Grace of Spades

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Chapter 33


God my throat is sore! What the hell happened? Did I decide that eating an entire pack of lit cigarettes was a good idea? Maybe sand? Hellfire. That's gotta be it. I swallowed a shit ton of hellfire. It's the only solution for this much pain.

I open my eyes and find that I am not in my room. Where the hell am I? I look around the white room. Wires and tubes are sticking out of my hand. Oh, hospital.
My bed is clean and warm and Jai is laying his head down on my thigh holding my free hand. Why is he here?

"Andras?" I rasp. Or try to. My voice is gravelly and it hurts to talk. I'm fairly certain it just came out in Cough. My new language.

"Andras?" Good lord I sound like Florence Stanley!

"Grace? Holy shit. YOU'RE UP!" Jai shouts causing my brain two slice in two. Ow.

"Don't fucking yell Jai. Holy crap that hurt."

"Oh I'm sorry baby. We've been so worried about you. You had one hell of a concussion and damage to your throat." My throat? Fucking Tyler!

"What happened with Tyler and What's-his-nuts?" I ask making him snort.

"Well Liam, Alek and Kennedy beat the shit out them and now they're being detained at the police station." He explains.

"The police? How long is that going to last?" I ask raising an eyebrow. Facial expressions hurt. No more of that for a bit.

"A bunch of students got his attack and threats to you on their phones. Your uncle is dealing with it." He smiles. Wow, ok.

There's a noise outside the door that sounds suspiciously like a stampede of hurricanes.

"I'll tell them to be quiet and grab the doctor." Jai smiles before heading to the door.

I take the few seconds to run inventory on by body. After Tyler's threats I need to know. I don't know when or how I was found. God, I hope I was found before anything worse happened. I don't feel sore down there but I also don't know if I'm on pain meds or how long I've been out. I need to talk to the doctor. It's the only way I'll know for sure.

The door opens to reveal a heap of people. The guys, Kennedy and my family are here. Those I expected. The heads... I didn't expect.

"Grace!" Andras whisper-yells with relief stark on his face.

"Jesus, how long have I been out?" I ask looking at everyone.

"About twelve hours but they gave you meds to keep you calm and not in pain." Andras explains. "Your grandparents are out of town but they are on their way back now." I nod and look over to Kennedy.

"When was I found?" I ask hesitantly. Her eyes shine but she shakes her head.

"Keir, Liam and Alek got there just as you passed out." Thank God.

"Thank you."

"Anything for you." She smiles before hugging me gently but I feel all the emotions she has in it.

"Were you worried about that?" Richard growls.

"They made threats and then I passed out. I wasn't sure." I shrug. He throws a look to Andras who nods.

"If I helps I heard you call him pencil dick before you passed out. And I decked Moore before he let go of you. Keir took you to the ambulance before we were finished with them." Liam explains.

"Thank you. That helps a lot." I sigh relaxing into the bed.

"We're glad you're ok Grace." Mr. McConnell says with a smile.

"Not to sound rude but, what are you guys doing here?" I ask making Mr. Chekhov and Mr. Tanaka snort. Glad I can entertain.

"You called a meeting and then our boys called explaining what happened at school. We just wanted to make sure you were OK." Mr. Bianchi explains. "We will reschedule your meeting for when you're feeling better my dear."

"Thank you sir." My voice is starting to cut in and out now.

"Alright babe. No more talking. The doctor is going to kill us." Christian commands. I give him a snarky salute that makes everyone laugh. I watch the heads leave as a tall grey haired doctor enters. Thank goodness.

The doctor wants me to stay for at least another day barring any complications. So I get to wait. And wait. And wait. Ugh!

The guys have been taking turns visiting me but everyone visits at dinner even my grandparents. It's nice. I never get visitors when I'm in the hospital. Well, Ray visited once but he had other things to do so it was only for about ten minutes in the span of a week. It's been hard thinking about him. But I'm also realizing I was happy settling for crumbs of attention. It's becoming more and more clear now that there are people in my life that actually care about me.

