Grace of Spades

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Chapter 28


"My file? My file for what?" I ask.

"From child services and the police." Andras explains. "I don't know how they let you stay in that house. You should have been placed in the system many, many times." Andras looks awful. Pale, with bags under his eyes his usual slicked back hair is sticking up all over the place. The polished defense attorney is long gone. Left behind is a frantic crumpled mess of a man.

"Are you ok?" I ask.

"No. I've been reading all night. If you want to sue you have more than enough evidence here." He offers gesturing to the mess on the table. He hasn't even looked up since we came in the room.

"No, I don't want to go through everything again. I'm sure there are things I've forgotten. I'd like them to stay that way." I reply shifting uncomfortably. Kier tucks me under his arm making me feel a bit more protected.

"I don't get it. You could probably send a few people to jail too. Like this Harry Reid guy." I freeze at the name.

Where's my little doll?

"No." I try to state firmly but it comes out a shaky whisper making Andras finally look at me.

"What's wrong?" He asks receiving a smack upside the head by Ruby.

"Really Andras? She said no. So it's a no. Stop pushing." She scolds before guiding Keir and I to the breakfast she set up on the counter. I don't think I can eat right now though.

Keir keeps me glued to his side when Christian walks in and stops.

"Oh no. A kid?" He asks taking in the sight of Andras.

"Grace." He whispers and Christian looks at me and pales.

"Fuck." He walks over to me pressing his lips against my temple before straightening. I can practically see him become a mob boss before my eyes. It's pretty hot, not gonna lie. His face turns hard as he faces Andras.

"Ok, enough of this. You are not a family lawyer. Stop doing this. She is not a case. I told you you shouldn't get involved. She is more than capable of going through this if she wantsqß to. Go upstairs and get ready. I will deal with this." Christian commands. Andras looks like he's going to fight him but then crumples under Christian's glare. I watch as Andras leave the room as Christian starts packing up the folders.

"Are you ok Grace?" He asks not looking at me. I'm grateful for that.

"I'll make it."

"Not what I asked."

"I'm not right now but I will be." I admit. He walks over to me bringing me into his arm while Keir holds my hand.

"What do you need?"

"I don't know right now. I'm going to go to school for right now and I'll figure it out." I decide.

"Ok. You know where we are if you need us. For anything." He stares into my eyes with his beautiful chocolate ones until I nod. He kisses me deeply and tells us to get to school. Yes sir!


Holy shit. Her uncle looked insane. And he wouldn't shut up either. Grace looked so small and delicate when she heard that Harry guy's name. I felt her shrink and grab at her stomach.

Then it hits me like a brick to the head. He's the guy that caused those scars. Fuck.

I send a text to the guys. We need to take care of a few things for our girl.

Grace goes up the stairs to grab her backpack and Christian looks at his phone.

"You sure?" He asks.


"Ok. Leave it to Jai and I. You and Liam take care of her today." I nod and head for our girl. She looks a bit better now but still not herself. I'm betting once she sees Kennedy again she'll be back to normal. At least for a bit.

"Hey babe. I gotta pick up Alek and change before we go. Is that OK?" I ask taking her small rough hand in mine.

"No, how dare you." She teases making me chuckle. "Oh, hold on." She says before running over to Christian. She gives him a kiss and whispers something. His face goes from happy to soft in seconds. I know that feeling.

He cradles her face in his hand and kisses her again. He watches her like she hung the moon in the sky. I probably do the same it's just weird to see. He is quite the badass after all. I remember when we were still allowed to hang out with eachother, way back when I was in kindergarten, he kicked the shit out of some older kid who was looking up girls' skirts. That behavior did not change throughout his life either.

Grace and I make our way to my house where I invite her up.

"This is so weird using the front door." She whispers making me laugh. A few of the guards look like I've shaken them to their core just by laughing. I couldn't give a fuck though. I've always been pretty quiet but people seem to think that means I'm just a miserable bastard. I mean I'm not always nice but I'm not unhappy. Especially with Grace.

We make our way through the house when Ivan the Asshole steps in front of us as we head for the stairs.

"Why is she here?" He asks.

"I invited her." I reply still not sure if we can trust the people in our house with Ray doing whatever he's doing.

"She pulled a knife on your father." He reveals. That surprises me. Not because I don't believe it but more that I didn't hear about it until now. I turn to Grace.

"You did?" I ask.

"Yep." She smiles sweetly up at me.

