Grace of Spades

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Chapter 31


"What kind of job?" I ask taking everyone in. They all look relaxed except for Liam and Richard. Liam is watching me like a hawk probably due to my freak out at our picnic. Richard looks like he's a kid in a candy store. I honestly don't know what to do with that.

"Interrogation." Mr. McConnell reveals and nods to his car. Two men climb out and open the trunk. The sound of flesh hitting flesh meets my ears before Ray is dragged in front of me.

He looks rough. One eyes is swollen and blood coats his teeth. His arms and feet are tied up behind him and I can't seem to breathe.

"Well well looks like the doll finally figured it out." He taunts through a wheeze. My vision goes black and when I come to he's on his side coughing up blood. Fuck!

I take a deep breath before crouching over him.

"Why?" I growl. This is not my friend. This is a fucking psychopath. He grins up at me.

"Why not? You were so damn broken when you came to me. Harry did a number on you. Hell, they all did. So I figured why the fuck not. Have my turn. So we hung out and you trusted me. Best fucking high I ever got." He taunts and I fall into a cold embrace within myself. This asshole is not the one that will break me.

"I trained you up and even started getting you involved with the mobs. Figured I needed a failsafe." He shrugged.

"Why the mobs?" I ask.

"Why not?! I could own this city. I have Ace as my attack dog. I'm untouchable." He boasts.

"Clearly." Andras smirks.

"How did you get them on your side? To work together for you? That's fucking diabolical." Ray commends. I see the gears turning in his head figuring out a way to swing this so it works for him. It's not going to happen.

"I didn't." I admit.

"We have all our info. He's all yours." Mr. Chekhov nods making me grin down at Ray. His eyes widen. A glimmer of doubt and a whole helping of fear. Good.

"Did you actually think I wouldn't kill you? Welcome Dr. Frankenstein. Now you get to meet the monster you helped make." I smile and slit his throat. Blood sprays my face and chest in a warm explosion. I sigh and look over at my guys.

Liam looks solemn but proud, Kier and Christian look livid and Jai looks like he's going to pin me to a wall and fuck me. Well then.

"You ready for your next surprise?" Jai asks opening the shipping container. What the fuck! It's like a gory, violent Christmas. "He's all yours. We don't need anything from him. You have free reign." I toss a sweet smile over my shoulder that might scare a lesser man.

"You guys give such good gifts. First, a picnic, then the drive in. Now this." I head to my bike and grab my little tool bag practically skipping back to the container to meet Nathan Marconi all tied up just for me.

"Hi Nathan. It's been a while." I greet.

"Fuck." He wheezes.

"Yep." I beam taking a cleaver out of my tool bag setting it aside for later. I've dreamed about this day. I have plans.


I know I'm not normal but this really helps bring the point home. Watching Grace is something else. She scares the shit out of Marconi with a giant ass meat cleaver before settling on a pairing knife.

She crouches over his writhing form straddling his chest pinning his arms.

"I was six Nathan. Six. I was not a slut. I was not a whore. I was a child and you are a monster." She explains as my stomach starts to revolt. Fucking hell.

Then the screaming starts. She spends a few minutes over him with her knife. His screams die before she's done but she wakes him up before she continues.

"Pace yourself babe. You still have one more present." I warn with a soft smile. She looks over her shoulder her face still a bit bloody and smiles. She is violently beautiful.

"Is it Reid?" She asks. I nod and her eyes widen as if she doesn't believe me. "Are you serious?"

"Ya babe. Keir figured it out when Andras had your file." Christian nods.

"Thank you." She whispers her green eyes shining. We all shuffle on our feet awkwardly. I knew we did the right thing. It may not be right morally or you know, at all for normal people but that's not who we are. "You may want to turn around for the next part. Guys don't usually fare well with castration." She warns sweetly. We all nod and turn around as she tosses up and catches the cleaver before heading back to a screaming Marconi.

The screams reach a crescendo at the sound of a knife singing through the air. I think all four of us flinch but it's not like he doesn't deserve it.

"Now, I'm going to let you bleed out. It's not as long as I've suffered but it will have to do. Oh, by the way, all those little girls that have gone missing from your orders, are because of me." Grace says before kicking his hip. He makes a rasping cry before we lock him in.


She wrote on his forehead with a knife. Just like the man on the news only instead of "rapist" his skin reads "pedo". I'll have to ask her about that later.