The police came to take my statement and I told them everything because for once I had nothing to hide. They had been harassing me since I came to school and it all came to a head on Thursday. I told them about the accusations and the threats and they left with all the information.

Now I'm being slowly carted out of the hospital by Christian after being discharged with a mostly clean bill of health. I'm not allowed TV or any screens and I have to have a shower buddy just in case due to my concussion. I also have this special tea that I have to drink that may or may not help my voice but will definitely help my throat's healing. I don't sound quite so rough anymore but still a bit more raspy than I'd like.

"How many sexual favors do I need to offer to make you drive just a little bit faster?" I ask looking up at a very nervous Christian.

"We're going plenty fast enough Grace." He chides.

"Really? Because we're losing the annual paraplegic geriatric turtle race." I tease making him snort.

"I just don't want you to get more hurt." He winces.

"I get that but like... two feet an hour is not going to kill me." I shrug.

"Fine. I'll at least walk at a normal speed. But no faster."

"That’s all I ask! Oh! And that we hit up the cafeteria. I want a cookie." I smile.

"Nope, soft diet only Grace." He say trying to smother a grin.

"Party pooper." I pout but enjoy the slight breeze in my hair.

Once I'm loaded into the Lamborghini and Christian is convinced that I don't actually need a wheelchair and we don't have to bring it with us we're headed home. I let out a sigh at the sight of the gates and Greg smiles sending us in saying he's glad I'm feeling better. That's nice of him.

I manage to get out of the car before Christian can get to my side to help me. It's the little things you need to appreciate in life. Like the little vein that's throbbing at his temple.

Richard opens the door for me and greets me with a warm hug and sends me through. Apparently everyone is in the kitchen. My eyes widen when I realize everyone actually meant everyone. My grandparents, the rest of the guys, the heads, Kennedy, Andras, Emily, Ruby and even Gabe and Rudy are grinning at me.

"What the hell?" I gasp.

"WELCOME HOME!" Oh jeez, I feel my eyes misting up.

"Oh! Grace! Get over here!" Kennedy laughs tugging me forward under her arm and further into the kitchen where pizzas and chicken wings are set out along with my soft food diet that looks terrible in comparison. Soup, jello, pudding, and ice cream. All delicious but now all I want is pizza and wings. Ugh!

"You can't have any." Kennedy chides through a chuckle. Damn woman's a mind reader.

"I know, I'm just pining..." I sigh.

"I can make you a pizza smoothie." Liam grins leaning down to hug me.

"Ew... what is wrong with you?" Kennedy gags making me laugh. God I need a good laugh.

"Sorry." He whispers into my shoulder. He’s not sorry at all.

"It was funny." I smile up at him. I grab a bowl of soup with a slight pout and sit beside Jai who wraps his arm around my shoulders pulling me close.

“How are you feeling?” He asks.

“Better. I’m so glad to be out of that hospital.” I sigh. The soup is delicious. Like I could expect anything different from Ruby's skills.

“Grace. We were wondering if you felt up to having that meeting since we’re all here.” Mr. Tanaka says from across the table.

“Oh um… Sure. Andras, can we use your office?” I ask turning to see him frown at the heads but seems to make a decision.

“Of course. Follow me.” Everyone stands up including my guys. I turn to Liam, Christian, Jai and Keir with a smirk.

“This is business. Sorry guys.” They all seem to pout, which is adorable, before Christian starts to argue.

“Technically, we are also business associates.” I raise an eyebrow at him.

“Really?” I ask folding my arms across my chest.

“Absolutely.” Keir grins down at me. Teaming up on me huh?

“If you can act solely as Heirs then fine. But the moment it turns personal you have to leave.” I state looking each of them in the eye waiting for them to agree. They all seem pretty damn confident but we shall see.

“Done.” Jai beams and we all follow Andras upstairs. He leaves us to talk with a supportive squeeze to my shoulder.

Once they're all seated in Andras' office I take a deep breath and face the heads. I have to do this. I just hope I don’t die doing it. Especially since I just got out of the hospital.

Here goes nothing!
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