Grace of Spades

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Chapter 8


Some asshole has been gathering information on us. Bianchi called us earlier to come and see the investigation. He called in Ace. The big guns.

My father is all excited to see him. Ace left a lasting impression on him. If I didn't know any better I'd say he was trying to marry me off to this guy. Like hell is that happening. Besides not being gay, I have someone else I can't get off my mind.

We make our way to the Bianchi estate and head down to the basement where the Irish and the Russians are already waiting.

A scream echoes through the hall making us all turn to walk towards the source.

"Looks like we're missing the main event, Bianchi." Chekhov grins. I've never seen him break a scowl its a bit unnerving. I keep by my father's side as I'm supposed to be here as his bodyguard. I see the other sons of the heads are here too.

Bianchi heads in first with his son he's the same age as me. We used to be friends but business got in the way. Now he's some PA for a hotshot lawyer.

Chekhov enters next with his son. A big fucker. I know he's only a year or two younger than me but the dude has no business being that big. I see him stop in his tracks in the doorway with an intake of breath. It must be gruesome if the Russians take pause. He moves inside and are followed by McConnell and his son. Ian, I think. He's my size and a cocky bastard. He stops in the doorway too but doesn't stay as long as Chekhov did.

It's finally our turn and I take point and see a tiny woman in black holding a knife to the guy in the chair. Her hair is braided showcasing a tattoo on the back of her neck. A spade with a skull in the center.

She doesn't give us the time of day as we take a seat. I can’t see much of her face it being covered by aviators and blood. I see a tall familiar looking man surveying us from the side of the door.

He's tall and wiry with dark skin and eyes that don't miss a damn thing.

"You bitch." The man in the chair hisses out.

"Sticks and stones buttercup. Do I need to do the rest of your hand or are you going to talk?" The girl scolds. "I don’t mind either way. To be honest it kind of livens things up a bit."

"I'm not telling you a thing, whore." He bites out.

I hear the man at the door muttering to himself.

"I was hoping you'd say something like that." She grins a vicious little smile that goes right to my cock. We take our seats and prepare to watch the show.

"We brought our heirs with us so they can learn how to run a business like this. I hope you don't mind Ace." McConnell grins. Ace? This is Ace? Well that makes a lot more sense.

"Not at all, Mr. McConnell. Good to see you again" She smiles her eyes never leave the bloody man in the chair. "Same with you Mr. Chekhov, Mr. Tanaka."

"And you Ace. Please, don't let us interrupt." Dad says shifting to look at me with a knowing smirk. Ass.

"So... about those files..." Ace trails off walking around behind him.

"I told you I'm not saying shit." He spits. I watch as Ace leans down next to his ear.

"Bet ya you will." She teases before slamming a blade into his forearm.

"SHIT! FUCK! SHIT!" He screams.

"Oooh I got a two fer on that one!" She grins at the guy at the door who chuckles shaking his head.

"And what does the lovely lady win?" He taunts back.

"I'm hoping for some answers but he doesn't look ripe yet." She says surveying him like an artist judging what her painting needs next. "You got the bag?" She asks.

He hands her a heavy looking black duffle bag which she takes and starts rifling around in. The guy in the chair must be stupid because he chooses this time to try to make a run for it. I step forward and so do all the other sons.

But he falls with a scream before he even takes a step. She broke his knee. She didn't even look up from her rummaging. God damn. Nothing sexier than a kick ass woman.

I see the heads grinning proudly at the take down. Dad nudges my attention back to the deadly woman in front of me who is now taking out a hammer. Oh fuck.

After about half an hour we have all the information we need including the location of their base. This woman is effective. Definitely an asset to us but it looks like she's an asset to everyone here.

I watch her nod at the guy at the door and stand up straight. She finally turns to us and freezes for half a second. She looks over all of us but resumes her hardened stance. Interesting.

"I was with my partner the other day and he had to make a drop off to this address." She shares as her partner steps over the bloody mess of a man on the floor to stand beside her.

"His name was Paulo Roberts." We all turn to Bianchi. His fucking bookie. He stands up and makes his way out the door.

"Where is your loyalty to this Roberts man?" I ask. Ace scoffs making her partner chuckle.

"None. He made me an offer to buy Ace. He deserves her tender loving care." He says viciously.

All three heads are standing in outrage as well as the Russian's son. That's unexpected.

"Calm down. He's not my type." She cackles as her partner fist bumps her making me smile.

Bianchi comes in with a crumpled excuse for a man and throws him down at Ace's feet. I watch as she presses a boot to the back of his head pushing his face into the concrete floor making him look at his accomplice.

He makes a pathetic sound and...wets himself. Holy crap.

Ace throws her head back in a laugh it's warm and clear with an edge of cruelty to it. It makes me have to shift so I have a bit more room in my jeans. I notice I'm not the only one either.


Fuck fuck fuck! I know the heirs! I've flirted with the heirs! I fucked the heir to the Yakuza at a house party last weekend. Oh I am in so much fucking trouble!

And now the asshole from the other day at Ray's drop-off is involved in this bullshit. I just want to go home and sleep.

"This was my bookie. He's all yours Ace." Bianchi says.

