go to my friends' gig? They're playing at a pub over by Russo's." He offers. I appreciate that he's including Kennedy even if its a front.

"Sure, that sounds fun." I smile.

"Great, I'll pick you guys up at six?" He grins lighting up his stupid handsome face. Ugh!!! I nod and head to leave.

"Grace, can I sit with you at lunch?" He asks hesitantly.

"Of course." I smile before making a call and heading to class.

Just before lunch I find Alek in the hall waiting for me. I pass him and whisper for him to meet me in the next classroom.

"Grace." He greets.

"I figured you found out that first day. Keir confirmed it." I state.

"Oh, that. I won't tell anyone. You're too valuable." He says raising his hands up like im going to shoot him.

"Thats why I'm worried. Anything can be bought or tortured out of a person." I say. "I need insurance. It's not just my life on the line."

"Wh-what insurance?" He asks looking pale. I pass him a picture. He takes it and starts to shake. Its a picture of his mom in her kitchen. I hired a guy to take a photo that's it but Alek doesn't have to know that. With my reputation he's probably thinking the absolute worst of me and im counting on it.

"Dont speak a word." I repeat.

"I won't." He whispers not taking his eyes off the photo. I nod and leave him to his thoughts and find Keir on my way to the cafeteria.

"Alek may not like me anymore. You may want to talk to him." I say quietly. Keir nods and turns around heading to where I came from. I feel like crap having to threaten someone's family but if its him or me I will pick me. This also serves as double insurance. I cant hurt Keir if he betrays me but if I hurt Alek it will effect Keir. It has to be done.
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