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The Underworld

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The moment our professor turned on the projector, we knew class had just begun. "Good morning. I hope you all had a nice winter break. I'm professor Weigler and welcome to statistical methods. Let's begin."

He pulled up the syllabus and continued, "today we'll go over the syllabus and on Wednesday we'll start our actual class."

As our professor explained what would happen the next few months, Dean and I enjoyed our breakfast. I glanced at him when I saw him offer me some munchkins. I smiled and picked out a glazed one. I thanked him before eating it whole.

He chuckled, "no problem."

"We really shouldn't make this a habit. You know, the eating in class thing. I would feel bad eating while professor Weigler is trying to teach us." I pouted before taking another bite of my turkey sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich.

"Well that would require us waking up earlier and coming to campus earlier. Wouldn't it?" He asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"On second thought. I don't feel so bad."

"You and me both," he smiled before taking a sip of his iced coffee.

The remainder of class had gone by quick as it did every first day of school. Professor Weigler finished ten minutes before class was supposed to end. However, I knew that it most likely wouldn't be the case starting tomorrow.

"Well that sums up everything on today's agenda. You guys are free to go. If you have questions or want to stay for the remainder of class time you're free to do so."

And with that most of the class stood up and left. Only a few went up to ask him questions while Dean and I, along with five other students stayed seated.

"When's your next class?" Dean asked.

"In about thirty minutes, but I can get there in less than ten." He nodded.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the couple in front of us turn to face us. The girl spoke first, "hey, sorry if I'm interrupting. I don't usually do this sort of thing, the whole talking to people first. I'm Destiny." She smiled.

Destiny has black eyes and her black hair was up in a curly afro puff while her edges were neatly done. She wore big gold hoop earrings, a black lace shirt with the word 'Brooklyn' written in white bold, blue jeans and sneakers. From what I could tell she wore just mascara and lip gloss while her bronze skin looked clear and glowy.

I noticed she didn't have a Brooklyn accent but it didn't mean that she probably wasn't from there.

"Oh no worries," I told her. "I'm Alaina. This is Dean." I gestured at himself and he smiled at them.

Destiny turned to the guy next to her. "This is Link," she turned back to us. "We're both freshmen. Well, technically sophomores since we did some college classes while in high school."

Link has dark brown eyes and his black hair into a buzz cut. Like Destiny, he also had bronze skin. He wore black shorts, a white long sleeved shirt with the words 'street fighter' on it and anime characters above it, and white sneakers.

Dean joined the conversation, "that's cool. Where you guys from?"

"Brooklyn," Link answered. He had the accent.

"Allie here is from Florida, born and raised. I moved here from Georgia freshman year of college," Dean stated.

"What grade are you guys in?" Destiny asked.

"Junior," I answered.

"I'm sure your schedules are better than ours. Link and I have our bio class at six. Six! I had no idea classes ran later than five in college."

Dean and I shared a laugh, and then I spoke, "it does get a bit better since we get to pick our classes earlier than underclassmen but some majors share the same classes so there's times where you don't get the time you want."

"Makes sense," Destiny said. "Have you heard what's been happening to students on campus?"

"What's been happening? I've heard a lot of things over the years," I answered. Just like in high school, there was always at least one person on the class group chat that would start a rumor. Some people believed them, but without actual evidence to support them, others didn't. Whether I believed them or not, I knew that it probably wasn't impossible for someone to do those things.

"I didn't believe them at first but this morning, while I was getting my parking pass, these two girls approached me saying things about how I should join their club." Destiny started, "they started saying that instead of God being a man, he was actually a woman. I forgot the name of the organization but I didn't feel comfortable around them."

I looked at her shocked. It was actually the first time I heard of said group. I looked at Dean and he held a look of confusion, agreeing that he had never heard of it before.

Link then added, "they had a bad vibe. Even after Des told them she wasn't interested they kept pushing. It wasn't till I got to her that they backed off. I told Des that if anyone tried messing with my girl I'd throw hands. No cap."

"I'm glad nothing else happened and that you're okay," I told Destiny.

At that moment, professor Weigler spoke, "alright guys and gals, my next class should be arriving any minute. I'll see you all Wednesday." The four of us, along with the rest that stayed, stood and began heading out of class.

"It was nice meeting you!" Destiny smiled at Dean and I the moment we stepped into the hall.

