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Scarlet Rose Francis, a bubbly, outgoing, friendly and kind girl who is loved by everyone who meets her because of her personality. She is capable of making a steel heart melt. Even when Scar is loved by everyone around her, she loves someone who doesn't even realise that she loves him. Scar is in love with her best friend, Leopard Halls. Now, Leo is the player who makes every girl that sets eyes on him fall in love because of his killer looks. Leo is heartbreaker, you know, our typical bad boy. He is someone who you'd wish and pray your daughter never met because he is carefree, careles and worse he doesn't care about anything or anyone expect it's his own. And there is Maxwell Stanley. A guy who is labelled as "Mr Perfect". He is good in studies, better at sports and best at looks. He is the guy you can take home to your mother and your mother will already accept him as her son-in-law. And although half of the school girls loves him including the school's head cheerleader, he is still single. Why? Because his heart belongs to someone who happens to be in love in with her best friend. Ok, so Max loves Scar who loves Leo who loves Max's sister, Amanda. Now what? Read and see.

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Chapter 1

🎶Give your heart to the wanderer who found your soul and called it home.🎶

- Ariana

"Get off the bed, Scar!" screams my roommate,
home, best friend and sister from better mother.

"Miss Madison Payton, will you please keep that pretty mouth of yours shut and let me sleep?" I yell at her.

"Miss Scarlett Rose Francis, It's 9:05 in the morning and lectures start at 10 AM sharp." she yells back.

"Oh My God! OH MY GOODNESS." I wake up panicking and check the time to see it was only 6:00 in the morning.

"Bitch!" I shout at her as I hit her.

"That's what you get for watching Divergent without me." she smirks showing me my watch history.

"But you left me alone." I pout.

"Your mouth stinks. Brush. And me being a red crescent member had to rush to save someone." she explained proudly.

"Oh and I didn't watch Divergent. When it started, I started miss you so I didn't watch." I say as I shrug.

"We can watch it now." she winks and I laugh.

"I am going to take a shower and maybe we can watch and eat breakfast together." I say as I get up and pick my bathrobe.

"Ok, I am ordering something. MacDonald or Pizza." she asks.

"Pizza." I say getting inside the bathroom.

"Ok, MacDonald's on the way." she says and I frown.

She always does that.

I take a quick shower and call dad. I made a promise to dad that after I move out of house for college, the first thing I would do after waking up is call dad.

Soon, he picks up.

"Hey Papai."

"Hey, amor. How are you awake so fast today?"

"I'm punctual girl, papai."

"Oh of course you are, how are you?"

"Fine. You?"

"Busy and tired."

"I knew it. You shouldn't be stressed, don't worry about anything. Why are you always working? Yoj know you shouldn't always work. Take care of yourself."

"Okay I won't stress. I love you."

"Oh you better not and I love you too. So what are you doing?"

"Driving to work."

"Yo shouldn't drive to work and talk. You knkw talking while driving may need to a lot of problems."

Okay I will call you later, bye."

"Bye, Papai."

Then I disconnect and call granny who wanted to video chat.

"Hello, Boo." I say as I see her.

"Hello Scarletty." she says and I smile.

"How are you?" I ask.

"Well I am indeed very happy. You see yesterday your grandfather cooked the food and today he's doing the dishes. I'll shows you." she says showing me Granny ba who was washing plates.

"Aww, that's romantic." I tease.

"No actually I broke favorite mug so that's my penalty. And even though we have a cook and the dishwasher, she is still making me do these chores." Granny Ba shouts and I laugh.

"Ow. Poor Ba. " I say.

"So how are you both doing in your new house?" Boo asks.

"It's your house. so it's got to be pretty. I love the dock the cannel plus the kitchen is huge and Mads going bonkers seeing it. So thank you." I say.

It's been 2 months since I have moved on to this beautiful house with Maddison. Since our College is near from here Granny boo decided to give this house to us cause usually nobody stays here.

"Oh you don't have to say thank you. And you are only sons only child.You are our lifeline. I have 15 different houses in 15 different countries and they're all yours. Whenever you need anything, we're just one to call away. You know that me and your ba are rich enough to give you everything." she says with a genuine smile.

"Boo, I understand your concern but I want to be self depended like living on my own times. I love you both and after all these years of struggling, I want you to be happy. I want you to live your life instead of worrying about me." I reply.

"Don't you sound like your daddy. Even after your ba had enough money, your dad chose to earn himself and just look at him now he is so successful." she says proudly.

"Yeah I want to be like him, to be known for my talents and want you to be proud and say something about me just like you talk about Papai with pride." I agree.

"You're so sensible. I'm already proud of you." she says smiling.

"Boo..." I was about to say something when my best friend could me off.

"Hey Boo. Can I like steal your girl so that we can watch Divergent? Actually times short." Mads says and Boo laughs.

"Okay Madison, enjoy your morning. Bye dears." Boo says

"Ok, bye boo." I reply and she disconnects.

"Let's watch Divergent." Mads yells.

After watching the whole movie in our bathrobes and eating breakfast on bed, it was 9:30.

"Please get to lazy ass up Scar." Mads says to me as she combs her curly hair.

"Oh yeah." I say as I get up and get dressed in a tight sleeveless white top with flare jeans and white sneakers. I slide my hair in 2 low ponies.

We get out of our apartment and Mads locks the door. I see our neighbour, Mr Moore coming out of the lift.

"Hola." I greet.

"Hola, Scarlett." he greets back.

"Beautiful day." I say.

"Indeed it is." he replied.

"Ok gotta go. Bye." I say getting in the lift.

"Bye." he replys.

"Ok, I am driving. " I say getting into our Pathfinder car that we brought after saving money for 2 years.

Mads and I pretty much do everything together. We were best friends since grade 3. We knew we were going to be friends forever.

I drive through the beautiful streets of Costa Del Sol. It's the most beautiful city in Spain.

"Hey, have a look. Theo James is so hot." Mads says showing me a picture.

"Stop. I am getting distracted by his beauty." I say dramatically.

"Right." Mads scoffs.

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