We lead her to Reid's container and she freezes. He's tied up and smiling at her. I want to kick his face in but I don't. This is for her.


I gotta be honest. I thought this would be easy. Kill the fucker. Done. No sweat.

But he was just staring at me when we opened the door. Hes still watching me. Even tied up and at my mercy he's still a predator. No, I am. I am not tied to a table this time. He's mine now. He's my prey.

"Who are you?" He asks.

"Well that just breaks my heart. All that time together and you don't even recognize me." I shake my head.

"My doll." He whispers but ignore him.

"What should we play first?" I taunt flipping a knife in my hands. "Oh! I know lets have art class. You always did like drawing on me." I stroll over and roughly cut up his shirt opening my new canvas.

My eyes widen at the familiar scars that litter his body. What is it they say about a circle of abuse? Sometimes the abused become the abusers. Like me. Fuck. I can't do this.

"No." I whisper. "You... you're like me. Someone did this to you then you did it to me. It ends now." I slit his throat. I know the suffering he caused but I know the suffering he went through too. He won't cause any more now. I stand and leave the container.

I have a lot to think about.


We all watch as Grace leaves the shipping container looking hollow. She doesn't look at anyone as she walks to her bike.

"Grace, you're covered in blood come in the car with us. Christian? Can you bring over her bike?" Andras says not taking his eyes off Grace.

"Of course." We watch as she veers towards Andras' car and slides in without a word. What the fuck happened? I wait until their car leaves before heading into Reid's container.

He's a gory mess but I see it. The scars. The twists and turns of a purposeful blade. Shit. She probably thinks she's just like him. She's not. Grace would never hurt an innocent person, let alone a kid.

She's going to need us. She's going to need to know that she's not a monster.

"Oh shit." Liam whispers beside me.

"We need to go to her." I state.

"We will take care of this mess. You boys go see Ace. Make sure she's OK." Tanaka commands. We all nod and split up. I help Christian get her bike into the back of his truck and we all haul ass to the Van Doren estate.

Fuck if she's going to be alone through this.

Storming the keep we all find Andras and Richard in the kitchen.

"She's in the shower. Ruby is keeping an eye on her." Richard explains pouring a shot for Andras and himself. What happened in the half hour since we saw them last?

"What happened?" I ask dreading the answer.

"She cried." Andras whispers and with that all four of us are climbing up the stairs to her room. I knock gently on her door.

"Come on in boys." Ruby says. We walk in to see Grace curled up on her bed.

"You ok Grace?" I ask. Liam is already climbing in behind her holding onto her.

"Not really. I... I don't know what to do." She explains.

"Do you want to talk through it?" Liam asks.

"That sounds like a good plan... just... don't hate me." She pleads breaking my heart open.

"We could never hate you Grace. Don't even think that's ever going to happen." Jai vows. It's true. I don't know how this all started with the others but I know we've all fallen hard for Grace.

"It looks like you're in good hands sweetheart. Remember what I said." Ruby says gently stroking her hair before leaving us.

"What's going through that head Grace?" Christian asks sitting down on her other side. Jai and I both sit down on the bed as well.

"I was going to do the same thing he did to me. Someone already had. I'm just like him. I hurt people. I get paid to hurt people. I'm good at it." She explains.

"Its not the same thing babe." Liam assures her. "He hurt you when you were a kid. He was bigger and stronger than you. I know that feeling. I never told you this. My dad sent me to live with my mom's dad when I was little. He thought it would be safer for me than being raised by a mob boss in a bar. It wasn't." Fuck. Her eyes go wide and she immediately turns to face him wrapping her arms around him. She holds him tight to her chest.

"I'm so sorry." She whispers.

"Its ok, I got out and got help. He's in prison now but I was angry and hurt for a long time and did things I regret. But I've also learned that even if I fought or hurt people it wasn't the same. It wasn't me holding power over a weak person to prove I'm powerful. It was me getting power back to feel whole. It's not always healthy but it's definitely not the same."

"You don't think I... I deserved it for who I am now?" She whispers.

"Fuck no Grace. You were a kid. No kid deserves that." I explain. "And if you don't like who you are now what is the point?"

"What do you mean?" Her brows furrow in confusion as she looks up at me. Her green eyes are framed in puffy red eyes from crying.

"I mean you should like who you are. You have to live with yourself every day." I shrug. We're all silent for a while cuddling into her as she mulls everything over. It's been a long day for her.

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