"Nice." I nod and we step around a sputtering Ivan. We make it all the way to my room before Grace starts giggling.

"He's so mad at me!" She giggles.

"Ya, he's an ass." I brush off taking my shirt off and heading to my dresser feeling her eyes on me. Fuck, what I wouldn't do to have her right now. But she's healing so I will wait but she is not making it easy. Especially when I feel her fingers play along my back.

"I like your tattoos." She whispers and my strength seems to just float away leaving me at her mercy. Oh fuck. I turn around and trail my hands along her ribs under her breasts just barely touching them.

"I like yours." I murmur back. It's like I have no control over my body right now. It's like my dick has taken over and I have to touch her. Especially when she leans into me. Suddenly I have her lifted up in my arms as I kiss down her neck. She lets out a soft moan and her shirt is unbuttoned so I take full advantage. I turn and press her against the wall as I lavish her tits with kisses. She grinds herself against me making me groan at the same time Alek bursts into the room.

"Good Morning!" He booms. "Oh, sorry." He turns around to leave but the mood is killed anyway. I let a laughing Grace down as she buttons up her shirt behind me.

"Morning Alek. How's it going?" She asks.

"Its going awkward. How about you?" He laughs.

"It was going really good." She grins stepping out from behind me. I head back to get dressed while my dick is still hard. Fuck.

Alek and Grace chat while I change into my uniform. I can't wait until graduation. These uniforms suck ass. Except for Grace's I kinda like her wearing that little skirt. I grab my backpack and sigh.

"You guys ready?"

They both nod and we head for the front door. I see dad's office door open and he waves me in. I head inside his office with an apologetic look at Grace and Alek.

"Ya dad?" I ask closing the door.

"I received your text. It's a good idea." He smiles. "You are a good man."

"Thanks." I say looking at my shoes.

"Have a good day at school." He smirks.


Maybe we shouldn't have gone to the movies last night. Grace doesn't look ok. I mean, she's gorgeous as always but she's distant and... I don't know. Not herself.

"Hey beautiful." I smile running beside her in gym class.

"Hey. How's it going?" She asks her cheeks tinting pink. So cute. It's hard to believe she has killed so many people.

"Its going good now." I grin.

"Liam." An annoying voice calls from behind us. I see Grace's jaw clench before speeding up her pace. I turn to see Addison flanked by Maddi and Kaley and have to bite back a groan. Maddi isn't too bad by herself but she certainly doesn't stand up to Addison or Kaley.

"What are you up to Friday?" Addison whines. That's how she talks. Whining. It's frigging annoying.

"I have a date." I state making her eyes blast wide with shock. Surely it can't be that surprising.

"With who?" Like I owe her any answers.

"With my girlfriend." I grin before speeding up to try to catch up with Grace who is running with Keir and Alek now.

After class I watch as Grace slips her arm through Kennedy's as they walk to their last class. Keir stands beside me silently.

"You sure it's him?" I ask.

"Pretty God damn sure." He nods.

"Fuck. Ok. I'll get my dad to send for him and we'll take care of it." I vow.

We walk behind the girls and I hear them planning something for tonight.

"What are you ladies up to?" I ask with a smirk.

"None of your business Loverboy." Kennedy grins. "Strictly girl business."

"Yep nothing but gossiping and naked pillow fights." Grace adds with a straight face. Keir laughs but I'm seriously wanting to get in on some naked Grace time.

"What are you up to after? I ask Grace.

"I don't know yet." She has that sexy smirk one her pouty lips again and I almost can't keep my hands at my sides. "Why don't you come over and find out." She offers.

"Girl, you need to write a book on your pick up lines." Kennedy remarks with a chuckle. I see mischief flare in her eyes. Oh this should be good.

"Maybe I should... Kennedy, did you fart?" She asks seriously before grinning. "Cuz you blew me away!"

"Oh god, that's awful!" Kennedy cackles as Keir and I start chuckling.

"Is that a mirror in your pants? Because I can see myself in them." Grace continues. "Are those astronaut pants? Because your ass is out of this world."

"Stop! Please! I'm gonna pee myself!" Kennedy gasps through her laughter. Even Keir is laughing loudly beside me causing people to look over at us. I can't hold back anymore. I lean my head in-between the girls.

"Was your mother a beaver? Because Damn!" I comment before kissing Grace on the cheek as she bursts out laughing.

"I like that one. It will be in my book." She beams causing my heart to beat double time.

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