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Have you ever thought of your life without your parents living under the same roof with you ,here I'm wondering how I'm going to cope without my mom by my side.They think divorce is the only solution in this situation but I think if they once loved each other they can still fix their deferences but there is no going back now they signed the divorce papers with no one regretting it.i wish I could just beat some sense into their thick skulls. Now they devided my brother and me .My brother will be left with my mom and I will go with my dad.The man that doesn't know much about me ,this will affect my life in many ways socially, emotionally, physically and financially knowing that my mom was the breadwinner with a stable job while my father turned into a drunkard when he lost his job maybe my mom was tired of him causing the divorce. I don't know what to think and do anymore. Packing the last thing in my room which is our family photo when we were all happy with smiles plastered on our face and now it's all gone. Read my story to find out what happens . @copyright all right reserved inkit

Romance / Drama
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Last Good Byes

As you may know what is happening with my life right know I might as well tell you my name. I'm Samantha Jones as in Sa-Man-Tha ,enough with my name .

When I was done packing all my stuff , I stared at my room it was all empty and peaceful. The room I shed most of my tears and most of my laughs .Dragging my luggage and placing my phone on the back pocket of my denim Jean.

I was half the stairs when I heard shouting and yelling coming from the kitchen.
"I thought the divorce was going to cease the shouting but no I was wrong" I utter sitting on my luggage. "Ohh my baby I know this is hard for " my mom say.

"Just quit assuring me ,where is Nathan" I ask. Nathan is my twin but he like acting as if he's my bigger brother.

"Go put your luggage on the car ,we will be going soon"My father say grabbing his keys.

I can say this is so frustrating
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