Grace of Spades

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Chapter 35


I reach another body-locking climax as Keir comes in me. I see stars as we ride out our orgasms together.

“Let me watch you with Jai, Liam and Christian baby.” He whispers cradling my jaw even while my mouth is still full with Jai. Oh fuck, that’s hot.

“Mmm.” I manage making Jai curse. I suck him harder as I climb off Keir's massive body. Christian takes his place and slams me down onto his cock as he thrusts up making me almost scream if not for Jai. My eyes roll back into my head as I feel Liam behind me. He has one hand pinching my breast and the other hand ow on my stomach pinning my back against his warm chest. He brings me up and as I come down me his hips thrust me forward. He's not inside me but God damn does it feel good.

Up, down, forward, back. Christian's fingertips are digging into my thighs as Liam uses me to fuck him. Jai's thrusts are becoming a bit frantic as he pumps into my mouth so I suck him harder. Finally he comes down my throat with a rasping cry. I swallow him down making sure I get everything he has.

“Fuck baby.” He whispers taking himself out of my mouth and then kissing me deeply as I moan into his mouth. Liam rubs a finger gently around my asshole causing me to gasp into Jai’s mouth and clench around Christian.

“Oh god! Liam, what did you do? Fuck, she’s gripping me so tight I can barely move!”

“Just played with her ass.” I can hear the mischievous smile as he says it.

“Fuck, keep doing it!” Christian grinds out thrusting into me harder.

“Is that ok, Babe? Do you want me to take your gorgeous ass?” I hesitate not from a lack of desire but because his other hand had slid down my front to rub my clit making me a wanton mess. “Tell me I can baby. I want you so bad.”

I frantically nod and lean forward to kiss Christian as a finger enters me from behind.

“Keir, Jai, you have to see this.” Liam whispers in awe. I hear them move and groan. “Fuck babe, you take him so well. God damn that’s hot.” I hear someone spit and Liam’s finger works in further.

“Fuck, I can feel you Liam.” Christian murmurs against my lips as he slows down his thrusts to a stop. Soon Liams finger is taken away to be replaced by his broad tip. I have a moment of panic but it doesn't last.

“Just relax baby. We got you.” Liam whispers kissing up my spine as I force myself to relax. He presses himself into me and I come apart again in a shaking orgasm. White blasts my vision as they both start moving. I feel a hand clamp around my mouth as they keep moving. Christian starts pumping and then stops as Liam takes over.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Liam chants under his breath. I feel myself reaching my peak again and their thrusts get a bit less controlled and I know they’re coming with me this time. Keir crawls over and licks at my clit and thank God my mouth is covered because I come with a scream and I hear Christian start to shout and slam my hand down on his mouth as Liam bites my shoulder to keep from shouting his release too.

It feels like it goes on forever but I finally become aware enough of my surroundings that all five of us are in a boneless heap on the floor.

“Andras is going to kill us.” I whisper making everyone start laughing.


After a very awkward return to the party where Kennedy grins at me like she knows everything. Apparently she came up to check on us and heard us and made our excuses for us. I have a feeling everyone knew the truth though. There was really no hiding the hickey on the side of my neck… or the teeth marks. Thanks Liam.

A few days later I was told to wait out by the front gate with Christian. Blindfolded. Ya, don’t ask me how they convinced me to do this. It involved a bit of duress in my opinion. In my defense Jai's tongue is just so talented. How could I say no?

So now I'm here at seven at night blindfolded as I hear a car approach us. This is a terrible plan.

“Come on Grace.” He whispers leading me to the car and buckling me in.

“What are you guys up to?” I ask they’re all giggling like school girls. It’s kind of adorable.

“Just relax. Enjoy your surprise.” Liam chides as I grumble to myself. We drive for a while and then we’re out and I’m being guided through a set of doors, through a large room and another set of doors.

“Ok, stand right there.” Keir says. I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Ok! We're ready! Take off the blindfold.” I hear Liam practically brimming with excitement as my eyes are blasted with light. It takes me a few hard blinks to recognize where we are. A kitchen.

Like a restaurant kitchen. The guys are all grinning like fiends in front of a shining stainless steel prep station. Everything is gleaming metal and just mocking me. I want to run my hands over everything but that’s not exactly sanitary is it?

“Wha…” I begin.

“You have free range of an entire professional kitchen and restaurant for the night!” Liam shouts cutting me off.

“Are you serious?” I whisper looking at Liam. I can’t take this as a joke.

“We are serious. It’s all yours. You can make anything you want. Liam’s cousin owns it.” Christian smiles his coffee eyes are soft as he watches me.

“Oh my god!!” I gasp and my feet start moving my hands are touching everything anyway. I’m opening drawers and fridges. Yes, fridges. Plural. There are three of them and two stove tops. “Holy shit! I think I’m freaking out.” I gasp suddenly unable to take full breaths.

“Great job Liam. You’ve killed her!” Jai laughs coming up beside me. “Alright sweetheart, breathe with me.” I look into his almond eyes and match my breathing to his. Soon I’m breathing normally.

“What’s causing this?” He asks gently.

“This is a fantasy. I never thought I’d actually be in a restaurant like this. I figured I was realistically destined for a food truck.” I explain. I’m between them all now each of them shushing me or stroking my hair.

“Oh baby, no fucking way that's happening. We’ve tasted some of your food. Even without schooling you’ll get here. Maybe even better.” Keir soothes.

“Agreed.” Christian smiles. I lean back to look at them and stop.

“What are you guys wearing?” They’re in all white.

“We're your sous chefs for the evening.” Beams Jai.

“Except for me.” Liam frowns but I see the playful light playing in his carribean eyes. “I…. Will be your saucier!” He says dramatically with a flourishing bow making me laugh.

“Alright Chef Jacobs. What are we making?” Christian holds up a chef uniform with a smile and tears spill down my face. How did I get so lucky to have these guys?

The End.
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