"What's your number?" I asked her and Link. "If you guys ever have questions about campus or are free to hang out we can plan something." The four of us exchanged numbers before Link and Destiny headed to class, hand in hand.

Dean and I stepped out of the building, making our way to where my next class would be.

"They're cute," he said. "Glad nothing bad happened to her. I wouldn't know what to do if something happened to you or anyone else I cared about."

I wrapped my arms around his six foot figure as we walked. "Aww," I smiled up at him. "You're so sweet."

As he wrapped an arm around my shoulders, I noticed his cheeks turn bright red. I chuckled, "if anything ever happened to you I wouldn't know what to do either. I mean besides doing my best to help you with whatever it is. I'd feel horrible if anything did happen to you."

He grinned. As he spoke, his dimples became more prominent, "look who's being sweet now."

And I blushed.

If there was anyone I would trust other than my parents, it would be Dean and Hayley. Even if I didn't know them all my life, the time we did spend together showed me that not all family comes from blood.

However, the closer I got to Dean, the more I saw him as more than family and a friend. Last year I realized I had feelings for him.

We were out at a nearby bar with Hayley and a few other classmates. We were all having fun. Dean and I stayed sober, since Dean was Hayley and I's ride, and I had an exam the next day. But everything was great. We danced, took pictures, and made new memories that night.

It wasn't until a guy had started saying horrible things about me after I had rejected him that things took a turn.

"Whatever, nobody wants to fuck a fat bitch anyways," the guy said.

Just when he was about to turn, Dean stepped in. "What the fuck did you say?"

The guy was an two inches shorter than Dean, but that didn't seem to scare him. The guy was far more muscular than Dean. I think I'm his mind he thought that it gave him some kind of advantage and Dean would back off.

But Dean didn't, instead he asked him again.

"What the fuck did you say to her?"

"That nobody wants to fu-" Dean cut him off by sending his fist into the guy's jaw. Luckily the fight didn't last long, but both ended up with cuts and bruises. Dean managed to land more punches than the guy did to him.

I didn't care that we got kicked out of the bar. What matter to me was that Dean had gotten hurt because he was defending me and I hated that.

"Why would you do that?!" I slightly raised my voice at him as I cleaned the cuts he had on his face. He winced when I placed the cotton soaked in alcohol on his cheekbone.

"Because he was a dick. I bet no one ever told him otherwise so I punched him."

"But you didn't tell him otherwise, you punched him!"

"It sends the same message Alaina and if I ever see him do it again it's on sight." Dean furrowed his brows. "Why are you defending him?"

"I'm not defending him," I sighed. "I just wish it didn't end in a fight. I would've just ignored him."

This is my fault.

"You can't let people talk to you like that. That's not right and there's no reason for them to say those things in the first place."

"Still... look at you," I pouted and put away the first aid kit. Dean followed me to the bathroom.

"Alaina look at me."

I turned to face him and his face softened. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against him. "Don't cry. I'm okay."

"It's my fault. I should've just said yes and none of this would've happened," I sniffled.

Dean immediately pulled away and looked gazes with me. "Listen to me. This was not your fault. It was his. He didn't respect you and your decision. Not your fault, okay?"

I nodded and used the sleeves of my jacket to wipe away my tears.

"Can you say it to me?" He asked.

"This wasn't my fault."

Dean gave me a toothless smile and pulled me into a hug once again.

Although Dean has been there for me many times before, somehow I realized that I had feelings for him that night. I never told him, of course. While I thought he might've felt the same about me, another part of me told me that he was just being my best friend. He could've told me if he wanted to be more than friends, I would've said yes. But he never did and so I never brought it up.

Dean walked with me all the way to my next class. "When's your next class?" I asked him.

"Not till about an hour. I'm heading to the shop to buy a new skateboard."

"You weren't able to find one online?" I asked.

"Didn't like the ones I saw," he shrugged. "Hopefully I'll find something at the shop."

We said our goodbyes and I entered class. While I waited for class to start, I checked my messages. Hayley had sent me one.

Hey mama, want to meet up after class?

Sure, where at?

Student union?

Sounds good

I spent the next few minutes looking at my social media and answering any other text messages I had.

"Alright class, log into your computers so that we can get started."

If anyone has an issue with her being a plus size, you can leave now. In this account we support people of all sizes, genders, ethnicity, and more. We don't want people that hate on others for who they are.
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