"With all due respect. It might be a good idea to clean house a bit." I say looking at all of them. Chekhov stands up in offense but I raise a bloody hand. "If they had files on all of you. It is a safe assumption that there are leaks in each of your houses." I explain. He nods and sits back down. Those Russians, always so fast to act. "I will take care of this one but then I'm going home. You know how to contact me if any of you need me again." Ray grimaces as he kicks Paolo over onto his back. I can't belive I made him piss himself. That's going on my resume. Grace "Ace" Jacobs so badass she made a grown man wet himself. It's got a nice ring to it.

"Of course. Thank you for your time." Bianchi smiles. These guys are big softies. Well, for Mafia bosses.

"Alright Mr. Roberts, we need names..." I don’t even have to fucking touch him before he starts giving us every name he can think of. Wow. I knew I didn't like this guy.

I hear a bunch of names I know are a part of each house but I keep quiet. I know I'm not untouchable. Valuable, yes but there is always someone else who can do my job. I'm alive because I keep my mouth shut and because no one knows who I am.

When he's sobbing on the floor at my feet with nothing else to give I look at the heads and they all nod. Giving him the death sentence. I slit his throat and walk out of the room to wash up.

Once clean Ray and I pass the heads and their sons with a respectful nod and head to the van. Tomorrow is going to be interesting. I don't know if any of them recognized me, God I hope not.

I change in the back of the van and once im back to Grace I let out a frustrated shout.

"What's going on Little Mama?" Ray asks.

"I know the sons. One as more than a friend." I admit.

"Oh fuck. Which one?" He laughs. This is not funny.

"That's classified." I huff as he howls with laughter. Ass.

"Well you didn't know who he was did you?"

"Obviously not." I snipe. "God, the one time I'm a slut!" I growl.

"Please, you're hardly a slut. To be honest I thought you were a virgin." He chuckles. Ugh! Men! "Well, it's not like you don't know now. Just avoid them."

"There is no avoiding them."

"Oh. Well, just be careful?" He shrugs.

"Helpful. Thank you." He pulls up about a block away from our storage warehouse.

"I'll take care of everything here. Get home." He says giving me a hug.

"Love you man. Will I see you on Friday?" I ask.

"Fight night? Fuck ya." He laughs. "I love watching some girl on girl action!" I push his arm playfully.

"Pig." I hop out and grab my bike. A black Honda nighthawk. I got it used when I turned fifteen. I needed a quick getaway from my parents and there he was. It's actually how I met Ray. Hes the one who sold him to me and it's been best friends ever since... on both accounts.

I kick my bike to life and head to Andras' house letting the wind take away my stress. I pull up to the gate house and am greeted with a new guard. He's a younger guy with sandy blonde hair.

"Hey, Mr. Van Doren is expecting me." I say passing him my fake ID.

"Sorry. You're not on the list." He says looking down at a clipboard.

"Greg let me in this morning!" I plead. God damn fake IDs they're no good when you need them.

"Look... Miss. Soprano, if you're not on the list I'm afraid you'll have to leave or I will call the police." He says firmly.

"Are you kidding me? Just call him!" I suggest. Then I remember I have a phone now! "I'll call him!" I shout in victory taking out my phone. I hear the guard pressing a button that probably calls the police anyway. I hurry and dial Andras.


"Hey, it's me. No one told the guard about me and now he's calling the police." I state.

"Oh Jesus christ... ok, hold on." He says before hanging up on me. The guard is giving me a self-satisfied smirk that I just want to smack off his face. Luckily I don't have to because his phone rings.

"Security... yes sir... oh.... oh... no, sir... I'm sorry sir... of course sir." He pouts but lets me inside and I thank him graciously. He's just doing his job after all. I really need to get real ID soon. Toni Soprano can only take me so far.

I pull up and park off to the side and head inside where I'm greeted by Andras in his jammies.

"Grace, thank God you're ok!" He says bringing me into a hug.

"Uh hi. Sorry I'm late. My friend got into some shit and then I grabbed my bike." I say trying hard not to freak out at the sudden closeness. He lets go and looks me over stopping at the helmet under my arm.

"You have a bike?" He asks.

"Ya, I bought it when I was fifteen. Wanna see him?" I ask with a chuckle dragging my uncle out the door. He lets out a whistle. "I had him in storage but I figured it was safe to park here." I explain.

"It's nice. I didn't know you could drive or I would have offered you one of my cars." He shrugs.

"One of?" I ask.


"You're only one person! Why do you need more than one car?" I ask. He smiles and presses in a code on the side of the garage and the doors lift to reveal three cars.

"I admit it. I was wrong." I mutter following my feet to the works of art in front of me. A '57 gold Cadillac Eldorado, a red '69 Corvette Stingray, and a black '67 Camaro.

"What kind of idiot would let a seventeen year old drive one of these?" I ask making him laugh.

"I trust you." He says closing the door. I watch them until they are securely locked up before turning back to the house. I don't trust me that much.

"So how was the movie?" He asks.

"I didn't get to watch all of it. My buddy Ray called half way through. I needed to help him out." I say honestly.

"Well you can always go another day." He shrugs.

"What was Liam doing here earlier?" I ask.

"Oh he just wanted some advice that's all." He lies. I mean, fair is fair so I don't call him on it.

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